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Tucker: Biden can’t win so ‘they’re going to STEAL the election

Tucker: Biden can’t win so ‘they’re going to STEAL the election … they’re now saying so aloud’
By John Livingston
March 8, 2024

Tucker Carlson must be applauded for his analysis of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address and for saying “out loud” that Democrats will “steal” the 2024 election.

“This is Tucker at his best,” investigative reporter Lara Logan composed on X, reacting to a part of Carlson’s post-SOTU coverage Thursday night.

“Logan expressed relief that someone with both intelligence and guts spoke out.”

Carlson addressed the “alarming political truth” behind all the political talk.

“Joe Biden’s possibilities of emerging triumphant in a reasonable election are slim, according to the previous Fox News host. In action to Biden’s address to Congress, he expressed his belief that Biden will not achieve success in November,” the former Fox News host said.

He said that no one in the media is willing to honestly acknowledge the fact: Joe Biden can not win a fair election. Rather, they are promoting the contrary.

He shared a clip of MSNBC’s “pregame analysis” of Biden’s speech in which Chris Hayes gushed over how the president, who spent decades in the Washington, D.C. swamp, is “actually good at politics.”

Carlson questioned if that is the case, then why is Biden being “stomped” by former President Donald Trump in polls ahead of the election in November.

“So what does that tell you?” he asked.

“Well, they’re going to steal the election. And we understand they’re going to steal the election since they’re now saying so out loud,” Carlson said before playing a clip of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s remarks in Selma, Alabama where he claimed that the “right to vote is still under attack.”

Garland highlighted that throughout the after-effects of the Civil War and the Reconstruction duration, white supremacists employed violent strategies and intimidation to prevent black Americans from the ballot, which he slammed as discriminatory, overbearing, and unjustified, throughout his speech at Selma’s Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Carlson expressed his shock over Garland’s remarks and drew back the curtain on what the attorney general of the United States truly indicated.

“The chief police officer of the United States federal government is informing you that it’s immoral, in fact racist, in fact unlawful, to ask individuals for their IDs when they vote to confirm they are who they say they are,” Carlson said.

“No one ever speaks about this however the validation for it is that somehow ‘individuals of color,’ black individuals don’t have state-issued IDs,” he continued, keeping in mind that the same administration is working to “remove cash.”

Carlson believes it’s not racist to ask people to prove their identity when selecting the next president of the United States or their representatives in the House and Senate. He finds it strange that individuals do not see the irony in this request, especially when it comes to individuals of color. In his view, it’s a form of discrimination to assume that particular groups of people are less deserving of the presidency based on their ethnic culture or cultural background.

Carlson accused the attorney general of promoting large-scale voter scams by spreading a falsehood that was quickly disprovable.

The administration refuses to recognize that there may be up to 50 million illegals in the country imposing a horrendous cost on the economy that may exceed several trillion each and every year.  Thi sis the administration that his preparing their massive crime network to stuff the ballot boxes with illegal and fabricated votes, then dare anyone to oppose them or even question their massive fraud. 

“And that’s the only possibility they need to get their guy re-elected,” he concluded.