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Scotland Crushes Free Speech With Law Endorsed By Democrats

Scotland'S &Quot;Hate Crime&Quot; Law Is Model For Usa
Scotland’S “Hate Crime” Law Is Model For Usa
Scotland has executed a law dealing with hate criminal offenses, which could work as a motivation for similar legislation in the United States.

One protester in Scotland revealed opposition to a recently presented hate speech legislation, highlighting the irony of the law working on April Fools’ Day. The private slammed the law as being disgraceful for its criminalization of free speech in the country.

While I mored than happy to see the demonstration, I am deeply alarmed that the Scottish federal government passed the law in the first place. J K Rowling rightly composed on X that the law gives the government the power to apprehend individuals who decline to call male rapists and murderers “ladies” and “she” and “her” if that’s what those males need.

The Hate Crime and Public Order Act of 2021 creates a new criminal offense for “stimulating hatred,” including related to trans identity. Individuals can be arrested for things they say in the personal privacy of their own home. They can be detained for simply being “insulting.” And prosecutors need only prove your stirring up of hatred was “most likely” not “planned.”

You may believe this all has nothing to do with you. You don’t live in Scotland. However it has everything to do with you. What you state online could be held as criminal hate speech in Scotland, merely by somebody reading it there.

And it’s not just Scotland. In the United States, pro-censorship forces hope a Supreme Court victory will let them once again increase censorship demands by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI.

EU authorities are putting in place a sweeping online censorship system that far exceeds in power and scope anything attempted under Communism or fascism.

And last week, European politicians weaponized their intelligence and security firms in order to smear everybody from German farmers to conservative political leaders as “Russia-linked.”

The federal governments of the United States and EU assign considerably greater funding than their Russian counterpart to organizations known as “non-governmental” such as the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, the Aspen Institute, and the Atlantic Council. These companies are made use of to introduce impact campaigns focused on discrediting ordinary farmers and truckers by labeling them as “Russian-linked” or “far-right,” and to sway election outcomes.

To understand how outrageous and totalitarian the EU’s focus on “foreign manipulation” is, consider the truth that, throughout the Cold War, the United States federal government’s Central Intelligence Agency not just enabled Americans to check out Soviet papers however in fact equated them into English and sent them to countless libraries across the United States.

Sadly, the scenario is that those in charge of censorship are actively taking action, while we are having to respond defensively. In various countries such as the United States, Europe, Scotland, Germany, Ireland, Canada, and Brazil, a union consisting of federal government bodies, state-sponsored research study institutions, and mainstream media outlets are promoting increased censorship. This can be seen in the execution of laws like the one in Scotland, in addition to through directives provided by agencies like the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the FBI.

We are pleased to report that we are beginning to make progress. We have proudly released reports that have actually exposed instances of federal government false information and requests for censorship in different countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Canada, and Brazil.