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Tucker Carlson: The Deep State Removed Nixon, The Most Popular President

Tucker Carlson: The Deep State Removed Nixon, The Most Popular President Ever, To Cover Up CIA’s Murder Of JFK
John Livingston, Editor
February 13, 2024
TUCKER CARLSON: Joe Biden alone is responsible for this criminal offense. He alone took home categorized files. He didn’t have help in doing that, however allowing the nation to be attacked, that’s not something you can do on your own. So, if Biden were to be taken down for opening the southern border, a lot of other individuals would go with them. He had a great deal of accomplices. Permanent Washington does not want that and ultimately and here’s the point: Permanent Washington supervises. It’s not the democracy you envisioned. We’re seeing that now.

If you desire to get a true understanding of how the highest levels of the American government really work, and if you are curious about the factors behind the absence of history education, it is necessary to note that Richard Nixon, the most favored president in American history, was removed from office without any votes from the American public. Consequently, he was replaced by the sole unelected president in American history. This shift took us from a highly popular president to one who did not receive any votes. You may question why this details is not extensively known, specifically considering the criminal claims versus Richard Nixon.

Wasn’t he despised by all good individuals? No, he wasn’t. In fact, if any president might claim to be the people’s choice, it was Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon was re-elected in 1972 by the biggest margin of the popular vote ever recorded before or because. Nixon got 17 million more votes than his challenger. Less than two years later, he was gone. He was forced to resign and in his location, a loyal servant of the federal agencies called Gerald Ford took control of the White House.

How did that happen? Well, it’s a long story, however here are the highlights and they inform you a lot. Richard Nixon believes that elements in the federal administration were working to undermine the American system of federal government and had actually been doing that for a very long time. He frequently stated that. He was absolutely right. On June 23, 1972, Nixon met with the then– CIA director, Richard Helms, at the White House. Throughout the conversation, which the good news is was tape-recorded, Nixon suggested he knew “who shot John,” indicating President John F. Kennedy. Nixon even more implied that the CIA was directly associated with Kennedy’s assassination, which we now understand it was. Helms’s informing response? Overall silence, but for Nixon, it didn’t matter since it was already over. 4 days previously, on June 19, The Washington Post had released the very first of numerous stories about a break-in at the Watergate office building.

Unbeknownst to Nixon and unreported by The Washington Post, 4 of the 5 burglars worked for the CIA. The first of many deceitful Watergate stories was written by a 29-year-old metro press reporter called Bob Woodward. Who precisely was Bob Woodward? Well, he wasn’t a journalist. Bob Woodward had no background whatsoever in the news organization. Instead, Bob Woodward came straight from the classified areas of the federal government. Soon before Watergate, Woodward was a naval officer at the Pentagon.

He had a top-secret clearance. He worked frequently with the intel agencies. At times, Woodward was even detailed to the Nixon White House, where he engaged with Richard Nixon’s leading assistants. Not long after leaving the Navy, for reasons that have actually never ever been clear, Woodward was hired by the most powerful news outlet in Washington and designated the most significant story in the country. Just to make it crystal clear what was really occurring, Woodward’s main source for his Watergate series was the deputy director of the FBI, Mark Felt, and Mark Felt ran– and we’re not making this up– the FBI’s COINTELPRO program, which was designed to covertly discredit political stars, the federal companies wished to ruin– individuals like Richard Nixon. And at the same time, those very same agencies were likewise working to remove Nixon’s chosen vice president, Spiro Agnew. In the fall of 1973, Agnew was indicted for tax evasion and forced to resign. His replacement was a colorless congressman from Grand Rapids called Gerald Ford.

Ford’s eligibility for the position originated from his involvement in the Warren Commission, which cleared the CIA of any participation in President Kennedy’s assassination. Democrats in Congress coerced Nixon into accepting Gerald Ford, as Speaker of your house Carl Albert later on boasted, leaving Nixon with no option. Simply eight months later, Gerald Ford, a member of the Warren Commission, became the president of the United States. This series events is based upon factual information, not speculation. These truths are not concealed and can be discovered on Wikipedia, but mainstream news organizations have actually picked not to report on them. In spite of their apparent nature, this info is deliberately overlooked, allowing the irreversible Washington establishment to maintain control over our political system.

Unaccountable profession bureaucrats in federal companies wield substantial power in the U.S. federal government, making crucial choices and silencing those who attempt to challenge them, thus undermining the democratic process. Notably, General Michael Flynn was the first Trump administration official targeted by these firms. Flynn’s background as a career Army intelligence officer and leader of the Defense Intelligence Agency made him a powerful risk to their authority, as he was fluent in the inner functions of the system and efficient in resisting their techniques. Simply four days after Trump’s inauguration, the FBI deceived Flynn into attending a conference without legal counsel and produced claims that caused his forced resignation.

In Washington, things typically unfold in such a way that’s far from the public’s understanding. It’s time to stop perpetuating false stories. Joe Biden, for instance, was overjoyed when the Justice Department reduced Mike Flynn. Fast forward six years, and a comparable circumstance is playing out with Biden himself. While it’s appealing to feel compassion for him, it’s essential to bear in mind that he does not deserve our pity. After all, he’s being treated in a way similar to how he treated Flynn. Nevertheless, the rest people should have a better system, a real democracy where the voices of the people are heard and not just those of unelected officials. When power is held by those who have not been chosen, it’s a clear sign that our nation isn’t really complimentary.