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Trump And All Americans Protected By Eighth Amendment

Ny Crime Family M≪Ob Boss Leticia James And &Quot;Judge&Quot;Endoran Attempt To Steal Trump Properties.foiled By 8Th Amendment
Ny Crime Syndicate’S Attempt To Seize Trump Properties Will Be Foiled By 8Th Amendment
Trump And All Americans Protected By Eighth Amendment to Constitution
By John Buchard
April 2, 2024

Why hasn’t New York Judge Arthur Engoron faced repercussions for his actions thinking about the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution prohibits extreme bail, fines, and terrible punishments.

The massive reduction in the unmatched half-a-billion dollar judgment versus President Trump (the first of that size against a specific) for a non-existent criminal offense is empirical proof of how wrong this relentless prosecution of Trump is. There are ninety-two unwarranted, developed cases brought by Democrat DAs nationwide. 

The reduction was a win; however, it ought to stagnate towards normalizing outrageous bonds in an overall warping of the law. It’s still naked tyranny, and yet people didn’t seem to care because it was Trump or Giuliani or some other political opponent. So yes, it’s a win. The entire thing stinks. But it’s a win.

HUGE TRUMP WIN: Judge REDUCES BOND OVER 60%, Gives Another 10 Days, Soros-Backed Racist Letitia James Crushed

Kudlow’s Thoughts on Economics

On Monday, a New York appeals court consented to hold back the collection of President Trump’s $454 million civil scams judgment– if he puts up $175 million within 10 days.

If he does, it will stop the clock on the collection and prevent the state from taking the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s properties while he appeals.

The advancement came just before Attorney General Letitia James was anticipated to start efforts to gather the judgment.

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The GOP front-runner’s lawyers had advocated a state appeals court to halt collection, declaring it was “a useful impossibility” to get an underwriter to accept a bond for such a large amount.

The state’s intermediate appeals court provided the judgment, the Appellate Division of the state’s high court, where Mr. Trump is battling to reverse a judge’s February 16 finding that he lied about his wealth as he grew the realty empire that released him to fame and the presidency.

The $465 million judgment versus Trump is a blatant breach of the Eighth Amendment’s defense against extreme fines.

The contentious confrontation between Donald Trump and Judge Engoron: a blow-by-blow account.

Offered the current ruling by New York Judge Arthur Engoron, which brought President Trump and the Trump Organization to pay a historic $465 million fine, a pressing concern arises: does this judgment contravene the Excessive Fines Clause of the Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution?

Excessive fines violate the Constitution’s Eighth Amendment.

President Biden is using legal strategies as a weapon against Mr. Trump to prevent him from being chosen President again. Lawrence Kudlow stated this on March 20, 2024.

The Biden administration is leading a significant legal method to prosecute Mr. Trump for an extended duration and take all his cash and organization possessions.

Iconic companies Mr. Trump owns can be discovered in New York, Florida, Scotland, and other areas. To name a few tasks, he transformed the New York City horizon and supervised the remodeling of the Wolman skating rink.

The New York State Attorney General of the United States, Letitia James, is accused by constitutional law teacher Jonathan Turley of participating in “selective prosecution” and “mob justice.”

Take a listen to Ms. James running against Mr. Trump in her 2018 election: “No one is above the law, including this invalid president, so I look forward to entering into the office of the AG every day, suing him, safeguarding your rights, and then going home.”

However, Fox News legal expert Gregg Jarrett says that Mr. Trump could submit a petition in federal court relating to the 8th change. The Federal court would have to act quickly to release a stay. However it might be Mr. Trump’s finest strategy.

The 8th change forbids the imposition of excessive bail or fines and the infliction of vicious and unusual punishments.

And obviously the $464 million charge is supposed to bear some relation to damage done however there was never any damage done, because there were no victims and all the lending institutions to the Trump company empire made lots of profits.

I concur with the concept that Alan Dershowitz and Gregg Jarrett are both on the right track in suggesting that President Trump must pursue an appeal based on the 8th change of the constitution.

That would be a fitting end to this soviet-style New York sham lawfare battle versus Mr. Trump who by the way is leading in all the swing state surveys on the way to a prospective triumph in November despite what the Democratic crazies are attempting to do to him.