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The Summer 2024 Riots Have Begun

Emerald Robinson. One Of The Mnation'S Best Reporters
Emerald Robinson. One Of The Nation’S Great Patriots And Reporters
Daily Mail Links George Soros To Student Pro-Hamas Riots
Daily Mail Links George Soros To Campus Riots
Here Come The Pre-Planned Riots of 2024!
Substitute Israel for George Floyd, and you have the 2020 playbook all over again.

Edited by John Livingston
MAY 1, 2024
Notice that the summer season of 2020 was filled with riots before the election, and now the summertime of 2024 has lots of riots before the election.

That’s because George Soros and the organized crime family masquerading as the Democratic Party are paying for them. Their object is to intimidate, terrorize, and do whatever it takes to stop the election of Donald J. Trump, who will put an end to their planned destruction of the United States and Israel.

It’s another election-year political impact operation.

The British tabloid The Daily Mail has reported the funding connections between George Soros’ proxy groups and the leaders of the university riots.

Meanwhile, left-wing media outlets in America, all controlled by the crime syndicate,  pretend that such financing is a “conspiracy theory.” The most idiotic of the Washington Post’s “beneficial idiots”– Philip Bump– was whining about it just a few days back. No doubt following the instructions of Jeff Bezos, owner of WAPO and one of the huge beneficiaries of the crime syndicate and one of its staunchest supporters, having ordered his “made men gangsters” posing as “journalists” to opine that accusing Soros of a “conspiracy theory.

When the usual phonies inform you to avoid the most recent “conspiracy theory,”– that’s how you understand it’s the truth.

Haven’t you discovered anything yet?
If you’re feeling a little deja vu right now, your mind is working simply fine.

The reason that you feel by doing this is primary: the riots are not organic.

They’re synthetic.

They’re all pre-planned.

You must understand that left-wing protests are the bread and butter of the “problem-reaction-solution” scenarios that Democrats use to steal elections.

Keep in mind: COVID was the main federal government reason for the intro of mail-in ballots in swing states in 2020– and the 2020 riots mobilized Democrats in the streets against the Trump Administration.

Do you see Biden’s poll numbers? Do you see the weakening of the Democrats’ voting coalition?

The Biden program needs a new excuse this year.

My working theory is that Democrats will utilize Israel as a substitute for George Floyd in 2024.

It’s not a theory– since it’s currently happening at every corporate news outlet in America. The university riots are already feasting on all the other essential news of the day.

That’s precisely how domestic political impact operations work during an election year: they falsify a crisis to introduce a horrible option.

That’s not an accident. That’s by design.

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