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Trump’s Wins Supreme Court Argument

Trump Likely To Win Immunitycase

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments on the following issue:

“Whether and if so to what extent does a former President enjoy presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for conduct alleged to involve official acts during his tenure in office.”

Trump lawyer argues for Presidential Immunity:.

He raises these three examples.

1. Bush lied to Congress to induce war with Iraq.

2. Obama ordered drone strikes to eliminate U.S. citizens abroad.

3. Biden induced foreigners to enter the U.S. illegally.

Justice Jackson gets embarrassed by Trump’s legal representative, John Sauer, when she attempts to explain America, where the president has immunity:

“The system you’re referring to has remained in place for over two centuries, with our country counting on the stability and reliability of Attorneys General and the Department of Justice, in addition to the responsibility of federal grand juries, to make sure sufficient protection without the requirement for resistance.”

Alito gives examples of corrupt AGs and says district attorneys can get a grand to indict a ham sandwich. He cites several instances of actual corruption incidents. 

SCOTUS was unimpressed to say the least with DC appellate court decision and justifiably so.

Bottom Line:

What the left hasn’t figured out yet…

Two scenarios:

1. All current and former Presidents are given Presidential immunity. Trump wins.

2. There is no Presidential immunity. This will open up Pandora’s box to former Presidents.
George Bush, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Bill Clinton can be presented with war crimes.

Trump wins this as well.