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Trump’s Death Signaled by Psaki, Other Crime Family Members

This is NOT a fantasy; it is a call for Trump’s death or assassination. It should not be misinterpreted for anything else than a signal to their huge cadres of violent anarchists to strike at Trump.

By john Livingston
May 8, 2024

Business Insider stated states would require to adjust their filing deadlines if Trump were to die within the next couple of weeks (before January 1, 2024).

Psaki’s mind wandered to various scenarios where Trump might be out of the picture this election season. She mused about the possibility of Trump vanishing, dealing with legal consequences, or even diing. However, she quickly added an easy going tone, acknowledging that the latter idea might stumble upon as a bit macabre, given Trump’s age.

“If Trump died throughout main season– which ends in mid-June– some states may delay their scheduled primaries.” Business Insider composed.

However, if Trump died during the main season and before June “some states might postpone their scheduled primaries.”

During a Tuesday morning interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Jen Psaki, the ex-White House Press Secretary, expressed a want Donald Trump to pass away the 2024 election.

Just as the danger of transgender violence has been used to silence the transgender argument so the cries for Trump s death will increase daily.

Psaki is accompanied by Democratic authorities throughout the country, including today. The Hill, a respectable publication, reported on May 8 that Trump’s failure to serve due to death or disability might avoid him from presuming the presidency.

They desire Trump dead.
By John Livingston
May 8, 2024

Joe Biden and the Democrat media complex are frightened of Trump. They know Trump is ahead in the surveys. They understand Joe Biden is out of favor.

The political celebration known as the Democrats, who have actually been accused of participating in organized crime activities, are afraid that their attempts to prevent Trump’s success may be unsuccessful or that the judicial system might stop their alleged citizen scams schemes. This leaves them with only one choice, which is to hurt Trump, and the messages from their popular representative suggest that they are ready to take drastic measures. Trump’s security is at danger.

This is why Biden’s DOJ is attempting to prison Trump. Biden can’t win unless he cheats– or jails his main political rival.

The legacy media outlets are refusing to excuse these brazen attempts to incite immense discontent, which is intended to disrupt the upcoming November Election. We rely on alert individuals like you to bring attention to such corruption. We implore you to join our ranks as a free member of I Speak for Trump and use our resources to share this information with your network of contacts, good friends, and anyone else who may gain from it. Together, we can clarify this problem and produce a brighter future.

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