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The D.C. Court’s Fiendish Strategy if the Supremes Overrule J6ers’ 1512( c)( 2) convictions

D.c. Court Of Appeals Is Satan'S Hangout
Satan Hangs Out At The D.c. Courts
The Supreme Court is deciding Fischer v. United States, a case challenging how the DOJ and the D.C. court have been using 18 U.S.C. § 1512( c)( 2) against January 6 accuseds. Since it’s apparent that they’ve violated the most basic precepts of statutory interpretation, it’s most likely that the Supreme Court will reverse the conviction. However, the D.C. court simply released an order developing that offenders other than Joseph Fischer who use the decision to appeal their convictions will suffer an even worse fate. This is a suggestion that the “law” in Democrat enclaves is unconcerned with justice. Rather, it exists to further the Democrat party’s power.

Section 1512( c)( 2) consists of an apparently wonderful phrase that the DOJ and D.C. court have actually used to send numerous law-abiding citizens to jail or otherwise damage their lives: “Whoever corruptly … obstructs, affects, or impedes any main proceeding … will be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.” According to the DOJ and the D.C. court, when Americans appeared to oppose what they thought was an inappropriate election certification based upon a corrupt election, they were blocking, influencing, or restraining a main proceeding.
However, if one examines the statute, it’s obvious, from the title on down (” Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant”), that § 1512 addresses the criminal activity of damaging or corrupting evidence in a criminal proceeding or examination. It has nothing to do with exercising free speech in the legal context. Taking language out of its statutory context to attain an end the legislature never planned is a huge judicial no-no. (See here for a somewhat more thorough analysis.)

The DOJ and D.C. court understand that their interpretation of § 1512( c)( 2) is likely to be reversed. Even the most ideologically corrupt Supreme Court justice will have an extremely tough time pretending that the statute can be extended beyond its manifest purpose of securing evidence.

The the accused in the J Department of

For those few J6 offenders founded guilty just under § 1512( c)( 2 ), there’s absolutely nothing the DOJ and D.C. court can do to stop them from tasting liberty and having their records wiped clean. Nevertheless, the majority of the J6 defendants were charged and founded guilty on myriad grounds. (One of the important things prosecutors do is stack as lots of charges as possible in an indictment. This provides huge leverage in negotiating plea deals and suggests a possible win on something– anything– if the matter goes to trial.)

The court has actually issued a cautioning to Larry Brock, stating that if he contests his conviction under § 1512(c)( 2 ), the court will impose harsher penalties. Currently, the penalties for his conviction are being served all at once, but the court has threatened to change this to successive sentencing. This suggests that instead of serving 2 years for each criminal activity, Brock will serve two years for Crime A followed by two years for Crime B, leading to an overall of 4 years in prison. The judges in the D.C. court are seen as ideologues instead of intelligent minds, and it is presumed that the DOJ and Democratic attorneys lag this method.

Throughout my time practicing law in the San Francisco Bay Area, I discovered a pattern among judges connected with the Democratic Party. They appeared to run under the assumption that they were not bound by the same principles of justice, such as due process, the importance of truths, and pertinent laws, that they expected of others. This perceived double standard was evident in their rulings and decision-making procedures.

Rather, almost all of them thought that their black robes put them in direct contact with the higher power of social justice, permitting them to identify completely upon ideological instead of constitutional and legal premises. The only surprise for me now is that Democrat judges have ended up being so open in their corruption and so blatantly partisan in their wanted results. This is evil and will stop only if they are held to account for their criminal trespasses. It’s to be hoped that when Trump returns to the White House, reforming our damaged judicial system is among his first acts.