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The Trump Train Rolls On – That Is, Until the Pros Weigh In

” All-time high” project momentum falters under analysis
Edited by John Livingston
MAY 13, 2024

100,000 people flock to hear Trump in New Jersey.

Trump is leading in every swing state – some by 11 points.

“A supposedly unstoppable political effort is poised to subdue a frail senior gentleman battling with dementia, who is now unable to articulate his ideas, engage in active marketing, or perhaps navigate a simple staircase.”

Virginia and New Jersey now in play.

A brand-new day strikes the United States!

Let’s remember the game we remain in, individuals.

The opposing group consists of passionate amateurs, quickly identifiable by their vibrant clothing and energetic gatherings, whose primary objective is to prevent controversy. When they emerge victorious in an election, they team up with their equivalents to guarantee a harmonious and mutually beneficial outcome, where all parties can claim a sense of achievement.

The Affordable Care Act, immigration reform, protests against systemic injustice, obligatory immunizations, and supporting transgender youth in their medical decisions are all controversial issues that stimulate heated disputes.

On the field, two teams take on each other, with one being a skilled, elite system that has sharpened its skills over decades, running with the polish and precision of a well-oiled device and defending survival with every play.

The Criminal SYndicate masquerading as the Democratic Party has spent billions, yes billions, on developing their massive election-winning system. They are financed mainly through taxpayer dollars extracted from the many frauds overseen by the Party. When that is not enough, they can pull in additional billions from the crime bosses who actually run the crime syndicate.

The professionals imprison the novices and utilize the FBI to intimidate them if they speak up against abortion. They strip attorneys of their licenses for representing clients that the professionals disapprove of. The experts oblige social media platforms to limit the voices of unskilled people. They either own or intimidate the judiciary to uphold their brazen election thefts. 

This U.S. election has the most significant ramifications in the past century, making it a truly historic occasion.

Whenever the dominant groups dominate, they silence the unskilled, relegating them to obscurity, and enforcing sweeping reforms on a nation that is resistant to change.

Consider this question: For individuals above the age of 45, how might the previous paragraph be viewed by my parents or their acquaintances back in 1965?

Two teams have been on the field, every year considering that Abraham Lincoln, and in the last 40 years the reality of America is that such a paragraph can fairly be asked and no one raises an eyebrow.

Which team emerges victorious in crucial moments? Which team regularly drives its goals forward, strengthens its progress, and presses onward with momentum?

Well, now it counts more than ever in the past.

The Republican stayed silent.

Remember, last time around the New Jersey Republican guy practically won the guv election – until the Pros appeared, the ballots were counted – all of them – like the ones at the last minute – and the Pros won. Of course they did.

The 7 swing states are governed by Leftists, RINOs, or weak Republicans.

The 2024 election will be won or lost in 15 counties in 7 swing states. New Jersey isn’t among them.

In each swing state, there are enough strange voters on the citizen roll to aggregate 5% – 7% of the vote. That does NOT include the newbies who flew in from countries south of Mexico, signed up by NGOs – illegal aliens.

Previously this week in Georgia, the election commission made headlines when disparities were found in Fulton County’s 2020 election outcomes. Issues included missing ballot images, duplicate ballot entries, and other abnormalities. Took them over three years to come to this decision. What did they do? They sent a “Letter of Reprimand” to the Fulton County Election Commission and promised to monitor the 2024 election carefully. 

The uncommon votes serve as a safeguard in case of a tight election. The fans have arranged for them to be at addresses where they are not generally eligible to vote. We watch on each of these are prepared to cast those choose Biden if required.

Does anything happen to the Pros?

Not a thing.

Transplant waiting lists do not consist of spinal columns, according to what we’ve been notified.

The current administration is led by someone owned lock, stock, and barrel by the crime syndicate that makes up the Democratic Party with their ideology, so the country’s borders remain unrestricted. This, in turn, enables a strategic increase of brand-new “newcomers” who will likely sway future elections, particularly in 2028 and 2032. Despite having a Republican governor and state leadership, the opposing political faction seems to be gaining an advantage.

What actions can be required to influence 2024 with 150 days staying up until it is far too late?

Weekly, we get e-mails from people who do not read our Substack, complaining the fact that they discovered 50 non-existent citizens on the roll, took them to the Secretary of State or registrar and “NOTHING HAPPENED!”

These red-hatted novices blindly think the election system is on the level. They think if they reveal the registrar or Secretary of State phony citizens – somebody will care!

It’s only when there’s a lack of interest that the email shows up!

Our videos are having an impact and we’re quite pleased about it.

The nationwide citizen integrity motion has actually degenerated into a scenario reminiscent of televangelists who regular weekend morning television, appealing redemption in exchange for contributions, just to repeat the cycle. Similarly, this motion perpetuates a narrative of a continuous problem, obtaining constant financial backing without any end in sight.

Poke around Rumble, key in Omega4America and you will see a growing list of Texas videos – showing their terrible state. A lot more on the way!

Reliable politicians drive electoral success. In contrast, inexperienced individuals typically reveal disappointment since they stop working to comprehend that election campaigns need a professional technique, requiring a devoted effort and strategic allocation of resources around the clock. Sadly, the Republican party frequently falls short in this regard.

Even at this late date, beginners remain unaware of the repair.

The national citizen stability groups continue to reject that quantum technology can do what we do daily – so we produce more videos. They send contribution requests for cleaning citizen rolls.

National companies concentrated on citizen integrity lack the necessary innovation to successfully address issues. Subsequently, they focus on fundraising by highlighting jobs such as cleaning citizen registration rolls rather than dealing with wider voter integrity problems.

We are embellishing the story for the beginners – showing that for sure – electioneering is not about cleaning voter rolls – it’s likewise about outing Chinese dough to U.S. swing state electioneering groups.

Wish to see Chinese cash affecting U.S. electioneering orgs?

If they read our articles, they would understand, as you do, or should, that taking citizens off citizen rolls is like altering the angle of the sun. It simply isn’t going to occur.

Have a look at this video about the Chinese Progressive Association on Rumble:

That’s why we are getting numerous emails and calls about producing videos for election groups in nearly every state – to change the narrative.

As a group of tech professionals, we don’t consider ourselves advocates for social change. Rather, why not connect to the Republican National Committee with your issues? They might not be especially bought your concern, but you might be amazed to get a request for a donation in reaction!

The closer we get to tighten time, November 5th, 2024, the more focused our minds end up being.

Appealing concepts that fail to deliver are eventually abandoned.

Texas is a haven for moderate Republicans, and the errors in its voter registration lists are intentionally preserved instead of being seen as an issue that needs to be resolved.

There is a significant quantity of effort put in, many Zoom calls on Monday nights, extra contributions made, however no progress is seen. As a result, the cycle continues, specifically the element of sending further donations.

The national voter stability orgs – actually all of them- pitch getting phantoms off voter rolls as a service – due to the fact that it keeps them funded. They are in on the fraud and much of you are moneying them.

What do we now have in our quiver?

They didn’t wish to make a concern of it, since in their words “… it may make us look petty.”

Earlier today, a U.S. Senate election campaign found that China was covertly funding a voter mobilization group supporting their political rival. We exposed this revelation in real time.

Luckily, this guy is toast, and a Leftist will maintain that seat, as they should – since this RINO has no spine and will sell out ASAP.

We are aware of all the cash originating from Chinese sources, Soros, and various NGOs that is being used to support Leftist projects in the 2024 elections. A considerable portion of this funding is plainly against the law. A lot of it is likewise shady and stayed out of sight. Our objective is to expose all of it.

Want to see who won, really won Georgia in 2020?

Want to see the most powerful weapon left in 2024 to impact the election?

We’ll see.

Jay was in charge of the group that developed the eBay fraud detection system, the technology that supports the TSA No-Fly List, and the fraud detection systems used by State Farm, GEICO, USAA, and other prominent insurance companies.

Advanced computing capabilities can not influence the beliefs of political parties. Similarly, quantum computing can not convince the Republican National Committee to acknowledge that trying to prevent fraudulent voting practices is futile when the opposing side is engaging in electoral manipulation. Moreover, quantum technology is powerless to rectify inaccurate voter registration lists when the government refuses to take action.

Quantum technology can, however, produce video evidence showing just how screwed Americans are – how dirty elections are – how not-on-the-level the playing field is – and when citizens see it, in an undeniable form, in their face, they just may be able to do something about it.

Jay’s team was awarded 6 patents for revolutionary Similarity Search technology – finding fraud in complex data – invisible to all relational technology

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