Freedom of Speech is Non-Negotiable!


Trump Silenced and Gagged Once More

Donald Trump’s demand to provide his own closing statement has been rejected by Judge Engoron, who had actually already discovered him guilty before he even provided his defense.

An exchange of e-mails shows that Donald Trump would not agree to the constraints Engoron put on his speech. In the final e-mail, Engoron offered him 7 minutes to decide if they would accept his deal. He likewise can’t get a few days postpone to be with his partner after his beloved mother-in-law passed away.

Trump’s legal representatives had actually objected to Engoron’s persistence that Trump speaks only to “relevant” matters if he gives his own closing argument, the AP reported.

Donald Trump declined to accept that proposition due to his belief in the significance of exercising his freedom of speech.

Former First Lady Melania Trump’s ailing mom, Amalija Kanvs, 78, has died after being hospitalized in Miami over the holidays.

According to independent journalist Officer Lew, President Trump asked for a delay in tomorrow’s closing arguments due to his Mother-In-Law’s death so he could be with Melania, and the judge rejected that demand.

How cruel. His spouse is suffering, and the judge won’t let him be with her. Engoron is a guy of hatred and cruelty.Trump Can’t Speak at Closing in NYC Trial & Can’t Get a Delay to Be With His Wife.

The civil case carries the danger of a $370 million penalty and a restriction on Donald Trump’s future participation in the real estate sector in New York. Additionally, it involves a five-year limitation on work for his two eldest boys.

Chief Law Officer Letitia James, who ran for workplace on getting Trump, brought the case in spite of the incredibly weak basis for it.

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