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Voting Machine Motherboards Made in Communist China

Chinese  Motherboards, And Software Used In Usa Voting Machines,
Chinese Motherboards, And Software Used In Usa Voting Machines,
Such proof of foreign infiltration of our elections through voting machine business is a national security emergency on a scale that America has never dealt with before.

Citizen investigator Peter Bernegger broke an exclusive on my TV program “The Absolute Truth” that his group has traced the shipping of Chinese-manufactured motherboard chips for electronic voting machines to Taiwan, where they are being repackaged & delivered to the U.S.

Additionally, it is claimed that Andy Huang, a Dominion staff member, could from another location access the business’s servers from another location in Canada. Huang has a previous work history with a Chinese telecommunications company that has ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Patrick Byrne has been vocalizing a concern since 2020, comparing a computer system’s motherboard to the nerve center of human thought – the frontal lobe. In his view, if the motherboard originates from China, the whole system’s integrity is undermined.

Sheriff Dar Leaf shared a list of Chinese programmable components found in Dominion Voting Systems equipment on his Twitter/X profile.

Bernegger also alleged that a particular American computer system business is essential in this operation.

Sheriff Dar Leaf discovered that Dominion Voting had stopped working to disclose to Congress that parts of their devices were sourced from China and had been checked in China.