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Dems to Take Control of the House Deny Trump Election

Mike Gallagher Joins Rinos Ken Buck And Kevin Mccarthy Suddenly Resigning From House Of Representatives
Democrats Plot To Seize Control Of House And Deny Trump Election
Manchin is vowing to take a firm stance on supporting a level of judicial stability throughout the federal system.

So, what are the four factors you may explain this new phenomenon of Members leaving the House of Representatives early when the party with which they’re affiliated has a razor-thin majority?

In January 2023, the Republican party held a slim majority in your House of Representatives. However, after a revolt against Kevin McCarthy, he decided to step down on October 3, 2023, well before the end of his term, consequently decreasing the Republican Party’s bulk.

Charlie Kirk just recently announced on Twitter that Representative Gallagher will be leaving Congress soon, which might potentially hurt Republicans. With Gallagher’s departure and the possibility of a Democratic success in Colorado, there is a strong possibility that Democrats will gain control of the House before the November 2024 Election. This might lead to Democrats controlling Congress between now and January when many expect a Republican resurgence. As a result, efforts like loading the Supreme Court and making Puerto Rico a state may be back on the program, and President Biden would still have the capability to sign these bills into law. At this time, Joe Manchin is the only challenge avoiding a left-leaning Supreme Court majority.

Three: A desire to assist the opposing party. At this point, knowing the huge chasmin between left and right, it’s weird to believe that somebody who calls himself a “moderate” Republican would wish to help the Democrats. And if the person isn’t a moderate any longer, why not reveal that he’s a Democrat and assist create an immediate Democrat control? So, Buck and Gallagher might be opposing MAGA Republicans, however throwing your House to Democrats is a weird method to do it.

Today, it was reported that Representative Mike Gallagher (RINO-WI) will be leaving his position in your House of Representatives before his term formally concludes. This decision puts him in the company of former Representatives Kevin McCarthy and Ken Buck, who likewise decided to step down too soon. There are numerous possible motivations for a politician to resign early, including practical reasons, personal dissatisfaction, shifting political alliances, and a potentially darker reason that stands apart from the rest.

The Republicans, in an attempt to demonstrate their ethical superiority, chose to oust Rep. George Santos from their ranks. Despite Santos’ eccentricities, he wasn’t so remiss that his departure was called for, and his exit only served to even more decrease their currently slim majority. Additionally, the current withdrawal of Rep. Ken Buck from Colorado, a self-proclaimed RINO (Republican In Name Only), has actually developed a chance for a Democrat to fill his seat in the upcoming unique election at the end of June. This development is not likely to bode well for the Republicans in Colorado.

Two: Personal pique. That’s why McCarthy pulled out. It was a lousy, self-centered reason since it reduced the majority, but it’s still a reason.

However returning to these sudden departures from Congress, there’s something odd going on here. When someone runs for the House, he promises that he will take a specific program with him to D.C. If he wins, it indicates that the citizens have delegated him with that program and that he owes them. If the politician is dealing with getting his program through in the House, it’s only a two-year term, not a potential life sentence. For this reason, traditionally, congressmen have stayed if only to utilize their House’s bully pulpit.

I haven’t constantly been a fan of Joe Manchin, particularly since he tends to back down from his conservative positions, but a minimum of he’s saying the right thing here.

4: The individual is being pushed to leave instantly.

We also understand that the FBI is infamously unwilling to check out any politician’s connections to Jeffrey Epstein and his island. Rather than helping Americans clean their political home of pedophiles, the FBI keeps that information hidden. That leads one to ask what other details about politicians the FBI is sitting on for its benefit instead of the American people’s benefit.

We understand that J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI collected dirt on everybody. I do not see why that custom would have altered and, thanks to innovation, I’m sure it’s simpler than ever.

There is a strategy in motion to flip the House before the election. I believe they are being lured away or outright paid huge bucks to leave. Follow the money after they leave.

It is now razor thin and if the Democrats take control, they are prepared to declare Trump an insurrectionist and ineligible to hold office more than likely. Every method readily available will be employed to prevent him from holding that office again. The recent Kari Lake deepfake from those 2 folks in AZ is frightening as is their conversation of it. Prepare yourself.

Having said that, when politicians do weird things, my mind goes to strange locations. One of those weird locations is to wonder whether the Deep State has pressure points and is utilizing them as part of an overall plan to combine insuperable Democrat celebration power before November 5, 2024.

It’s important to note here that I understand nothing bad about Gallagher and Buck. From my point of view, there isn’t a breath of scandal connected to them, and I’m not stating otherwise.

The Dems must have the Speaker’s position come the election. The House might wind up selecting the next president. I hope I am wrong, but I understand this nation is in the hands of an organized criminal syndicate that masquerades as the Democratic Party. They are desperate to use any means to hang on to power. They are capable of anything.