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TRUMP JAILED! Will Lead To Victory

Following the imposition of a contempt of court fine on Tuesday versus former President Donald Trump, legal experts have warned that a threatened jail term by the judge might result in widespread turmoil.

On Tuesday, April 30, Trump was fined $9000 by New York State Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan for breaching the conditions of a gag order that had been issued previously.

In the order, Merchan threatened, “Defendant is thus alerted that the Court will not tolerate willful violations of its legal orders and that if essential and proper under the scenarios, it will impose an incarceration penalty.”

The office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has sent a demand to the court to hold former President Trump in contempt for his current posts on Truth Social, mentioning that the posts explicitly defy the existing order by targeting certain witnesses associated with the ongoing criminal case.

The Trump Team has accused Democrats in general and Merchan specifically of election interference with federal and state elections that was brought by the organized crime family masquerading as Democrats to keep him off the campaign trail.

Speaking to the Washington Examiner on Tuesday, legal expert and business counsel Alton Harmon stated, “Judge Merchan is running within his discretion. However, I think he would be an automaton if he didn’t value that the world is seeing him and how any jail time would be seen by many as true election interference– not in the hyperbolic way that Trump consistently says this trial is amounting to by its real presence.”

Former federal district attorney Neama Rahani informed the Washington Examiner that while imprisoning Trump seemed not likely, it “might cause mass protests and even civil unrest.”

Harmon added, “I presume it would trigger extensive condemnation and countrywide protests from his base. it may also trigger acts of violence against those supporting Trump’s incarceration. It would be crossing the e Rubicon without knowing how it will turn out. “

Previous Massachusetts Superior Court Associate Justice Shannon Frison recommends Attorney Merchan consider the capacity for civil unrest when rendering judgments.

“I think you have to,” she stated. “Given the effect that he has on what we call his base, a large segment of Republicans– I think that him [Trump] being incarcerated for any amount of time for any behavior would have some impact [on the general public’s reaction].”

The legal case including President Trump revolves around claims that he advised his lawyer, Michael Cohen, to pay porn film star Stormy Daniels, whose genuine name is Stephanie Clifford, in exchange for her silence regarding a supposed affair, which Trump has rejected. Daniels has admitted in writing that this did not occur. Trump has been accused of falsifying service records to conceal the payments.

In action to the allegations, Trump appeared to challenge the district attorney, Bragg, by suggesting he would be honored to be a modern-day Nelson Mandela, even if it indicated imprisonment for speaking the truth about Merchan, Bragg, and the false evidence being introduced against him.

The gag order prohibits Trump from making statements that could disrupt the trial, including comments about witnesses, counsel other than Bragg, court and district attorney staff, and their relatives. Additionally, the order applies to potential jurors.

“The gag order has to come off,” Trump previously informed press reporters outside the Manhattan courthouse. “People are enabled to speak about me, and I have a gag order, just to reveal you how much more unreasonable it is.”A criminal plan to corrupt the 2016 governmental election.”

That’s the crime prosecutor Matthew Colangelo – a top authority in Joe Biden’s Justice Department till he signed up with the Manhattan district attorney’s office to prosecute Donald Trump – claimed recently Trump had committed. 

That “plan” is why Trump faces 34 New York state felony charges for “falsifying business records,” a criminal activity usually a misdemeanor; Colangelo stated in his opening statement to the Manhattan jury that will choose if Trump is guilty.

Colangelo’s involvement in the New York case is not illegal up until now. However, it casts in vibrant relief the main risk the case against Trump presents, particularly the signature of banana republic governance– the party in power controlling the justice system to kneecap the celebration out of power. This is a toxin and a blight our nation has not dealt with before.

It is expected that Colangelo will be called as a witness by the Trump defense teams and asked why he stepped down from his high position in the DOJ to take up the job of Trump’s prosecutor in this case. Trump intends to show that this is a pure political trial with fake charges, fake evidence, and Biden’s top hitman leading the prosecution. This will be followed by another attorney named Pomerantz, who conducted an investigation on the exact charges and wrote a book, but when questioned under oath, took the Fifth and refused to answer the
 Members of the House Subcommittee on Weaponization of the DOJ asked questions. 
In the middle of April, Richard L. Hasen, a specialist on election law with left-leaning views, expressed in the Los Angeles Times that he thought the charges in New York were inadequate to significantly affect the presidential race.

Hasen’s evaluation was rather precise. The allegations are relatively small in scale. Nevertheless, how the prosecution presents the scenario is considerable. Democratic district attorneys at the regional level are intending to have Trump, a member of the Republican party, incarcerated for an act they view as an offense, which basically boils down to beating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Their effort could possibly interrupt the American legal system for many years, no matter the result.

The objective is not merely to penalize Trump for winning in 2016– an indignity that continues to irritate the Democratic Party– but a lot more notably to paralyze his project this year, thus to choose a feeble and undesirable incumbent who otherwise would be toast, even according to CNN.

Regional district attorneys, accountable solely to the regional electorate in a predominantly Democratic county, are not merely pressing the boundaries of state law. They are deliberately applying it in a manner created to punish a Republican political figure for their actions during their governmental project – the sole across-the-country election in the United States.

The alleged misbehavior credited to Trump is relatively insignificant and almost funny. It includes mislabeling $420,000 in expenses as “legal services” in the business’s financial records when, in reality, they were repayments for payments made by his attorney, Michael Cohen.

It is crucial for Trump’s legal team to evaluate and instruct the jury that providing hush money to reduce a story is not against the law. The outcome of this effort with the judge is uncertain. This action is essential because the success of Bragg’s prosecution of Trump mostly depends on persuading the jury that Trump is morally wrong and ought to face repercussions, regardless of the complex and convoluted nature of the case, as highlighted by Jonathan Turley in his informative article.

Expect the district attorneys’ claims to be precise, and Trump’s main objective for hiding his affairs, including his popular relationship with Stormy Daniels, was to increase his possibility of winning the 2016 election. In this circumstance, Trump’s motive for secrecy was to improve his electoral prospects instead of for any other reason.

The prosecution’s case is seriously weakened by the assumption that Trump’s main motive for paying the hush money was to sway citizens’ understanding of his character instead of the far more plausible reason for keeping the affair concealed from his spouse. This presumption alone suffices to raise sensible doubt, making it not likely that a reasonable juror would be found guilty Trump based upon this argument.

Suppose he interacted with Pecker and the National Enquirer to conceal MacDougal’s story.

The correct action remains, So what? Why on earth is Trump on trial?

In 2016, Hillary Clinton’s project utilized campaign funds to spend on the notorious “Steele File,” the research study report that wrongly connected Trump to Russia. This is not a conspiracy theory. In 2022, Clinton’s project and the Democratic National Committee paid a $113,000 fine to the FEC to settle an investigation into the payments.

Clinton’s project then dealt with friendly wire service to plant stories based upon that research study …

If Donald Trump is facing legal effects for his actions in 2016, why isn’t Hillary Clinton being held accountable as well?

It seems contradictory that specific actions are considered appropriate when performed by a Democrat; however, they are considered criminal offenses when performed by Donald Trump. Notably, Trump’s actions have resulted in almost three felonies.

It is an overstep for regional prosecutors to attempt to convert technical legal breaches into felonies just because Donald Trump sought to keep his matters private during a presidential election.

That’s understating it. We see overreaching all the time in campaigns. Indeed, we see plenty of outright lying. But what we have not seen up to now in this country is the in-party dragooning the fearsome power of prosecution to cripple the opponent of the out-party.

The New York Times they argued convincingly in a long piece (paywalled) this weekend that Trump’s view of the United States and the American justice system has darkened considerably since 2016.

But what the Times didn’t acknowledge is that Trump and his tens of millions of followers now have every reason to view American law as hopelessly politicized and prosecutors as targeting him. Th mantra among Trump supporters is that Trump is their shield and everything they can do tantrum they can do to them. This does not bode well for the crime family. Millions will be out to put them permanently out of business by any means at hand.  

The potential consequences of the Manhattan prosecution pose a significant threat to the integrity of the justice system and the democratic process. If Trump loses the election, many people may attribute his defeat to the politically motivated case and the biased media coverage that followed, which could undermine trust in the legal system and create widespread disillusionment. On the other hand, if he wins, he may bring a far different perspective on the role of the prosecution to the presidency, which could lead to the appointment of like-minded attorneys general and U.S. attorneys who are dedicated to rooting out crime bosses who run the criminal syndicate masquerading as the Democratif=c Party. Jailing Trump will make a case for the elimination of the Democratic Crime Family far easier. Expect prosecution for numerous crimes from one end fo the country the other. New prisons will have to be built to house the inmates. 

Win or lose, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has made a terrible mistake. At best, it has opened the way for partisan local prosecutors in all 50 states to look for any excuse to interfere in federal elections.

If Trump is successful in the upcoming election, he will have the authority to deploy federal law enforcement against those who oppose him. MAGA will demand that the crime family be eliminated and removed from any power over their lives, regardless of the consequences. The Crime FGamily has crossed the Rubicon and now must engage MAGA at the Battle of the Malvern Bridge. We all believe that Trump, who rose from political death only to be martyred and crucified by the enemies of MAGA, is up to the task.