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Jury Selected, Judge Merchan’s Family Raised Over $100,000,000

While the jury was selected, Judge Merchan’s family raised over $100,000,000 for Biden and other Democrats. Its Conflict of Interest on Steroids
By John Livingston
April 21, 2024

Judge’s Daughter Raised Over $100 Million Off Trump Prosecutions for Dem Election Campaigns: Report
The daughter of the judge overseeing Donald Trump’s New York legal case “has raised nearly $100 million based on this criminal trial.”

Lawyer Mike Davis, who formerly acted as primary counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee, exposed this information on a recent episode of the War Room podcast, where he now works as part of the Article 3 Project.

“Remember what this Democrat judge did, this Manhattan Democrat Judge Juan Merchan, who contributed to President Biden in 2020, who contributed to another anti-Trump cause, whose child, Loren Merchan, is a leading Democrat specialist and project charity event who’s working for Biden and Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff and numerous other Democrats,” Davis stated.

“People do not realize that we are not dealing with a political party.We are dealing with an highly organized criminal syndicate
Merchan Refiuses To Recuse After Daughter Found To Raise 100Million Plus For Crime Family
Merchan Is Crime Family Made Man In Manhattan. Does As His Boss Tells Him
masquerading as the Democratic Party that has seize control four the nation through fraudulent elections and looting all of the people. We have to deal with the Democrats as we would deal with a mafia type organization.”

“This Loren Merchan, the judge’s daughter, has raised nearly $100 million for this criminal trial. She’s benefiting from this thing. And CNN doesn’t desire its viewers to hear this,” he included, remembering that he was suddenly changed on the network’s program by Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

Davis even more mentioned that gag orders are planned to protect the rights of criminal accused to ensure a fair trial instead of silencing them from exercising their constitutional rights to be honest about numerous elements of the legal proceedings, mainly when the judge and prosecutor are biased and have controlled the justice system against the defendant, who also occurs to be the Republican Presidential candidate.

“You will not hear any of this on CNN since they are the problem,” Davis continued. “They become part of the Democrats’ lawfare and election disturbance versus President Trump because these Democrat judges, these Democrat district attorneys, these Democrat witnesses, these Democrat hellholes like New York, DC, and Atlanta, these Democrat program spokespeople like at CNN, they fear American citizens on November 5, 2024. They understand that American citizens will return President Trump to the White House. You’re even seeing President Trump going to Harlem, to a bodega in Harlem, and getting a hero’s welcome. If that doesn’t send chills down the spine of every Democrat in this country. They’re not taking note.”

Trump was given a gag order in early April after he spoke out against Merchan’s child. It was later on discovered that Trump’s daughter had a photo of Trump in jail as her X profile image.

“It appears that there’s a double standard at play here,” Trump observed, “where the judge’s child can share her goals of imprisoning me, the DA can spread out frauds about me, and the judge can neglect the law and constitution with impunity, yet I’m not enabled to speak out versus the attacks on my character and the efforts to sabotage my 2024 presidential campaign, which I’m currently leading.”

The individual posits that the Judge’s unfavorable judgments against him may be inspired by a desire to economically benefit his daughter, who is used by a business that works against the person’s interests. According to this theory, the Judge’s actions would contribute to his child’s wealth and the success of her business. The individual wonders how this situation can be continued.

Loren Merchan heads a public relations and fund raising company in Chicago. She was paid about $4 million to help get the word out about Rep. Adam Schiff’s 2019 effort to impeach Trump.

The Trump administration requested that Judge Merchan recuse himself from the case due to his child’s associations with popular Democrats such as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who were Trump’s rivals in the election.

“Your Honor’s child’s close connection to President Trump’s political enemies and her work at, and financial interest in, a company deeply engrained with Democratic politics raises genuine and legitimate concerns about this Court’s impartiality,” Trump’s legal group argued.

“The monetary wellness of Your Honor’s daughter depends, at a minimum, in part, on the success of Authentic. Authentic’s organization model requires it to attack President Trump and support people and triggers in direct competitors with President Trump.”

A review of Authentic’s website reveals various examples of consulting companies performing fundraising campaigns for prominent Democratic candidates.

The Biden-Harris Campaign and Kamala Harris for President are consisted of among our clients.

Biden’s fundraising saw a substantial boost after it was exposed in February that Donald Trump would be going to in late March. The project received an impressive $90 million in contributions in March, with a noteworthy contribution coming from a star-studded fundraiser kept in New York City, including previous Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

The celebrity fundraising event featured entertainers who made regular jokes about Donald Trump’s criminal trial.

“This is a particularly amazing and unusual occasion. Three presidents have all pertained to New York, and not one of them is here to appear in court,” Stephen Colbert stated about Trump.

In mid-April, USA Today supplied an upgrade on the fundraising status of the Trump and Biden campaigns.

According to the report, March marked the highest month for grassroots fundraising for the project because it started. The report discussed that 1.6 million people have actually added to the Democratic incumbent’s campaign for re-election up until now.

Democrats divulged an overall $192 million offered for use, which was more than two times the $93.1 million amount that Republicans revealed.

On the other hand, the report demonstrates how the lawfare campaign against Donald Trump is depleting his re-election project’s resources.

The ex-president is prepared to raise an additional $43 million at a Palm Beach fundraising event this Saturday arranged by billionaire hedge fund supervisor John Paulson. A few of the funds collected at the event will be directed to an organization that has assigned significant resources toward covering Trump’s growing legal costs.

In addition to the four criminal cases versus him, Trump has actually likewise been found liable in 2 civil cases related to scams and sexual abuse. Judgments in the latter 2 need the former property magnate to pay hundreds of millions in penalties.

The former president got a bond in his New York civil scams case to shield his properties as he appeals a $454 million judgment for fraudulently over-valuing his property empire.

And Trump published a $92 million bond to obstruct writer E. Jean Carroll from collecting on her $83.3 million judgment as Trump appeals her libel victory.

The ongoing legal pursuits against the previous president are not just apparent efforts to weaponize the judicial system for political gain, but they also make up for interference in the electoral procedure, potentially preventing the course of the front-running governmental hopeful.

In battlefield states, CNN election expert Harry Enten mentioned that Donald Trump is more popular than President Biden “regardless of all that has taken place.”

CNN: “The reality is that Donald Trump remains better-liked than he was four years earlier and is better-liked than Joe Biden in these battlefield states. It’s pretty gosh darn clear.”

This is why Democrats are attempting to lock Trump up! 👀

Rep. Jayapal acknowledged that if Donald Trump were not a governmental candidate, he would not be dealing with criminal trials brought by prosecutors.

A member of the Radical Squad acknowledges that if Donald Trump were not a prospect for President of the United States, district attorneys would not be pursuing him in criminal trials.


The American public perceives the legal procedures against the previous president as an obvious attempt to affect the election and protect a failing president from responsibility.