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Trump May Be Convicted of a Non-Crime

Trump May Be Convicted of a Non-Crime
The Organized Crime Syndicate Masquerading as the Democratic Party Desperate to Stop Trump’s Roll Towards the White House

By John Livingston
April 9, 2024

|Jesse Watters Criticizes Judge Merchan’s Restrictive Order

The gag order on Donald Trump in the NDA case denies Donald Trump the right to safeguard himself.

It’s being described as a hush-money case; however, that’s not the appropriate term; it’s a 20-year-old NDA (non-disclosure arrangement) case. Stormy, a hooker and pornography star, wanted money for her silence on an unproven sexual encounter, and it was easier for him to pay her off instead of going through court.

Stormy Daniels later confessed in an affidavit that there was, in fact, no sexual encounter and had made the lie up. Her attorney, Avenetti, has considering that been sentenced to 20 years in prison for several felonies associated with the e case and others. Her lawyer was convicted of embezzlement and making false statements in court.

Stormy is an admitted liar, as is the other witness, Michael Cohen, who actually went to jail for lying.

Are gag orders being misused? Should they be considered unconstitutional if the accused can not present a defense? Judge Merchan’s imposition of a gag order on Donald Trump in the NDA lawsuit appears to be a clear instance of abuse. What are your thoughts on this circumstance?

Muzzled for Speaking Out?

In the clip below, Jesse Watters explains what is wrong with this gag order. He likewise discusses how Judge Merchan’s family is getting rich off the Trump prosecution.

Adam Schiff pays Judge Merchan’s daughter’s company $10 million and represents the Biden-Harris project.

The judge is warning Trump that he could face imprisonment for claiming that the judge’s family, who are known for their liberal views, are benefiting financially from the ongoing trial and would continue to do so in the event of a conviction. Trump’s comments have been interpreted as an attack on the judge’s daughter, who is 34 years old and works in a field unrelated to the trial. However, Trump maintains that he was stating factually what she does for a living and did not intend to attack her.

The case was investigated for years by the feds and the state attorney and was declined until Alan Bragg got himself elected, promising he would find some crime committed by Donald Trump.

Donald Trump just wants a new judge. One whose family isn’t funded by Democrats.”