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Trump Tweets Judge Merchan Said Violate His Order

Trump’s Tweets Crime Syndicate “Judge” Merchan Said Violated His Order
By John Livingston
May 1, 2024

Benny Johnson states Judge Merchan bought Trump to erase these tweets that violate the gag order. He had until 2:15 to erase them, and he did. So Benny said it “would be a pity if they went viral on the Internet.” I agree. That would be terrible, so do not share these tweets. We wouldn’t wish to upset Judge Merchan. So here are numerous tweets he had to erase.

Stormy made a recent appearance in a Netflix video where she hinted that Donald Trump might potentially harm her. It is necessary to note that she later on confessed that there was no affair. However, she opposed herself by later specifying that she had actually lied.Cohen has a history of lying and Pomerantz, who had actually previously held prominent functions in the DOJ, has actually chosen to take short-term lower-level positions in order to pursue legal actions against Donald Trump.

Here Is The Affidavit Srormy Daniels Signed Affirming She Never Had An Affair With Trump
Here Is The Affidavit Srormy Daniels Signed Affirming She Never Had An Affair With Trump

Trying to secure liberal activists who might have been lying to get on the jury.
Cohen is permitted to speak but Trump isn’t permitted to share the truth about him.
Lawyer Keith Davidson was questioned by district attorneys. He represented Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. He was questioned Tuesday by district attorneys about the negotiations that caused Daniels’ tabloid deal and hush money payment, which is at the center of the case versus previous President Donald Trump.

These are old cases, and McDougal has nothing to do with them. This isn’t a case about Trump unfaithful with a hooker. It’s a simple NDA case with documentation mistakes. Thirty-four times, the documents was submitted as a legal expense. Trump said the accountant had informed him to do it that way. He hadn’t used him before.

The issue of whether he wandered with those two people is insignificant. The district attorneys are using a scattershot method, presenting all possible allegations to see which ones stick.

It’s rather absurd to think a male with his duties would micro-manage these minute information.

Other witnesses included Michael Cohen’s former lender

Michael Cohen, A Hate Trump Activist And Convicted Of Perjury Is Bragg’S Star Witness
, Gary Farro, who offered details about documentation tied to the $130,000 payment to Daniels, and Robert Browning, executive director of C-SPAN archives, whose testament was utilized to enter videos including Trump into evidence.

it doesn’t matter if he paid them. It’s not a criminal activity. There is no predicate for the probe