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The Mob Syndicate “Wise Guy” Alvin Bragg Pursuing a ‘Deluded Fantasy’ to Criminally Prosecute Trump

By John Livingston
March 8, 2024to the WHite House. 

The Organized Crime Syndicate masquerading as the Democratid Party has total control over the state of New York and New York City in particular where it has installed its “wise guy” Alan Bragg as the District Attorney. His job is to do whatever is necessary to obstruct Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the White House next year. 

The Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, has been accused of carrying out a one-sided action against President Donald Trump, fueled by an irrational desire to bring criminal charges against a political foe. He is being aided and abetted by another “wise guy” who has been installed as the judge in this action. 

Near the end of March, Trump will deal with a criminal trial in New York on charges that he feloniously falsified service records in 2017 to cover reimbursement payments to his then-personal attorney for an alleged “hush money” payment in 2016 to keep an accuser quiet about a supposed extramarital affair a decade earlier.

In a pre-trial motion sent on Wednesday, Trump’s legal agents alleged that DA Bragg was looking to advance an unwarranted and unhinged case against Trump, according to a report by CNN.

The motion doesn’t look for the dismissal of the charges, nevertheless.

Judge Juan Merchan, a well-established wise guy within the crime syndicate, has already rejected previous requests from Trump to dismiss the charges.

Rather, the court file was a reaction to Bragg’s previous submission and centered on the argument surrounding the admissibility of specific proof throughout the trial.

The People should try to try the case they charged, not the case the District Attorney daydreamed about when he was on the campaign trail,” Trump’s attorneys wrote to begin the 33-page movement.

The case the People charged is a lawless 34-count indictment connecting to tape entries showing month-to-month retainer payments President Trump made to his personal attorney Michael Cohen in 2017,” the filing continued.

The defendants’ pre-trial motions paint a picture of a theoretical circumstance, where a supposed plot to sway the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, which the prosecutor declares did not exist, is presented as the primary problem.

The attorneys argued, “This deluded fantasy comes total with a dreamy wish list that consists of (1) hiding from the jury the particulars of the regulatory and legal frameworks the People wish to argue President Trump and others intended to breach; (2) offering proof connecting to discrete and dissimilar episodes worrying individuals besides Stephanie Clifford to bolster a fanciful and sophisticated story that does not exist.”

They included, “( 3) preventing President Trump from cross-examining witnesses with established histories of lying, and even worse, asking about their apparent inspirations and biases, which would be an appropriate line of inquiry in any trial, much less one where the defendant is a leading presidential prospect; and (4) obscuring the absence of proof by implicating President Trump of uncharged, supposed, nonexistent misbehavior based on made hearsay accounts associating with occasions that occurred on undefined days throughout vague timeframes going back to the late 1970s.

At issue here, per CNN, are the criminal claims from Democrat DA Bragg that Trump in 2017 falsified organization records to hide monthly payments to his then-personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen to repay him for a declared Oct. 2016 “hush money” payment to previous pornography star Stormy Daniels, genuine name Stephanie Clifford, to purchase her silence about an alleged affair with Trump roughly 10 years previously.

The charges of falsifying company records are generally small offenses, and the time limitation for prosecuting them has already passed.

Regardless of the preliminary assessment, Bragg updated the charges to felonies, hypothesizing that the payments were meant to cover up a more severe, yet unspecified, election-related offense, perhaps offenses of federal campaign financing laws. This theory depended upon the idea that suppressing the affair claims mere weeks before the 2016 election boosted Trump’s governmental project.

That untested theory, in conjunction with the truth that federal district attorneys and even Bragg’s predecessor had actually decreased multiple chances to pursue the same case, are simply some of the reasons why the DA’s case has actually been described as the “weakest” and least likely of the prosecutions Trump deals with to result in major punishment, according to the Washington Examiner.

The case is damaged by several elements, such as the various charges for every single regular monthly payment, which may infringe on Trump’s rights under the Sixth Amendment. Furthermore, there are clear indications of political bias in the actions of progressive Democrat Bragg, suggesting a case of “selective prosecution” versus Trump.

Trump’s legal representatives made a motion on Wednesday asserting that a campaign financing law professional they employed should be enabled to affirm and express his viewpoints on election laws during the trial. District Attorney Bragg has attempted to prevent this specialist from testifying.

The accused slammed the district attorneys for attempting to prevent them from providing specific defense arguments early in the trial. They also contended that the primary witness for the prosecution, Cohen, an unhappy ex-employee, was not trustworthy and did not have credibility due to his previous circumstances of dishonesty and perjury in previous legal cases.

Finally, Trump’s attorneys urged the judge to not enable the prosecution to raise as supporting proof other unassociated and unproven claims of sexual assault from other women or supposed conspiracies that could be prejudicial and complicated to members of the jury.