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US Political Violence Surging

Massive Riots And Crime Set To Hit Usa Major Cities
Massive Riots And Crime Set To Hit Usa Major Cities
Violence Surging Before Election Is Planned Intimidation
By John Livingston
May 10, 2024

Political violence in America is expected to increase before any improvement can be seen. 

Now, we need to be prepared for the approaching year and the nature of challenges that 2024 may bring in the form of political violence– and for the advantage of anyone who has been living on a remote tropical island for the last year, one requirement look no further than the nearby Ivy League campus to see political violence taking place right now.

A great summary may be discovered in The American Mind, where Brooke L. Rollins, President and CEO of the America First Policy Institute, has penned an intriguing piece on political violence in America – but a few things are missing from her exceptional analysis. She mentions:

Congratulations to you for precisely determining the nature of these events – they are certainly circumstances of disobedience and authentic uprising, not simply meaningless vandalism or hooliganism. A group of people, consisting of trainees, have taken over public spaces, gotten into and occupied buildings, and even turned to physical violence against innocent bystanders.

The leftist tumult, frequently moving into intimidation and violence, consuming American colleges is neither short-term nor temporary. It won’t end when the war in Gaza ends, nor is it primarily about that war. What we are seeing in 2024 is the most recent, uninspiring iteration of left-wing violence that seems predictably to strike during election years.

Individuals who experienced the chaos of 2020 might feel a sense of remembrance. The current unrest resembles the past, with a specific catalyst stimulating each occasion. However, the supreme goal of those involved in the expected demonstrations- which could be much better referred to as efforts to prompt insurrection- was to create chaos and affect policy decisions and election results.

“The Future Holds Greater Challenges, According to Rollins and My Perspective”

The ideological violence of 2024 has yet to climax. One factor it is slow to build is that its proximate trigger is less sympathetic than the one in 2020. Nearly everyone wants equal rights for black Americans, but the regional constituency for Hamas is quite a bit smaller. Another reason is that it’s early yet. Though the Gaza war has been underway for eight months, the American mass protests over it, in the form of territorial “occupations” and transportation shutdowns, are just a month old. Give them time to grow.

The people who have been shouting, robbing, and inhabiting college are merely the tip of the iceberg; they are the pawns utilized by those with higher impact. As the situation escalates, the true powers behind the scenes will become more evident, and the initial protesters will likely be ignored.

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The person planning and executing these riots are just at the beginning of their plans, which will not end with the November election.  We can hope that it won’t. However, historically, betting versus violence has never been a winning proposition. Violence and war have been much more typical throughout human history than peace and prosperity. As George Santayana stated, just the dead have seen the end of war.

That, in my evaluation, is when the actors behind the scenes will make themselves understood, and the scale of the resulting dispute is anybody’s guess.

It appears that some individuals are being made use of for their naivety. These individuals, who got in the nation through doubtful means, are most likely being manipulated by behind-the-scenes stars. The absence of proper screening and vetting procedures raises issues about their objectives and potential effects. It stays to be seen what will unfold in the coming months.

The Obama Junta has imported up to 20 million potential allies from some of the most violent nations on earth, mostly young males of military age. They are being registered to vote, organized in so-called shelters, and receiving military training, and the Left plans to release them together with cadres of already trained ANTIFA, BLM, and others on anyone who opposes the massive election fraud planned for November 2024. Search our article database for corroborating material. 

The inestimable Colonel Jeff Cooper, in an interview, made a statement that rings ever more true with each passing day.

There will be inflection points. The Democratic National Convention, ironically, may well be a significant one, with the possibility that it will make the 1968 Democratic National Convention look like a picnic; this is a fantastic paradox, as the leftist agitators presently working as unwitting cannon fodder never had a better friend than the doddering old man in the White House or his feckless, incompetent administration.

 The Republican National Convention may be another, however most of the very first line of agitators will be more likely to put pressure on the Democrats, some of whom share their extreme views. But the genuine turning point will come this November.

The notion that white supremacy poses a risk to the country in which conservative violence is an issue is, surprisingly, being promoted by some political leaders’ left wing. However, a closer assessment reveals that any violence committed by individuals or groups on the right has been in response to perceived hazards or in defense of themselves, others, residential or commercial property, or public order.

Throughout a current interview, a caring person asked me if I believed in the concept that ‘violence leads to more violence.’ I described I actively aim to make certain this happens. I am identified to make certain that anybody who causes damage on others deals with repercussions far more significant than they expect.

Although both parties must agree to peace, conflict can be initiated by simply one. The ultimate question is, who will emerge victorious in the end? Preferably, America would come out on top.

The current state of the presidential election is not looking good for the Democratic party. Even if an option were presented to convince Joe Biden and his partner to withdraw from the race, the Democrats lack practical options. The likely follower, a laughable simpleton? Or perhaps the well-coiffed governor of California, who has recently brought disaster to San Francisco and the state as a whole with his policies? Setting aside any legal issues, the Trump reelection project must feel confident, and if the previous President secures a non-consecutive 2nd term, our country’s cities might emerge in chaos, with the potential for a larger-scale repeat of the summertime of 2020.

Unfortunately, Americans have to realize that we are in the grip of not a political party, not anyone that can be reasoned with, but in the stranglehold of a massive criminal syndicate that has seized control. John Gotti no longer sits in his clubhouse plotting nefarious schemes and robberies to fill the pockets of his gang of mobsters. His successors have seized and controlled the Democratic Party.This means that they will not give up control of the biggest heist in history with a mere election. We can look forward to a brave attempt to steal the 2024 election and the violence and conflict that will surely follow. 
The election of 2024 will be a repeast of 2020 except on steroids. God help us.