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Truckers Boycotting NY to Support Trump..

Truckers who support Trump are Boycotting New York City deliveries that they will not be driving to New York City following the former president’s recent $355 million scams case judgment.

A right-leaning social networks character and truck driver, called Chicago Ray, shared a video where he asserts that some of his fellow truckers are preparing to halt shipments to New York City in reaction to the Manhattan Supreme Court’s current ruling.

“I’ve been on the radio talking to drivers for about the past hour and I’ve talked with about ten chauffeurs … and they’re going to begin declining loads to New York City starting on Monday,” Ray said in the video from inside his truck.

The drivers who deal with him have already been informed about the boycott of  New York City, and some have revealed their unwillingness to participate in any deliveries to NYC, specifying that they have formerly expressed their refusals  to their manager.

It is the 2nd anniversary of the Canada Freedom Convoy, aka Honking for Freedom protest. Crowds gathered at Parliament Hill for a march. 2 years back, Prime Minister Trudeau sent his militant forces after the protesters. He lied about them, calling them the normal bad names.

The truckers are suing the Trudeau government over their frozen bank accounts, and the people and companies of downtown Ottawa are suing truckers, donors, and organizers for $300 million over the disruption.
” I do not understand how far across the country this is or the number of truckers are going to begin rejecting loads going to New York City, however, I’ll inform you what– you f– k around and learn,” Ray said.

Trump criticized the New York scams case as being invalid and explained it as a baseless scam ruling. He expressed concern that the choice could result in services leaving the state, arguing that there were no victims or damages included.

At a political rally, Donald Trump made gestures while dressed in official clothing. The current ruling on Trump’s civil scams trial is anticipated to cause a potential exodus of organizations from New York.

The trucker said their employers “ain’t gon na care if we reject the loads– we’ll simply go elsewhere.”

Ray claimed that 95% of truckers support the previous president in the X post, which has been viewed more than 4.6 million times and got more than 50,000 likes given that Friday night.
Some voiced their assistance for the boycott online.

“Do it! Let us know how we can assist! You’re NOT alone in this fight!” one user wrote in reaction.

A New York judge has ruled that previous President Trump needed to pay a substantial fine of $355 million for allegedly inflating his net worth which allowed him to obtain loans from banks at more beneficial rate of interest. Justice Arthur Engoron of the Manhattan Supreme Court handed down the ruling, specifying that Trump’s actions remained in clear infraction of state law. The ruling comes after a decade-long investigation into Trump’s monetary dealings, which discovered that he had misrepresented his net worth by billions of dollars to obtain loans from different banks. This ruling came despite testimony from the banks that they had made their separate evaluation and all the eloans had been paid as agreed at a huge profit to the banks. 

He’s additionally barred from serving as an officer or director of any business in New York for three years, the judge ruled.

Trump has actually denounced the case as an effort by his political enemies to meddle in the election and has actually warned that it could have unfavorable effects for New York City, suggesting that other businesses may follow suit and depart the city in the wake of the ruling.

Some freedom fighters marched in Ottawa today to honor the occasion.

In Canada, government officials and media characters are once again identifying people who promote private liberty and resistance against oppressive government measures as “fringe aspects,” a term formerly utilized in a similar context 2 years back.

Ottawa is populated by advocates of Trudeau with leftist views.

2 years ago, the Trucker revealed their desires and advised politicians to refrain from behaving wrongly, such as identifying fellow citizens as racists. They demanded an end to mandates and security so that they could regain their flexibility.

A truckers’ event happening in New York City on Monday.

That takes us to New York City. From what Chicago Ray hears, truckers will stop entering the city. I have no idea if he’s precise. We’ll see on Monday. In the clip, he states even MS-13 will be angry if they don’t get food provided.

The thieves on bikes who are stealing from pedestrians are affiliated with MS-13 and Venezuelan gangs.