Freedom of Speech is Non-Negotiable!



On the occasion that everything else shows unsuccessful for these people on the left and Trump secures a success in November 2024, reclaiming the presidency, they are making plans to launch an aggressive campaign against him as he starts his second term in the White House. Another faction affiliated with the Democracy Alliance, identified in the formerly pointed out 2017 document as a part of the category of “Corporate and Government Ethics” groups, is referred to as United to Protect Democracy or merely Protect Democracy. They have actually created a comprehensive document titled “The Authoritarian Playbook for 2025.”

The comprehensive report offers comprehensive guidance for progressive advocates on how to combat the policies of a prospective 2nd Trump administration, highlighting particular dedications made by Trump and providing methods to prevent their execution.

The ultimate assessment is a sobering one: As damaging as Trump’s first term was to American systems of constitutional government, culminating in his efforts to overturn an election and violently halt the counting of electoral votes by Congress, what he has promised in his own words to do if returned to office would be even more destructive to our Republic,” the report says in part. Trump’s campaign promises are extensive, as are the plans of groups working to support those promises in preparation for a second Trump term. This report, therefore, does not seek to cover them all. It also does not cover dangers posed by a second Trump term, about which he has not made explicit promises or that fall outside of federal government operations, but that may pose even graver risks, such as the degree to which he uses the threat and reality of violence to achieve political ends. Those and other risks of a second Trump term also require attention, reporting, and analysis but are beyond the scope of this report.”

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The playbook against Trump in 2025 lays out how these leftists expect Trump will use pardon power, the directing of various investigations against critics, regulations in a retaliatory way, law enforcement “overreach,” and most starkly they expect Trump would deploy the military domestically.

On that last point, which is obviously without merit, a leading Democrat in the U.S. Senate has taken on the “issue” in recent weeks, introducing legislation to block a president from making such a move. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) appears to have taken up the mantle of Protect Democracy’s “The Authoritarian Playbook for 2025” by pushing his Senate colleagues to adopt reforms to the Insurrection Act. The 1792 law grants the president the power to domestically deploy military resources and use it against Americans to shut down a rebellion or insurrection– and Blumenthal told Politico he hopes to get support from Democrats and Republicans for his efforts to rein in the power Congress granted to the president centuries ago.

“Ideally, there would be interest on the Republican side because the potential for abuse really ought to concern all of us, regardless of who was president,” Blumenthal told Politico.

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The Protect Democracy report cautions against the potential authoritarian nature of a second term for Trump. It presents 10 distinct suggestions, involving various strategies commonly associated with leftist organizations. However, the most significant recommendation emphasizes the importance of supporting Republicans who steadfastly uphold democratic institutions. In other words, it suggests endorsing any Republicans who align with their viewpoint.

Bowman, the conservative activist from Northeast Florida whose research uncovered all these connections, told Breitbart News that what they show is that “Trump was right– this isn’t actually about him, he is just in the way of this progressive new democracy movement that they call Indivisible.”

“We as Americans, not just the Republican Party, need to turn towards unity,” Bowman added. “The veil has been lifted; this is no MAGA conspiracy theory. We are witnessing unprecedented actual lawfare and election interference against a presidential candidate. This was gamed out against Trump before he ever declared to run as a plan to subvert his reelection and maintain Biden’s control. Trump is standing in the way of the left making radical changes to our country. It’s not the extremism, stupid, really. It is the revelation of the corruption and the return of America to its sovereignty, rule of law, and constitutional republic that scares them. This sour-grapes movement simply does not jive with the will of everyday Americans. The only thing that needs to be indivisible is America, our dream to be a place for the people and by the people. Everyday Americans may not be able to outspend this coordinated effort against Trump, but if we fight against the propaganda, stand united with our fellow Americans and vote Trump to defeat this radical movement at the ballot box, together, we can Make America Great Again.