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They Are Here To Kill You: CCP Sending Thousands of Saboteurs

Tens of Thousands of Chinese Operatives Are Flooding Across Biden’s Open Borders. They are Here to Kill You.

Presently, the Chinese Communist Party is actively establishing cadres of saboteurs in the United States with the intent of releasing an attack against the nation. This story remains mostly undisclosed and concealed.

In the California town of Reedley, located near Fresno, officials found a private biological weapons center run by Chinese interests. The laboratory was discovered to consist of a minimum of 20 different pathogens, including the virus responsible for Ebola, and a big collection of almost a thousand genetically customized mice developed to propagate illness.

It is possible that Chinese operatives may participate in a range of hazardous activities, such as harmful critical facilities, spreading out disease, or using violent techniques versus individuals. This might include targeting military installations, power plants, or water supplies, in addition to utilizing methods like arson or bioterrorism. These actions might trigger substantial harm and disturbance to society. It is important for relevant authorities to be watchful and take actions to prevent and respond to such hazards.

These techniques come straight out of Unrestricted Warfare, a 1999 book composed by two Chinese air force colonels and very first published by the PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House in Beijing. The colonels argued that China can and ought to employ any tactic in attacking a militarily exceptional United States. Now, Americans can see how Beijing is operationalizing the suggestions in this how-to manual.
hinese opponents are currently in America, more are getting here by the day, and they are armed.

Clips shared on X (Twitter) portray Chinese migrants discharging handguns, with one specific video showcasing a Chinese lady wielding a sniper rifle. Considered that China does not have a Second Amendment and restricts its citizens from having guns, it raises the question of whether the people in the videos are profiting from their newfound liberty in their embraced nation.


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The person in question had actually been in the United States for a simple 3 weeks and was without any financial resources or official identification upon arrival.

As a migrant who has newly gotten here in an unfamiliar location with no belongings, your primary concern would naturally focus on securing your next nutrition, finding ideal housing, and establishing a way of supporting yourself.

Within a matter of weeks after arriving in your new nation, you would not be developing your abilities for the purpose of triggering harm.

You would not be thinking about killing unless … that is what you came to do.

The videos posted on X illustrate a sandy location. Blaine Holt, a retired Air Force general living in Idaho, knows Chinese migrants are taking target practice in his state as well.

Tens of thousands of military-age guys have actually encountered our border and are now in America, arranged by group and citizenship” Holt told Gatestone this month. “Among them are terrorist and state actors, in particular, members of individuals’s Liberation Army of China. As we speak, these actors are training, making plans and acquiring weapons, viewing our patterns, and discovering our vulnerabilities.”

“We are susceptible to attack,” Holt added. “Our opponents excitedly wait.”

The existence of possibly threatening individuals, stemming from China, Iran, Syria, and Venezuela, within the big groups of migrants heading north from Central America, has actually been observed by war correspondent Michael Yon and the Rubin brothers from Yon and the Rubins have made numerous notable observations, consisting of the fact that groups of Chinese men who appear to be of military age are traveling together in numbers varying from five to fifteen people, with no family members accompanying them, and are deliberately concealing their ability to speak English. Additionally, it has been noted that some of these individuals have been engaging in military customs and practices from China as they make their way towards America.

The influx of migrants from China has put a strain on law enforcement resources, making it challenging for federal agents to thoroughly screen and apprehend individuals with ties to terrorist organizations. Concerns have been raised that some migrants with connections to the Chinese military or Communist Party may be evading detection due to the large volume of migrants.

The Biden administration is failing to monitor potentially hazardous individuals who have entered the United States, despite clear indicators.

China’s Communist Party is at this moment putting in place the infrastructure in America to attack America. For instance, in Reedley, California, near Fresno, authorities found a secret Chinese biological weapons lab with at least 20 pathogens, including the one for Ebola, and almost a thousand mice that had been genetically engineered to spread disease.

There are no benign explanations for such a facility.

It is improbable that China has just a single laboratory in the United States that is dedicated to conducting research and development for military purposes.

It appears that the People’s Liberation Army is planning to spread disease by having its agents transport the mice around the United States with its now many operatives already in place.

Chinese agents, in addition to hobbling Americans with disease and gunning them down, could bomb power stations, attack military bases, start wildfires, poison reservoirs, or create terror in dozens of ways.

The strategies being employed are pulled directly from the book “Unrestricted Warfare,” authored by two Chinese air force colonels and initially published in 1999 by the PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House in Beijing. The colonels posited that China should utilize any means necessary to attack a militarily superior United States. Americans are now witnessing Beijing put these tactics into practice, as described in the colonels’ guidebook.

“What are these guys doing here?” Holt asked, referring to the Chinese migrants honing their shooting skills. “They are coming here to kill us.”