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The State of the Union Is Not What the Crime Family Tells You

34.5 Trillion Today And Increasing By 1 Trillion Every Three Months
Usa Is On The Brink Of Bankruptcy. A Crash Bigger Than The Ussr
The Real State of the Union Is Not What the Organized Crime Family Masquerading as the Democratic Party Would Have you Belive– Not By a Long Shot.
Like the Soviet Union Before the Collapse, The USA Is On The Brink of Destruction
By John Acord

Washington is bound to protect the necessities of life: energy, food, and shelter. “Regrettably, the existing administration is stopping working to perform these jobs. The current administration declares the gdp is booming, but much of it originates from government costs and employment.”

The government’s claim on the total financial output in the United States has reached an incredible 42%, incorporating federal, state, and regional expenditures. This percentage is eerily reminiscent of the share held by the Soviet government in the late 1980s, prior to its failure.

“Rampant inflation stemming from this government’s share of the economy makes it tough for families to purchase nutritious food. A lots eggs, which could be bought for less than $1.00 in 2019, now vary from 2.50 to $4.00.

In the present scenario, rates have actually increased considerably by more than 100%, while mean family earnings has actually only seen a modest 9% rise during the very same timeframe. The rapid boost in home mortgage interest rates, skyrocketing from 2% to 7.5% in under three years, is making it hard for various Americans to achieve their goal of owning a home.

The security of our country is at risk. Undependable supply chains have actually resulted in empty store shelves, and our power plants and making facilities are missing out on vital extra parts. Improperly planned domestic policies have actually resulted in task losses and homelessness. Pursuing misguided foreign military interventions has not just diminished our resources but also threatened our energy self-reliance, exposing Americans to increasing fuel costs and foreign control.

The public sector labor force in the United States is substantial, with approximately 2.87 million people employed by the government. When factoring in federal specialists, the number of people working for the federal government swells to an incredible 25 million.

The nation’s nationwide sovereign financial obligation has reached a staggering 34.5 trillion, with an extra trillion dollars being added every 3 months. This is further compounded by state, local, company, and individual debt, bringing the total to a whopping 60 trillion dollars, which is a shocking 250% more than the country’s Gross National Product.

“Efforts to Purge the Marsh Prove Ineffective”

It is not possible to fix the issue of corruption in politics when the country is handling unsteady financial resources and a frustrating amount of debt. Unfortunately, politicians in Washington, DC are heavily influenced by wealthy donors called the donor class.

“This form of corruption is made it possible for by a cancerous main banking system. With privileged access to capital, this ruling class manages limitless wars, enhancing themselves and their cronies while sending our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines to serve in foreign lands of minimal tactical interest to the United States.

“Meanwhile, open borders are allowing countless illegals or migrants to flood into our country. This unrestrained increase is straining our resources, frustrating our communities, and damaging our success.

The United States is thought to have practically 50 million undocumented immigrants and their offspring living within its borders. Much of these people are impoverished, lacking in education and abilities, and subsequently, their financial contributions are minimal. Nevertheless, the cost of sustaining them is substantial, estimated at over $100,000 each, when considering both direct and indirect expenses. A considerable part of this expense is attributed to the special education required by their kids, which can total up to as much as $50,000 per child annually. Furthermore, their presence contributes to increased housing costs and reduced incomes for American people who are legally entitled to operate in the nation. The aggregate effect on the United States economy is approximated to be over 4 trillion dollars annually, adequate to cover the existing deficit and strengthen social programs for American citizens.

“Reckless calls to defund and punish the cops are crippling law enforcement officers, who are underfunded, undermanned, and unable to secure our residents, making our cities unsafe for all, specifically ladies, kids, and the elderly.

The increase in criminal activities and the worrying rate of tied to the issue of open borders. This rise in criminal behavior, unmatched in our country’s history, has caused a considerable number of American deaths due to illegal drug and fentanyl overdoses, with over 100,000 deaths taking place each year. A considerable quantity of these substances are being trafficked through the porous southern border.

Yearly, the FBI criminal activity data suggest that there are over 26,000 murders. However, this number may be downplayed as more than 40% of cops agencies have failed to report data for the past 2 years due to a shift in the reporting system.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is dealing with significant political analysis. According to quotes, over 800,000 children go missing out on annually, which translates to more than 2,000 children per day. This troubling pattern is additional intensified by the outright sexualization of kids in public schools.

“Our children are our future. They ought to be protected, not exploited. Washington also spent $14 trillion on different Middle East wars over the last 20-30 years in a series of self-defeating military interventions.

“More recently, Washington spent hundreds of billions of dollars on an unnecessary war with Russia with little to reveal for it except greater rates for millions of Americans at the supermarket and the gas pump.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a massive transfer of wealth, with trillions of dollars being funneled to big corporations, wealthy people, and the innovation sector, while the working class, small businesses, and independent specialists suffered greatly.

“Trillions have been wasted on unreliable green energy with metals mined in Africa and processed in China while damaging American tasks and ignoring our domestic resources.

“The bottom line is the state of the union is not strong. It is delicate and deteriorating. The concern before us is, where does America go from here?