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Twelve Jurors Selected for Stalinist-Style Trial of Trump.

Twelve jurors have been selected for the Stalinist-style trial of Donald Trump involving a criminal activity family.
By John Livingston
April 19, 2024

The president is presently facing accusations of hocus pocus crimes relating to a confidentiality agreement (NDA) with adult movie star Stormy Daniels in 2016, with 34 counts brought versus him. 

Trump has dismissed the charges as politically motivated and designed to interfere with his November Presidential Campaign. They are a gross example of the massive election interference and fraud being carried out by the organized crime syndicate masquerading as the Democratic Party to steal the federal election once again.
 Famous Constitutional lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley, both self-proclaimed Democrats, have publicly declared that these allegations do not

Biased Jury Guaranteed As Anyone Who Might See Trump As Favorable Is Weeded Out By Crooked Judge And Da
Biased Jury Guaranteed As Anyone Who Might See Trump As Favorable Is Weeded Out By Crooked Judge And Da
constitute a crime and are, in fact, absurd.

The Crime Syndicate’s so-called “Judge” Juan Merchan,  with a clear mandate from the Crime Family Bosses to do whatever is necessary to convict Trump, declared, “We have our jury” after the 12th juror was chosen Thursday. Here’s what we know about the jurors:

Juror 1 is a NYC resident with no children who delights in the outdoors. They get their news from NY Times, Daily Mail, Fox News, and MSNBC. I expect we will soon find this is a woke, commie Leftist who lied on her jury questionnaire and will be revealed as such by our investigators. Once exposed Trump;s lawyers can attempt to have her removed and replaced by an alternate. 
Juror 2 says he follows Trump’s former legal representative, Trump-hater Michael Cohen, on X and other conservative accounts; however, he states he will “try to keep an open mind.” This dude is a Trump hater. He needs to be exposed pronto. Our investigators are working on it. We have a picture, and he will be identified shortly. we will update this post once we have his identity.
Juror 3 is an attorney who grew up in Oregon and got his news from the NY Times and Google. Nothing more is known about this dude, but we’ll find out shortly. I expect he is a Trump-hater.
Juror 4 is initially from California and has been a security engineer for 25 years. He’s married with three kids, and his spouse is a teacher. He enjoys metal and woodworking. He may be one of the more promising jurors. But we’ll soon discover whether he was lying on his jury quertionaire and will update here soon.
Juror 5 is a single young woman. She’s a native speaker of New York who has taught English for eight years. She gets her news from Google and TikTok. She states she values Trump’s sincerity.
Juror 6 is a young woman who lives in Manhattan and works as a software engineer. Who knows if she is a stealth juror, but we’ll find out and report here soon.
Juror 7 is originally from North Carolina and works as a civil litigator. He’s married with two kids and gets his news from the NY Times, WSJ, NY Post, and Washington Post. This juror needs to be carefully investigated and we will report back shortly.
Juror 8 info is not available yet.
Juror 9 is a single woman from New York who lives in Manhattan and works as a speech therapist. She has e-mail memberships to CNN and the NY Times. She says she has opinions of Trump but believes she can put them aside. If she gets her news from the Communist News Network and the New York Red Times, she is a programmed Trump hater. We’ll investigate and find out the truth and if she lies on her Jury questionnaire. 
Notice that absolutely none of these jurors have a religious affiliation whatsoever.
Juror 10 is a single guy from Ohio who resides in Manhattan and works for an e-commerce company. He states he does not view the news but listens to podcasts about behavioral psychology. It sounds to me like we have a soy boy Trump-hater who needs his life investigated and exposed. 
Juror 11 details are not readily available yet.
Juror 12 info is not readily available yet.
Terminations: Yesterday, two jurors were dropped.
One juror [initially Juror # 2] informed the court she did not believe she could be unbiased, as family and friends called her based upon the report, suspecting she was one of the jurors. She feared that he was about to be exposed for lying on her jury questionnaire.
Another juror [initially Juror # 4], was kicked off the trial after Trump’s attorneys discovered he had previously been apprehended for taking apart right-leaning political advertisements.
Today the court will pick backup jurors.
I do not believe this jury is gonna stay anonymous,” former federal prosecutor Ankush Khardori stated. “I’m worried about their safety.”.

Former federal district attorney Ankush Khardori warns of threats to jurors’ security in Donald Trump’s New York trial, where he faces 34 felony charges associated with 2016 campaign hush money payments.

The requirement for secrecy: To secure the jurors’ identities, details about them are mainly unidentified. However, some details that have been released might expose their names. For instance, a report by the Washington Post mentioned the name of a bookshop where a prospective juror was employed, but it was later retracted to prevent recognition. 

There is still concern that jurors, who are expected to remain anonymous, may go through threats, harassment, and intimidation from woke, commie, Leftist activists. According to Khardori, the duty to protect the specific details learned rests with the D.A.’s workplace and the judge.

Can a neutral and unbiased jury pool be put together in Manhattan for a case involving President Trump?