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Silly Criminal Theory Entered Into Trump Trial

Bragg;S Case Hangs Ona Silly Misdemeanor Whose Statute Of Limitations Ran Our Years Ago
Bragg;S Case Hangs Ona Silly Misdemeanor Whose Statute Of Limitations Ran Our Years Ago
In a stunning turn of occasions, DA reveals alleged criminal activity by Trump, leaving Bidens anxious.

By John Livingston
April 24, 2024

District Attorneys in Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s workplace have finally exposed the underlying crime they allege Donald Trump was committing when he allegedly falsified service records.

According to Fox News, “New York district attorney Joshua Steinglass on Tuesday stated the other crime was an offense of a New York law called ‘conspiracy to promote or prevent the election.'”

That law, New York Law 17-152, checks out:

utilizing prohibited

Mentioning Michael Cohen, previous National Enquirer owner David Pecker, and Donald Trump, Steinglass’ co-counsel Michael Colangelo argued that in 2015:

However, none of the presumably falsified organization records were dated in 2015; every declared instance remained in 2017. The falsified payments are transactions in which Trump’s company paid Cohen; Trump says the payments were for legal services and not compensation for any monies Cohen might have paid to Stormy Daniels.

Speaking of Daniels, she still owes Trump $300,000 plus interest after pursuing a pointless claim against him.

Colangelo explained the “catch and eliminate” plot as follows: Cohen would notify Pecker when Trump wanted to reduce a story. Pecker would then get the information and rights to the story, efficiently silencing it. Prosecutors claim that Trump was the supreme source of the funds used to buy these rights, funneling cash to Cohen.

The problem for crime family hitman DA Bragg is that the alleged “catch and carry” is not illegal. People frequently pay not to have salacious or damaging information released—this is not an illegal action. 

One was to obstruct a story that a previous Trump Tower doorman was trying to offer about an alleged out-of-wedlock child. Colangelo said the payment was $30,000. The doorman’s story was ultimately proven to be untrue.

Former Playboy model Karen McDougal alleged that she had a romantic and sexual relationship with Trump, and Colangelo declared that Cohen requested AMI to acquire her story. As a result, AMI paid McDougal $150,000 for unique rights to her account.

There are a few legal problems with the prosecution’s theory. Initially, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are not illegal, and the underlying statute says that there has to be a conspiracy “to promote or prevent the election … by unlawful ways.”

Second, as Andrew McCarthy mentioned, there is nothing in the indictment about a plan or conspiracy:

It’s worth highlighting that the grand jury did not use the terms “plan” or “conspiracy” in its indictment of Trump. Instead, Bragg drafted a “Statement of Facts” to present a story of a grand election-theft conspiracy, even though the grand jury did not explicitly charge Trump with such a criminal activity.

Bragg cannot utilize the term conspiracy as it explicitly describes a criminal agreement between several people. However, suppressing harmful info is not a crime, as politicians, celebrities, and others frequently participate in such actions. Withholding information is prohibited when there is a legal responsibility to reveal it. Notably, politicians are not legally bound to expose extramarital affairs during political campaigns.

If this silly legal fairy tale in some way results in a conviction, all of the people involved in “catch-and-kill” related to the 2020 election, including the 51 previous intelligence officials who lied about the origins of the Hunter Biden laptop computer story, those who arranged for the New York Post’s story to be censored, and individuals who conspired to deplatform those who stated anything unfavorable about Joe Biden, better be aware.