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The Plan to Kill Trump …

We Are Dealing With An Organized Crime Syndicate Masquerading As The Democratic Party
We Are Dealing With An Organized Crime Syndicate Masquerading As The Democratic Party
The Criminal Organization remains in a state of panic. Will they resort to murder? It appears that assassination is their next technique. 

John Livingston
April 21, 2024.

It looks like absolutely nothing can stop Donald Trump from being re-elected as president, not even the arranged criminal activity syndicate masquerading as the Democratic and Uni-Party best shots. Regardless of the difficulties he handled, Trump remained a formidable force in politics. Will his opponents be able to outmaneuver him, or will he continue to outmaneuver them? Simply time will tell.

For almost a decade, various people and groups in the political facility of Washington D.C. have used a series of techniques to reject and deteriorate Donald J. Trump, initially as a governmental prospect, then as President, and now as a civilian.

They have been misleading, scheming, impeaching, charging, suing, misinterpreting, tricking, eliminating, changing guidelines, neglecting policies, and outright harming guidelines in their efforts to bring down The Donald

They utilized a pandemic infection, which Dr. Tony Fauci contributed to funding its synthesis. They later hid its controversial origins, all while becoming a left-wing icon and accumulating wealth. This was used to unilaterally modify voting guidelines and technique lots of into thinking the 2020 election was void.

The swamp-dwelling beings ought to be extremely anxious if they have any smarts, except for President Biden, his Vice President, and his press secretary. If Trump wins another term, he will try to find payback, which some may identify as therapeutic action. His fury is significantly high, even though it’s just April!

How should we get ready for the diverse Swamp animals who highly dislike former President Trump, specific liberty, and the fundamental values of America equally?

Practically anything.

Let’s spend some time, hold our noses, and explore the worst of the Crime Bosses. There are many others, but we only  have time to discuss the worst.

Hilary Deathly Afraid Of Her Crimes Being Exposed And Meeting Justice
Hilary Deathly Afraid Of Her Crimes Being Exposed And Meeting Justice

Who masterminded the Russian Collusion deceptiveness, financed it through hidden methods, misled others about it, and unlawfully deleted large quantities of evidence to avoid being held accountable for mishandling classified info? Furthermore, who, together with their hubby, who has doubtful connections to many of our worst enemies and Jeffrey Epstein, has a performance history of partners fulfilling untimely and suspicious ends?

Undoubtedly, the nickname “Crooked Hillary” has been associated with Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton household’s performance history may be considered any effort to talk about or validate their actions. Nevertheless, it’s vital to remember that such names are generally used in a partisan or wrong method and may not effectively reveal the person’s character or actions.

Obama Exposed And Prosecuted For His Satanic Plan To Destroy America And Western Civilization
Obama Exposed And Prosecuted For His Satanic Plan To Destroy America And Western Civilization
The Lightbringer

When it worries disliking both DJT and America, you’d have a tough time besting Barry O. Although half-Caucasian, Barry’s none too crazy about Whitey, either. The man who wrote to a sweetie that he made love to males daily– in his creativity, cough, cough!– was at the helm for all of the extra-constitutional efforts made versus Trump from day one of his governmental candidateships.

Some believe that the Lightbringer is managing all of the actions of the struggling puppet Biden as our nation deals with increasing anguish and chaos. What negative technique do you anticipate Barack will use against Trump in the upcoming election?

Weekend at Biden’s

What is Joe Biden preparing to outshine Donald Trump?
Ha, ha! That was a joke. Joe’s so fried that they will not let him near the toaster. He’s so out to lunch now, his mouth is constantly open, and it’s far better to capture flies. Biden does not understand Hamas from hummus, regardless of the extra-large typeface on his teleprompter and note cards. Old Joe, in his ever less routine minutes of transparency, is undoubtedly more concerned about his subsequent defecation than, you understand, that ultra-MAGA guy! No joke.

Funny Business, Incorporated

Christopher Wray is becoming significantly worried as he evaluates a poll on the upcoming election. The questionable actions of his predecessors, Comey and Mueller, to oust a sitting president will likely have repercussions if Trump is re-elected. Wray is wary of what deceptive techniques the FBI may resort to to safeguard themselves, such as phony incident, baseless investigation, or improper FISA warrant.

The Fake News Media

Has Trump struck a personal arrangement with Martians? Has Trump claimed that all law enforcement officers are weak? Has Trump devoured Biden’s Uncle Bosie? Is there any ridiculous, unfounded gossip or baseless report that the mainstream media could promote that would amaze you? No?

I don’t either.

Problematic content determined.


The Black Lives Matter motion has noticeably downsized its presence since the departure of previous President Barack Obama, a singing supporter of racial equality, from the workplace. This shift occurs despite the persistence of ingrained prejudice and white supremacy in our society, which continue to pose considerable challenges.

Methinks that’s going to alter as quickly as Trump is inaugurated next January. There will be mostly serene riots in Democrat-run cities everywhere, no one will be prosecuted, and somehow it will all be Trump’s fault. And the brave BLM leaders will, no doubt, purchase several more estates while no one’s looking.


If Trump emerges triumphant in the upcoming election, there will be no lack of Republicans who feign opposition to his management while covertly supporting him. This group includes prominent figures such as McConnell, Johnson, McCarthy, Romney, Pence, Haley, Barr, Crenshaw, and Graham. They are willing to reserve their expected principles and align themselves with their Democratic equivalents at the first sign of trouble. The question remains, how far will they go to prevent being held accountable for their actions?

Undocumented Immigrants

The big group of dirty and unverified individuals crossing the border from the south is deeply appreciative of a bachelor: our inefficient acting president and the corrupt system he implies. The number of these “new arrivals,” supported by Democratic groups throughout the nation, will manage to cast an elect the slow Joe?

Who will stop this? Not likely the election screens, the RINOS, or the legal system– the very same individuals who turned a blind eye in 2020.

Big Tech.

Run by libs, wed to Democrats, and funded by globalists, Big Tech represents the bull alligators of the Swamp. They lie half-submerged in the unclean water, waiting for the reality to come along before taking it in their dreadful jaws, and after that drowning it in the filth.

Trust me, they will go to excellent lengths to deceive in order to stop Donald Trump from winning in November.

Our “Justice” System

Biden and Clinton face assessments for handling categorized information, while Trump faces harsher penalties for his offenses. Clinton’s project was discovered to have breached laws associated with the Steele Dossier, leading to a fine. On the other hand, Trump goes through allegations of election funding infractions produced by DA Alvin Bragg, who has a history of preferring criminal defendants and is accused of making charges to target the Republican governmental possibility.

Is it possible for the Supreme Court, led by John Roberts, who is slammed for being inefficient, to action and safeguard the rights of ex-President Trump and his fans?

It’s not a certainty.

Between now and November, numerous individuals with varying viewpoints and intentions will be actively trying to prevent Trump’s candidateship through a variety of approaches, both ethical and unethical. They will be gotten involved in these efforts by individuals from numerous fields, including the federal government, education, home entertainment, sports, and even the military.

Anything you can consider, and some things you can’t, will be utilized to prevent Trump’s victory and righteous retribution. There’s nothing the overload will refrain from doing to secure their leathery, mud-caked hides and their savings account.

In 2024, the primary barrier in the swamp’s course is the big range of loyal, tax-paying, patriotic citizens who are devoted to previous President Trump. How far are they prepared to ward off the corrupt, self-indulgent swamp?

Democrats Move to Strip Trump of Secret Service Protection

Democrats desire Trump to die. Reump’s demise is their ultimate goal. 

Democrats in your home of Representatives acted on Friday to remove Secret Service protection for President Trump if he is found guilty of misbehavior.

Congressman Bennie Thompson, a member of the Democratic party, proposed a resolution to end the Secret Service protection for former President Trump. The DISGRACED Former Protectees Act expense would impact all individuals under Secret Service security who have been convicted and sentenced for felony offenses.

The statement stated that the DISGRACED Former Protectees Act aims to end Secret Service protection for individuals who satisfy the criteria for it once they have actually been convicted of a felony in either a Federal or State court.

Rep. Bennie Thompson revealed remorse that the present circumstance has reached this point but emphasized the need to be ready for the possibility of this unforeseen circumstance becoming a reality. To guarantee that individuals who have been found guilty of criminal activities do not receive favoritism, we must modify the law to ensure that those who have been sentenced to jail serve the complete regard to their punishment, the congressman argued, as reported by the Washington Times.

Byron York suggested that the clear implication is that eliminating the USSS might assist in an effort on Trump’s life, suggesting that this may be the objective of Thompson’s bill, H.R. 8081.

The Organized crime family is desperate. They will stop only after they have been eliminated. There is and will not be any compromise. They are pure evil and an existential threat to not just the citizens of the United States but to the existence of Western Civilization. Any effort to eliminate them has the Blessing of God and Jesus Christ.