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The Great Canadian Indian School Hoax

After Two Years Of Massive Excavations And Studies No Remains Have Been Found. It Was A Commie Hoax
After Two Years Of Massive Excavations And Studies No Remains Have Been Found. It Was A Commie Hoax
The Great Canadian Indian School Hoax
By John Livingston
May 11, 2024
It turns out that the reports of mass graves found at or near Catholic Residential Indian Schools are a hoax fabricated by the Trudeau government together with the aid of the Canadian Media. Here are the facts. 

Some people began to propose that perhaps there were no remnants to be found. Others labeled the entire circumstance as a deceptiveness.

And guess who was to blame? As per Marxist teaching, the blame immediately fell on the white Catholics who ran the schools, where they presumably mistreated the Native kids and, perhaps worse, even killed them through abuse and bad living conditions.

The “discovery” of the buried children had actually “verified” what Indigenous individuals have been accusing the “patriarchy” for years, that the kids went to the wicked school and never came back. The New York Times could not withstand writing about the “horrible history.” The Communist News Network (CNN) called the news “unthinkable.”

This sick part to me is this: why are people so right away eager to believe that others– often white individuals– are guilty of such cruelty? It is most likely since Marxists have discovered that selling victimhood can not only ruin a nation but can also be rewarding.

When the children “died,” they were tucked under the school to be kept an unclean, little trick for the rest of history. The evil Catholics were supposedly still attempting to cover their tracks back in 2021 when the news broke to conceal their expected inhumanity toward Native kids: no death certificates, simply a mass, unmarked grave.

In May 2021, there was an international protest after Canadian authorities used ground-penetrating radar to uncover the bodies of 215 indigenous children buried beneath a Catholic school where they were compelled to attend.

A group of specialists was hired to oversee and handle the whole job, however regardless of their participation, the location of the $7.9 million allocated for the effort remain shrouded in secret.

Victimization is a commie commodity. The weak, the lazy, and the malcontented are easy to control, and the Marxists have been doing that for over 100 years.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was deeply affected by the tragic story and devoted over $320 million to supporting research studies on the problem. A considerable part of the financing would be allocated to help people find and reunite with their missing kids.

The Indigenous community in Canada’s First Nations, who are understandably upset, might aspire to recover their children from the harsh, vicious burial site produced by the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, there has been no progress on the excavation efforts since last month, and there is doubt that they will even begin.

Precisely one year after the announcement, no bodies had been recovered. No development had been made at all. The Indians who used the GPR to reveal the existence of the bodies refused to provide their information.

Preliminary arises from an investigation of the previous Kamloops Indian Residential School property that revealed a heartbreaking discovery: the burial site of 215 children, according to the Tk ’em lúps te Secwépemc First Nation, which was announced on Thursday.

SACRE BLEU-O-RAMA! Poutine is a delicious banquet including french fries and cheese curds, covered in gravy. You need to enjoy it in Quebec just. Poutine from Ontario tastes like Merde de Castor.

The circumstance degraded as an extra 800 bodies were reportedly discovered at different schools in Canada, buried in unmarked tombs. Feelings ran high, and further panic ensued. Trudeau reiterated his strong position against bigotry and specified that the past atrocities were still appropriate in the present. Within a year, Trudeau would label the tranquil COVID-19 protesters in the trucking as being encouraged by racist beliefs.

Despite the scandal, the CBC intensified its stance, labeling those who questioned the narrative as “denialists” – a term strangely reminiscent of “election denier.” Meanwhile, the skeptics were performing illegal excavations yet failing to uncover a single piece of proof. Undeterred, the CBC further intensified its claims, asserting that indigenous people had actually “validated” the presence of the deceased kids and hinting that additional remains might still be discovered, regardless of the total lack of physical evidence uncovered.

The Canadian Indian scheme was dazzling: accuse white Christians of dehumanizing Native American kids, killing them, and concealing their bodies, then losing consciousness of federal government cabbage to the “impacted” minorities, hence buying their votes forever.

Now, after 3 years and a minimum of $7.9 million Canadian later, worth about $199 American (sarc), it turns out still no bodies have yet to be discovered and recovered.

“There might be reasons why they would not tape the deaths correctly which they weren’t treated with self-respect and respect because that was the whole function of the domestic school,” Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, a big-wig at the Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre at the University of British Columbia railed, “to take overall control of Indian children, to eliminate their culture, identity, and connection to their family.”

Presently, the Indigenous individuals tasked with examining and repatriating the remains of the children are now taking actions to hide their actions. The Department of Crown-Indigenous Relations acknowledges designating substantial funds; however, it declines to disclose the specifics of its expenses.

Following three years of intense speculation with no evidence of missing individuals, individuals are now boldly asking about the location of the dynamic, albeit relatively worthless, Canadian currency. Will any of the funds be recuperated? So far, the government has not seen a single cent of compensation and probably will not.

The rest of the article includes tear-tugging lines about the “undocumented deaths” of mistreated Native kids, some as young as 3 years old. Native grownups were left “coming to grips with the shock of the news.” Native Canadians held protest rallies.

Angry Indigenous protesters went to the streets, some sporting clothes with the phrase “Dismantle colonial patriarchy,” a rallying cry that hinted at a potentially radical, socialist-inspired agenda.

The preliminary passage is taken from a report by the Canadian Corporation (CBC), which notes that the Canadian government owns the CBC.

The Bolshies have successfully identified heterosexual, Caucasian individuals, often of Jewish and Christian backgrounds, as the world’s “perpetrators of genocide.” This works as a helpful technique to prompt a worldwide racial dispute and profit considerably from it. Furthermore, they have also found ways to penalize white people who honestly highlight criminal activity statistics related to minority groups. It is a communist victory of considerable proportions.

It’s most likely that another marginalized group will soon receive financial backing from the federal government. In my viewpoint, the famous motion promoting reparations to the descendants of enslaved individuals in the United States may be the beside secure substantial funding, provided their long-standing efforts.

The Canadian news organization Post Millennial has actually just recently identified the controversy surrounding the supposed mass graves in Canada as a fraudulent scheme worth millions of dollars.

I suspect the skullduggery up in the Great White North the whole time was to prompt racial hatred of white Christians and generate income doing it. Bravo, vous les faux diables français!