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Trump Won– Summary of Election Fraud, Part One

President Trump Releases Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States:

SIMPLY IN– President Trump Releases Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States

Introduction: It has actually frequently been duplicated there is “no proof” of scams in the 2020 Election. In actuality, there is no evidence Joe Biden won.

Ongoing investigations in the Swing States reveal hundreds of countless votes were altered and/or not lawfully cast in the Presidential Election. Joe Biden needed them. On Election Night Nov. 3, 2020, President Donald J. Trump was cruising to reelection with landslide leads in many battlegrounds. In Georgia, President Trump was up by 12 points, and over 335,000 votes, with 56 percent of the vote in at 10:17 p.m. In Wisconsin, President Trump was leading by 121,380 votes and 5 points at 12:12 a.m., which Fox News anchor Bret Baier noted was “not a little margin.” In Pennsylvania, President Trump was leading by 659,145 votes at 12:38 a.m., a complete 15 points. In Michigan, President Trump was leading by 293,052 votes and 10 points.

The election was over. Nevertheless, precincts in Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Milwaukee kept counting until the outcomes reached the wanted result, which was the reverse of the will of the citizens. Georgia went from having an overall of 4.7 million votes, already a record for the state, according to Brad Raffensperger’s depend on Nov. 4, to accrediting nearly 5 million. This was 300,000 more votes than what the leading elections official claimed were cast in the Election.

Getting to this result in Georgia, and other states, created an irredeemably compromised Election, filled with violations of the Constitution, unlawful tallies, extensive broken chain of custody, electronic control, and missing and damaged election files that made it uncertifiable– and impossible to recreate the outcomes.

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President Trump was right to voice his objections to what had actually unfolded before the nation’s eyes. Republican poll watchers were rejected access to the counting in multiple jurisdictions and tallies were counted in secret in the middle of the night without media or observers present. Countless irregularities emerged, including reports of disqualified citizens, voting device anomalies, “water main breaks,” improbable percentages of ballots for Biden, and more.

Considering that, investigations throughout the nation have actually uncovered an avalanche of abnormalities, illegal activity, control of election records, destruction of proof, and scams. The findings, which are result determinative, are detailed in the summaries of the Swing States.


– Georgia was called by 11,779 votes.

– Fulton County, Georgia, the most populated county in the state, has no digital record of all in person votes cast in its original outcomes.

– Not a single tally purportedly cast during early in-person ballot was witnessed to and signed off by survey managers, as required by Georgia election guidelines. Seals were broken and sd card eliminated from tabulators for the results of these 315,000 votes, which were printed out on different makers than the ones that arranged them. This avoided the reconciliation of the number of votes were cast on each maker.

– The ballot pictures of these votes, along with the rest of in-person ballots cast on Election Day, were destroyed.

– The vote in Georgia was counted three times: the initial maker count, a statewide hand recount, and a 2nd machine count. Each time the state, and Fulton County, reported three different results.

– Fulton County did not count the very same tallies during the initial count and the maker recount. There are 19,541 unique ballots that appear in one machine count however not the other.

– Thousands of fraudulent “governmental just” tallies were injected into the second maker count, with big margins preferring Joe Biden. Ballots that are blank except for the presidential contest were counted in batches together, with the pattern appearing in at least eight counties, consisting of Fulton. This indicates Georgia did not have the votes to validate its original Election “outcomes.”.

– The 2nd maker count was over 17,000 votes “brief.” Fulton County was advised to “fix up” the results by the Secretary of State, and recertified its outcomes without disclosing the level of the vote deficiency to members of the Fulton County Board of Registrations and Elections.

– “Thousands of phony votes” were eventually added into the Election results through the 2nd device count. This includes 20,977 unsubstantiated votes of unknown origin. The outcomes were missing 17,852 tally images, and consisted of 3,125 replicate ballot images that were counted twice.

– At least 2,871 ballots were counted two or three times in the second maker count, amounting to 6,118 doubtful votes.

– Eighty-eight percent of Fulton County’s precincts reported a various total variety of votes between the very first and second machine count.

– The only electronic votes that endured from the first count were the mail-in tallies, because they were tabulated on the high speed scanner their tally images were instantly published to the election server.

– Ninety percent of these approximately 148,000 absentee ballots cast in Fulton County can not be confirmed. Tally images for 132,284 mail-in votes have no.SHA file, which is created automatically when a ballot is scanned and used to verify the digital picture of the vote, doing not have evidence they were scanned and tabulated appropriately, and even cast by a genuine citizen.

– 104,994 ballot image files of these mail-in tallies from the initial count included identical modified time stamps, recommending electronic manipulation.

– Fulton County does not know “how many citizens cast votes” and its “absence of basic accounting controls make it impossible to identify who actually won” in 2020, according to Philip Stark, a University of California, Berkeley professor who invented risk-limiting audits. Stark kept in mind, “The electronic records of the election are not undamaged.”.

– 376,863 ballot images are missing from the very first device count, that includes all in-person votes in Fulton County.

– None of the 315,000 votes cast throughout early ballot in Fulton County were witnessed to and signed by the poll supervisor and two survey workers, as needed by state election guidelines. The closing tapes for these votes are all anonymous, revealed more arranged votes than the tabulators had actually taped as scanning in their protective counters, and tape-recorded improbably low portions for President Trump. For instance, President Trump got just 0.9 percent, 2.4 percent, 3.7 percent from some of the tabulators, as if he was a third party prospect, or in a third world country. The anomalies suggest ballots were not scanned on the tabulators that printed the closing tapes, making the closing tapes deceitful.

– Tabulators utilized in Fulton County during early voting had their seals broken, and memory cards were reprogrammed and inserted into different scanners to count absentee ballots, in offense of election rules. This made it impossible to fix up the true variety of votes arranged on the machines from the start of the Election to the end of counting.

– 235,000 absentee ballots were requested and accepted too early, prior to the legal date 180 days before the 2020 Election, which was May 6, 2020. These votes ought to have never been counted in the 2020 Election.

– 4,081 false votes for Joe Biden were consisted of in the hand count audit results for Fulton County. The false votes were the result of 36 accounting mistakes, which were confirmed by Governor Brian Kemp’s workplace and investigators working for Secretary Brad Raffensperger, yet they have never been removed from the main hand count outcomes. These mistakes alone would lower the margin to 7,698 votes.

– The hand count audit included 3,935 unaccounted for votes due to 11 missing out on batch sheets in Fulton County. Differences from the original count to the hand audit overall a minimum of 15,690 votes, which is more than the whole election margin alone. This includes the 4,081 false Biden votes, plus “missing” votes discovered in Gwinett (1,642), Fayette (2,755), Floyd (2,700), Douglas (293 ), and Walton (284) counties that were most likely due to machine counting errors.

– Thousands of “pristine,” unfolded absentee ballots were counted during the hand count audit in Fulton County, according to at least six witnesses, which is the topic of ongoing litigation. These absentee ballots had no folds, and went 98 percent to Joe Biden, had actually “been added in a fraudulent way,” witnesses said.

– Fulton County accredited 59,143 in-person votes on Election Day, despite the fact that only 14,152 individuals had actually voted since 5 p.m. on Nov. 3, 2020. Proof recommends the in-person vote total on Election Day was inflated by around 37,000 votes, as records show no rush to the surveys throughout the last 2 hours of ballot, and a screenshot of the in-person Election Day results shared by a federal government professional showed only 21,843 people voted at the surveys in Fulton County on Nov. 3.

– Fulton County purchased over 1 million absentee ballots days before the 2020 Election, with no envelopes and the time needed to mail. There were just 808,680 active voters in Fulton County since Nov. 1, 2020, meaning the county had more blank mail-in ballots than the variety of signed up citizens, and purchased them after the large majority of mail-in ballot demands had actually already been sent to voters by Runbeck Election Services.

– An estimated 30,000 to 92,670 illegal votes were trafficked in Georgia, as part of a massive ballot trafficking operation found by True the Vote. The group recognized 242 traffickers in Georgia who participated in 5,662 ballot drops into drop boxes, making approximately runs per trafficker. Over 40 percent of the illegal drops that were recorded on camera were taped in between the non-voting hours of midnight and 5 a.m.

– There were over 364,000 ineligible citizen registrations on the rolls during the 2020 Election and most likely 67,284 votes were cast from voters with void residency.

– Massive adjustment of the Georgia citizen rolls surrounding the 2020 Election has been uncovered. This includes 1,500 Voter IDs that got credit for voting in 2020, but were not on any citizen rolls from 2020, some appearing for the first time on the citizen rolls on Nov. 4, 2021, a year after the Election. Other findings include control of inactive citizens to cast ballots, “gifting” Nov. 3 votes up to 2 years after the Election, and casting votes on tallies formerly turned down, cancelled, or not even turned in.

– In 2020, there were absentee ballots provided to “Bangkok Thailand, Ga.,” “Denver, Ga.,” “Detroit, Ga.,” “Los Angeles, Ga.,” and other fraudulent addresses that do not exist. Tallies were fraudulently cast in 2020 from addresses noted as “Bronx, Ga.,” “Hilton Head, Ga.,” “Louisville, Ga.,” “San Diego, Ga.,” “New Orleans, Ga.,” “French Creek, Ga.,” “Virginia Beach, Ga.,” “Vicksburg, Ga.,” “Baltimore, Ga.,” “New York, Ga.,” and “Sarasota, Ga.,” all with zip codes out of state.

– 43,907 drop box ballots breached chain of custody requirements in DeKalb County.

– 59,000 of the 79,460 drop box ballots in Fulton County were not immediately transferred to the election registrar, in offense of State Election Board rules.

– An approximated 355,000 tally transfer types for drop box tallies are missing statewide.

– Over 100,000 tally sheets for Fulton County were missing from the hand count audit, and remained missing out on for months after the Election.

– In early January 2021, Ruby Freeman asked for an attorney because she wanted to “go reside on every platform” to divulge info about how “the USB ports” were utilized in the 2020 Election. The expert cyber report by Professor J. Alex Halderman discussed how external USB ports with election-changing malware can be placed into Dominion devices by anybody with gain access to, consisting of election employees.

– The existence of a “QR code mismatch” error within the Dominion tabulators that methodically undercounts votes was found in 65 out of 67 Georgia counties where records were offered. The error was present in system log files for tabulators used in elections in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

– The election leads to Georgia in 2020 are not just unreliable, but were electronically altered, and are unsupported by the state’s own election records. The appearance of tens of thousands of unofficial ballots in subsequent hand and machine counts recommend reconciliation occurred after the Election, meaning after it was clear what margins were required to win.

– Fulton County election officials admitted in early 2021 they do not participate in any reconciliation until weeks after Election Day. This suggests the number of voters appearing at the polls during each day of voting is not talked to the variety of ballots tabulated every day, a standard process to ensure the number of tallies and voters match, and can not be manipulated later.

– “We can’t begin reconciling that up until normally a couple days before certification,” said then-Fulton County Elections Director Richard Barron, during a January 2021 Board conference. “Because we need to get that report from KnowInk. I think KnowInk sends those to the state or KnowInk sends out those straight to us. However those aren’t put together then, on Election night. So we don’t have any way to stabilize those then. That’s like the post-election process that we do.”.

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