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Victor Davis Hanson Sums It Up

The Organized Crime Family With Biden As Their Puppet
The Organized Crime Family With Biden As Their Puppet

Is the United States Reaching a Breaking Point with the Biden Presidency?

He displays a pattern of racist behavior and language unmatched by other contemporary politicians, utilizing bad terms and references targeting various racial groups. This habits consists of calling people names such as “addict” and “young boy,” making improper remarks about race such as “you ain’t black,” and making questionable declarations about African Americans and slavery. His praise for past Democratic senators with racist backgrounds, like former Klansman Robert Byrd and segregationist James Eastland, further underscores this uncomfortable pattern.

Vice President Joe Biden, likewise a senator, has actually often been perceived as rather of a showman. His natural inclination is to look for the spotlight, while simultaneously benefiting economically from his position and cultivating a down-to-earth, relatable image as a routine guy from Scranton.

President Joe Biden’s popularity has actually dropped to an all-time low, with most of his policies failing to amass majority support. Moreover, he trails behind his predecessor in almost every important battleground state. To make matters worse, he has actually been caught in a pattern of dishonesty, even with friendly job interviewers. It appears that Biden’s true nature and the worths he represents have actually finally been exposed for all to see.

He is a fabulist who thinks that the more animated he deceives and slurs (” semi-fascists” “fat”, “lying dog-faced pony soldier”, “chumps”, “dregs of society”, and so on), the most likely he is to get away with it. He is a confessed plagiarist. And he has also created much of his biography, from would be star, college-scholarship professional athlete and fantastic law student to semi-truck driver and imprisoned civil rights activist. His uncle, we are instructed, was consumed by cannibals. Joe guarantees us that he was the first in his family to go to college.

This person is notorious for his pompous and invasive nature, with a track record of misguided viewpoints on substantial diplomacy and national security matters covering over forty years. As kept in mind by Robert Gates, he has actually regularly been on the wrong side of history, exemplified by his opposition to the Bin Laden operation and his ill-conceived strategy to divide Iraq into 3 different regions.