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Judge/DA Seek to ‘Stack the Deck Against’ Trump in Jury Selection

Biased Jury Guaranteed As Anyone Who Might See Trump As Favorable  Is Weeded Out By Crooked Judge And Da
Biased Jury Guaranteed As Anyone Who Might See Trump As Favorable Is Weeded Out By Crooked Judge And Da
By John Livingston
April 16, 2024

The prosecution in former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial– at the hands of Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg– is attempting to “stack the deck” against Trump in the jury selection, “searching for out if you have ever been involved in supporting President Trump at all throughout the years” however failing to ask the same questions about supporting President Joe Biden, Trump attorney Jesse Binnall said throughout an interview on Breitbart News Daily.

The Crime Syndicate masquerading as the Democratic Party controls NYC. In 2020 they scored 85% of the vote for Biden. They are pulling off all stops. They intend to not only convict Trump of over the nation. These made-up, fake charges but also to incarcerate him. They plan to silence Trump by preventing him from campaigning. They intend to gag him. They plan to be their demented puppet in the White Hosue, and this is their principal path to maintaining control

Binnall, an attorney representing Trump in his civil and January 6 cases, spoke about the ongoing criminal trial. Bragg has accused Trump of devoting 34 felonies by allegedly falsifying organization records.

Binnall discussed that jury choice varies throughout different regions and cases. In this specific circumstances, a substantial portion of the jury selection process relies on the surveys that have actually been distributed. These questionnaires highly lean towards preferring the prosecution.

For example, the surveys consist of various questions created to recognize Trump supporters, however they do not have questions that specifically resolve prospective biases versus the President.

The study went into detail by inquiring about the participants’ participation in Trump-related events, such as rallies or volunteer work for his project. It didn’t stop there, however.

He pointed out that they ask about the sources of news media people follow, including talk radio and cable television news shows that might have a beneficial view of President Trump. They ask a great deal of questions to identify if someone has actually supported President Trump in the past. Remarkably, they do not inquire about supporting President Biden or any potential predisposition that might influence a juror’s decision to convict President Trump and effect the governmental election.

“As you’ve said, when you’re in a jurisdiction that was 85-15 Biden in 2020, that would be something that would be exceptionally important, and they simply sort of whistle past the graveyard on that. So these jury questionnaires are– are very, extremely one-sided,” the Trump legal representative added, describing this as a “large concern here.”

Further, he said Bragg’s workplace and Judge Merchan are “not most likely to step them back on this.” But Binnall stressed that if there are just one or two jurors who in fact give President Trump a reasonable trial, “then he’s going to be acquitted. Therefore they’re horrified of that.”