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Mainstream Media Ridicules Putin’s History Lesson, Neglecting the Significance of this Interview.

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00:00:00 Introduction

“NATO’s Growing Reach: A Shift in Global Dynamics”

Christian Gold Company Defies Industry’s Retirement Fearmongering Through Prayer and Biblical Hope
00:30:40 NATO & Bill Clinton

00:41:10 Ukraine

What was the reason for this dispute?

01:02:37 A serene service?

The Importance of Prayer: How a Christian Gold Company Stands Out by Defending Americans’ Retirement
01:11:33 Who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines?

01:24:13 Reconnecting with the United States

01:36:33 How effective is Zelensky?

01:48:36 Elon Musk & AI

01:51:07 Incarcerated United States reporter Evan Gershkovich

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After examining the history of Russia and Ukraine, Russian President Putin stated Russia wished to come through the door and have a relationship with the West. He may have joined NATO however understood Russia was not welcome.

Putin mentioned that he tried to establish a connection through alternative ways. For example, he encouraged the United States against promoting separatist movements in the Caucasus region. Regardless of his efforts, the US continued to do so. In action, the CIA informed Putin that they were teaming up with opposition groups in Russia and would continue to do so, however they refused to work with Russia.

Throughout the establishment of the US rocket defense system, Putin proposed a joint development of a nuclear defense system in between the United States and Russia, which was met preliminary arrangement under Bush Sr. However, the US later dismissed Russia’s involvement and chose to proceed with its own system, managed by numerous companies that made the final decision.

Putin said he was promised NATO would not broaden to the East. By 2008, the US stated the doors to NATO were open to Ukraine.

Then, the coup can be found in 2014, he said. He said Russia had to secure Crimea. Putin stated the coup of the Ukrainian President was unneeded. The Ukrainian president was willing to have an election that he never ever would have won, but the West pushed for transformation in the Maidan.

Russia did not provide authorization for NATO to be present in Ukraine. Although they signed the MINSK II agreement, Ukraine stated that they had no strategies to put it into action. Germany and France confessed that they had no intention of implementing it either.

According to Putin, he kept routine interaction with the US, yet they constantly promoted military conflict.

Ukraine’s efforts to develop an unique identity have actually been impeded by a dependence on controversial figures who worked with the Nazi program throughout World War II. These individuals, typically celebrated as national heroes, were complicit in the persecution and murder of various groups, including Poles, Russians, and Jews. Their tradition is still celebrated in various forms, such as monuments and flags, in spite of their participation in these atrocities. This has created a significant challenge in Ukraine’s attempts to finish the process of denazification and pertain to terms with its past.

Tucker said you don’t control the entire country, so how do you snuff out the nation’s ideology?

Putin specified that Ukraine had officially committed to removing Nazism within its federal government organizations. That’s all.

What is the factor for the absence of peace negotiations? Putin declared that there were talks in progress that were close to conclusion, however the opposing celebration turned down the contracts, and the previous Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, forbade any additional conversations.

Putin said he withdrew from Kiev based upon settlements, but then Ukraine decided to go to complete war.

The individual in question expressed a lack of interest in Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania, questioning the reasoning behind such an endeavor. Putin strengthened this belief, deeming the idea of engaging in a worldwide conflict as ridiculous and possibly disastrous, with the capacity to produce the end of the world as we know it.

According to Putin, the notion of a prospective Russian intrusion of Europe is merely an item of Western fear-mongering.

Their goal is to compromise Russia as much as possible, Putin stated.

Tucker inquired about Schumer’s proposal to release American troops. Putin expressed his confusion about the necessity of such a move. He pointed out the presence of mercenaries from Poland, the United States, and other nations.

We would find ourselves in an undesirable circumstance. He inquired, “Do you not have any superior tasks to take care of?” Putin questioned. Instead of taking part in dispute within Ukraine, there are problems at the border and in other areas. He proposed, “Would it not be more useful to participate in negotiations with Russia?”

When asked who blew up Nord Stream, Putin said you take a look at who is interested and who is capable.

Tucker would like to know why Putin would not provide proof. Putin stated the United States controls much of the world’s media, and most people know who did it. Tucker also asked why the Germans weren’t stating something.

The Russian President expressed his perplexity concerning Germany’s decision not to use the remaining Nord Stream pipeline, especially since Poland has refused to open their end of the route. In spite of Germany’s partial dependence on Poland, Putin finds it incomprehensible that such inept people are at the helm of these nations.

When Tucker inquired about the private responsible for the damage of Nord Stream, Putin playfully implicated Tucker by saying, “You did it!” However, Tucker quickly refuted the allegation, declaring to have a solid alibi.

Tucker asked how the dollar has actually changed the world. Putin said the weaponization of the dollar was an error of the US management. The dollar is the foundation of US power, but the truth that the US is putting particular limitations on the dollar sends out a message to the entire world, and everyone is looking to secure themselves.

Putin stated he didn’t prohibit the US dollar. The United States action weakened the US dollar.

He declared that the boogeyman stories about China are simply that. Russia has increased trade with China, and it’s well-balanced. The BRICS countries are developing really rapidly. In 1992, BRICS represented 16% of world trade and are now more than G7. It’s inescapable. How does the US deal with it? With force. The leaders in the West haven’t accepted that the world is changing.

By UN policies, he considered the sanctions to be without authenticity.

Then Tucker asked if a brand-new president might work with the United States if he took control of. Putin stated it isn’t about someone. He felt he had a great relationship with Bush and Trump, however nothing would alter if self-conceit and domination are the objectives.

In spite of dealing with sanctions, Russia has emerged as the leading economy, showing that these procedures are inadequate, according to the speaker.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia felt constant pressure. Dragging Ukraine into NATO is pressure, pressure, pressure. Why, he asked.

According to him, the United States has numerous sources of authority [deep state – organizations]

The topic of conversation focused on God and the AI empire.

Upon going back to Ukraine, he mentioned that NATO had started establishing military bases in the country, while Russians held little impact there. He is uncertain why Boris Johnson advised Ukraine against negotiating, but he thinks the West perceived they might overcome Russia through military methods.

They likewise went over the imprisoned Wall Street Journal writer, and Tucker went to bat for him.


Tucker Carlson’s views on Putin’s understanding of the US government were not shared. My own impression is that Putin desires respect from the United States. Nevertheless, the present administration is moving towards communism and woke ideology, while Russia is moving away from it. This is paradoxical, given that individuals like John McCain played a role in the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine, and he was critical of the concept of making America terrific again. It seems that the US is evolving into a various nation.