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Illegals Flooding the Voter Rolls in Swing States

By John Livingston
March 26, 2024

You don’t believe these totalitarian destroyers are going to go silently, do you? They are power without responsibility, unforgiving, wild criminals and in-your-face oath breakers without worry of the law or

Audit Shows Biden Administration Flooding Voter Rolls With Illegals
Audit Shows Biden Administration Flooding Voter Rolls With Illegals

Wisconsin Investigators Allege Illegal Aliens Are Flooding the Voter Rolls in Swing States

Leftist election scams happens every 2 year cycle– it simply takes place a little differently each time.
In 2024, the special brand-new fraud scheme– demonstrated in the data– at scale, in several states– now– is apparently signing up illegal aliens, flown in through the Biden Express, provided to recently formed homeless addresses– then sending the migrants on their method– and collecting their tallies– and voting them.

This was discovered by the Wisconsin group– using INNOVATION.

This is taking place at incredibly scale– believe numerous thousands already– it is totally undetectable to all existing relational technology. It is similarly invisible to the RINO lot telling you to vote early, tally harvest and do not question elections.

The only difference remains in 2024, the Wisconsin team discovered it early– and has an effective, tried and proven strategy to fight it.

Here’s the scam.
Religious NGO’s (non-governmental orgs) like Catholic, Lutheran and other kinds of do-gooders work together with the Biden administration to take those migrants– the ones who arrive by airplane– into the heartland– and after that presumably register them.

The information are fascinating.These NGOs established addresses that seem like homeless shelters– but aren’t– they are migrant tally registration collection points. Some are just offices in lousy shopping center.

We know because we drill into the actual address photos. View our videos on

The migrants appear, get a phone, gift cards worth numerous grand, get signed up to vote.

The details are remarkable.

These NGOs established addresses that seem like homeless shelters– however aren’t– they are migrant tally registration collection points. Some are just offices in crappy strip malls.

We know due to the fact that we drill into the real address pictures. Enjoy our videos on

The migrants appear, get a phone, present cards worth numerous grand, get signed up to vote.
In Wisconsin, for example, there is a Form EL-131.

Form EL-131 states if you are homeless, check the box. You can sign up to vote with no supporting ID.

For you election deniers, and Republican types– read this slowly so you can understand this madness.

In a swing state, one of 7 that will determine the next leader of the free world– today– utilizing Form EL-131, anybody with a heartbeat can sign up to vote with no ID, as long as they examine the box that says “homeless.”.

Or someone can do it for them! What can fail?

This is what the Republican Party allowed to take place– flexing over and taking it– with literally zero push back.
This is what the national citizen stability orgs– and their dopey donors– allowed. Perhaps instead of raising millions of dollars for “voter guides” and worthless seminars, they would invest in opposing this kind of insanity. But, they passed.

This is simply the start.

Scams is intriguing when you study it for decades.
When our group developed the eBay scams engine, the State Farm automobile fraud system– we learned scammers have no commitments.

That dynamic is appearing here. Check this out!

Those migrants, flown in on the Biden Express in the dark of night, are not morons– they know how to manipulate morons.
These migrants are from equatorial environments– locations that are warm all the time. No snow. No ice. No crappy roads with pits.

Do you believe for a minute these almost-Americans got all the way to Wisconsin or Michigan– from some Central American hellhole– being foolish?

They know morons when they encounter them and the religious do-gooders are perfect.Our migrants take the numerous grand debit cards, the new clothing, the phone and they smile as they register to vote from that homeless shelter– which has no beds.

Then they take a trip from Wisconsin to Michigan– with directions in hand from another spiritual NGO– who gives them more money, debit cards. It is really entrepreneurial– possibly they are emerging Republicans!

They register in several states– who knows if they utilize the very same names– there is actually no way to examine them– they are untraceable– so 10,000 new illegal voters in Wisconsin may be 10,000 in Minnesota and Michigan– with various names.
Leftists want them– Republicans are blind to them.

Excellent fraud. And it works!

The new scam is the “ballot multiplier.”.

A migrant goes from one state to another, flown in from Central America by the presidential candidate who needs those votes.

Read that again!

One of two governmental candidates, has an airline company company, paid by tax dollars, flying in illegal migrants, against U.S. law– moving them to swing states– and NGOs register them to vote. Every tally goes to that presidential prospect.

His challenger– is going to ballot harvest. Wan na wager who wins?
Migrants can pick a name– maybe Jose Inglorio was too difficult to pronounce so they walk in as Jose Inglorio and walk out as Manuel Garcia– developing mail-in ballot occasions in 4 or 5 states.

When it gets cold, migrants collected all the dough, they head to Austin or Phoenix or California– time to enter into clement weather condition.

Above, we discussed our migrant pals are signing up in brand-new homeless shelters. Did you pick that up? Let’s go there.

Everybody knows where the homeless shelters are. If migrants aggregate at them– disproportionately– they stand out. Even the Republicans can see them. Oh my!

The NGOs don’t desire a known address to show up with 500 new citizens– when it has just 20 beds– they want a new address.

The brand-new address can be a workplace, without any beds– however it will take Republicans and nationwide voter integrity orgs years to find out 500 people at a workplace without any bed rooms might be an anomaly!

In Kansas, Ohio and Mississippi, they will never ever figure it out.

Thus, these new addresses are not for providing beds, or showers, they are for gathering identities– which are ostensibly legal, brand-new voters, each of whom is an illegal alien.

The Great Replacement in action!

Thankfully, the Wisconsin group constructed, using Fractal quantum innovation, an address aggregation question– where these “new homeless shelters” with couple of if any beds– pop up quickly– and a ballot being mailed there can be challenged before it’s too late!

Our religious NGOs aren’t in the homeless organization, they remain in the ballot business.
Sure, they wish to assist– therefore the clothing, phone, a number of thousand-dollar debit cards, plus that tally registration.

Luckily, the Wisconsin group constructed, using Fractal quantum technology, an address aggregation query– where these “new homeless shelters” with few if any beds– appear immediately– and a tally being mailed there can be challenged before it’s far too late!

Our spiritual NGOs aren’t in the homeless organization, they are in the ballot business.These religious types have actually morphed criminal fraud from a criminal offense to a cause.

Religious and other NGOs would return a wallet discovered on the street with $100 in it to the owner, without any cut. They are sincere individuals. Republicans would secure a couple of bucks for postage; they too would return it.

NGOs dedicate vast criminal election scams with no misstep– because for them there is no crime if an action can stop Trump, or Republicans or something they oppose.

Election fraud is not a criminal activity if it’s a cause.

End validates the methods thing you learned about in philosophy class, or from mother and father if you are over 50.

Organized, sovereign, industrial-scale election scams is a lot greater in 2024 due to the fact that it operated in 2020 and the participants think it saves democracy– or something like that– in 2024.

Unfortunately for our NGO friends, the Wisconsin group found this criminal fraud enterprise early.

The Wisconsin team, in 2022, originated the idea of an ADDRESS DRIVEN voter analysis system.

Address driven is the opposite of identity driven.

Identity driven methods somebody claims Phineas is a phony citizen– that he is not who he says he is or he does not exist, or he is an illegal alien. This is the strategy followed by 100% of the voter stability orgs in the U.S. and it stops working 100% of the time.

They don’t care much, because they can continue to raise millions of dollars, from the dopey donor class– because their systems ensure there will constantly be citizen roll scams.

Identity driven stops working because there is no judge who will take Phineas off the voter roll due to the fact that some citizen stability type has an affidavit saying Phineas is dead or living in another state. The action will be, ‘” well, we will see if Phineas does not choose 2 even-numbered year elections– then we’ll think about it.”.

Therefore, in 2022, and 2023, after using up 10s of millions of ineffective dollars, a quadrillion people-hours checking voter rolls, nearly nobody was eliminated from voter rolls for being phony. Those who were, we can reveal, were promptly replaced by brethren.

The Wisconsin team took a different tack.

They challenged ADDRESSES, not people.

This is called INNOVATION– and it’s not something Republicans usually do.

Let’s do an exercise.

The Wisconsin group, using Fractal quantum innovation– sits down with a county citizen registrar and shows her 4,560 addresses that are disqualified. These addresses have no bedrooms since they are a gas station or a corner store. They are a college dormitory and the person has actually been there for 25 years. The address is an uninhabited lot and can not receive mail.

In every state, consisting of the reddest like Kansas, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, there are thousands of these on the citizen rolls. These states utilize 1980s relational innovation– which couldn’t find a fake address if it had lightning emanating from it.

The Wisconsin group gives notice to the registrar that if they send out tallies to this location, there will be legal effects– nasty ones.

Now understand, when you challenge our buddy Phineas above, you can get sued– Leftists will produce a genuine Phineas. Lefties will produce commercials about you rejecting one’s right to vote.

The Justice Department will come down on you for disrupting Phineas’ right to vote!

Republican politicians will be cowed, will reject that is what they implied, happily trotting off to re-education camps.

The Wisconsin group, utilizing Fractal quantum innovation, cross searched every address in Wisconsin with real estate tax or other databases– revealing places where numerous thousands of tallies are going to be sent by mail– however will NOT discover a qualified citizen.

Now let’s do the address thing.

Hey county citizen registrar!

We are challenging these addresses.

Here, look at my tablet– here is an image, in real time of an address lined up to get a mail-in ballot– but it’s a gas station– here, take a look at the picture!

Among these addresses is a Walmart with 250 signed up voters. Another is a storage facility– oh, here are several hundred storage facilities– with countless signed up voters in them.

They do not have any restrooms. How can there be thousands of voters in structures that don’t have bed rooms or baths– the Health Department would take action!

And, look, wait, don’t go– here are 678 areas that are uninhabited lots– so how can they receive mail. It goes on and on.

When the Leftists implicate you, demure Republican, of hindering people’s right to vote– go the pix. Always the pix.

Do not take our word for it– we do it in our videos on the Omega4America website.

Videos of some dumpy storage facility, with 21 voters there or a rehabilitation facility that has been closed for years– or the shopping center– aggregating to thousands of citizens– does work wonders even on Republicans– who never ever saw a battle they would join.

The Wisconsin group has probably the only major electoral success in 4 years under their belt.

In 2022, they implemented this address-driven technique in Wisconsin when Senator Ron Johnson was running for re-election. While Republicans got smoked in other states, enough invalid places were flagged– and enough tallies stopped from heading out, to conserve a Senate seat.

This year, the Wisconsin team is taking the address-driven development to a broader audience– dealing with a number of swing states and Senate campaigns to stop the steal.

The Wisconsin team is doing what the national citizen stability orgs stopped working to do for 20 years– INNOVATING.

One of their early successes is the identification of illegal aliens registering to vote across a number of swing states.

Everybody in America need to thank them!

The Fractal group is constructing sophisticated small language model A.I. innovation to take this even farther– for instance a money laundering system demonstrating how all these spiritual and other NGOs are washing money– with debit cards from Utah, and other places, illegally.

That system, called the SMURF system (it’s a name utilized by polices for money laundering) is being shown to Attorneys General today– and it is another– wait on it– INNOVATION– not possible with existing innovation.

If you think 2024 remains in the bag for Trump since he leads by 3 points in a swing state, let one of the Fractal teams reveal you the 7% -11% of the voter roll in each swing state– getting tallies at invalid addresses.

Add red states like Texas, Mississippi, Ohio, Kansas– it’s all over.

If you think the 2024 election is hopeless, remember what a little band of patriots, in Wisconsin– with not moneying– can do with INNOVATION!