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Trump Calls for Arrest of Jack Smith After Prosecutors Admit to Evidence Tampering

Trump Calls For Arrest Of Jack&Quot;The Red&Quot; Smith For Evidence Tampering And Election Interference
Trump Calls For Arrest Of Jack”The Red” Smith For Evidence Tampering And Election Interference

Trump Calls for Arrest of Jack Smith After Prosecutors Admit to Misleading Judge on Evidence They Tampered With

By John Livingston
May 12, 2024

Defendant Walt Nauta submitted a movement stating that he needs extra time to determine the contents of the files took from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, including their company within the boxes.

After revelations recently that special counsel Jack Smith’s group had mishandled proof in the trial of former President Donald Trump over his criminal mismanagement of business documents, Trump went on social media to require that the case be dropped– which Smith himself be prosecuted instead.

“ARREST DERANGED JACK SMITH,” Trump wrote in the second post. “HE IS A CRIMINAL!”
Smith revealed in a Friday court filing that at some point after boxes of files were seized from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, the order in which the files were kept was altered.

However, the information might be more considerable than it seems because Trump’s defense is anticipated to consist of the argument that documents were packed in chronological order, with no regard for classification marking, according to Just the News.

Hours later, Trump returned to his Truth Social account to demand that Smith be jailed.

In a parenthetical note, Smith’s team later acknowledged that they had previously provided misleading information to the court relating to the authenticity of the taken documents, mainly whether they still existed in their initial, unchanged state.

“The Government acknowledges that this is irregular compared to what Government counsel previously comprehended and represented to the Court,” the filing stated.

“Since the boxes were seized and kept, suitable personnel have had access to the boxes for several factors, including to adhere to orders provided by this Court in the civil proceedings noted above, for investigative functions, and to help with the accused’s evaluation of the boxes,” the prosecution team wrote. “There are some boxes where the order of items within that box is not the same as in the associated scans.”

“There are several possible descriptions, including the above-described instances in which the boxes were accessed, as well as the size and shape of particular products in the boxes perhaps resulting in movement of items,” the federal government stated. “For example, packages include products smaller than standard paper such as index cards, books, and fixed, which shift quickly when packages are brought, specifically due to the fact that a number of the boxes are not complete.”

Attorney Tim Parlatore, previously on Trump’s defense team, stated “this admission is sensational on multiple levels.”

The brand-new info “enhances the incompetence” of the DOJ team “in conducting fundamental criminal investigations and prosecutions that I observed when I was on the team. However, at a deeper level, the loss of specific file areas is a destruction of exculpatory evidence,” he stated.

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The filing admitted the order of documents as stored presently does not match scans that were made earlier.

“He explained that examining every box at the National Archives and Records Administration revealed a crucial detail: the files were still in the exact same order they were in when they left the White House, indicating they had not been disrupted. This discovery has significant implications, as district attorneys should show that the accused knowingly had these documents in their belongings. If they then damaged proof contradicting this claim, it would make up a serious breach of legal protocol.”

In a recent post on Truth Social, Trump stated that the “Documents Case” is a politically motivated fraud managed by Biden, Special Counsel Jack Smith, and their associates. He claimed that Smith has now yielded in a court filing before Judge Cannon that Trump’s claims of proof tampering are true, mentioning that Smith’s team mishandled the boxes of files that acted as the basis for the raid on his Mar-a-Lago house in Florida, consequently verifying Trump’s assertion that the case is fabricated.

In a current court filing on Friday, Smith’s team informed the court that, aside from one instance where categorized files were secured and changed with placeholders, all the documents were still set up in their initial series.

“According to Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz, police officials should deal with proof with utmost care, refraining from controlling or reorganizing any materials, consisting of the series of documents in a file, as even apparently insignificant details can show essential in a courtroom or to a jury at a later stage of the examination.”

“These deeply Illegal actions by the Politicized ‘Persecutors’ required that this entire Witch Hunt be DROPPED IMMEDIATELY,” he added. “END THE ‘BOXES HOAXES.’ MAGA2024!” (focus original throughout).