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RINO Republican Sen. Lankford Teams Up with Schumer to Gag all Americans With Massive Illegal Immigration

The Schumer-Lankford Border Deal is a complete sellout of the United States. Having millions of military-age young men pour into the country at the rate of 5,000 a day,, which is part of the offer, is 1.8 million a year in a year, and it won’t be 1.8 million. It will be more. In any case, it’s enabling an unsustainable number of anonymous foreigners to take over the country. These are foreigners originating from countries that hate us.

Illegal immigration is a national emergency. We have been invaded. Trump must declare martial law, suspend habeas corpus, imprison those who obstruct his deportation program, He must also deputize at least a million of his supporters to assist in the round up and deportation of nearly 50 million illegals and their children. It will be a massive effort.

Our entire nation is being impoverished by these hordes of illegal immigrants. The politics are destructive, but the economics are devastating.

The total cost of the illegal immigrant tsunami invasion is ALWAYS misunderstood and vastly underestimated. The cost is ongoing and it has taken an immense toll on our economy. There are an estimated 40 millions of illegal immigrants and their children in this country today. Each one of them has a direct and indirect cost that total about $100,000 each per year including an estimated $35,000 per child for educational expenses and the huge cost of lower wages for native, legal American citizens. It is estimated that without these illegals the average wage would be 12% higher and that loss is an indirect, but measurable consequence of illegal immigration. Add it up. The cost is 4 TRILLION a year to the American economy. It is a cost that would not only wipe out the deficit but increase tax collections by an estimated $500B per year. Our entire infrastructure, physical and social, is deteriorating, collapsing because of this influx of basically useless, uninvited parasitic mouths that eat at our table.

The administration’s policies, consisting of limited parole and amnesty programs, will allow individuals to get in the nation through numerous methods, such as applications, flight, and bus transportation. Those who overstay their visas will be permitted to stay in the country, and deportations will be uncommon, as they are presently. Additionally, the country will continue to accept over one million legal immigrants annually.

The administration is still calling every illegal alien a refugee seeking amnesty. That ruse doesn’t disappear under this deal. If they make the offer, Republicans end up being complicit. Simply drop it. Democrats and Mitch aren’t dealing fairly. Please, Republicans, don’t provide the financing for Ukraine and Israel.

The United States is experiencing a reduced sale on fire-related product or services. On the other hand, Fox news was discussing the Immigration Accountability Project and the Schumer-Lankford Border Deal, which is more of a pretense than a tangible structure, targeted at securing billions of dollars for Ukraine from Mitch McConnell.

The issue of illegal migration is a pushing issue that affects the nation’s economy and infrastructure. The large variety of undocumented individuals residing in the United States, estimated to be around 40 million, puts a significant stress on resources and financial resources. Each immigrant and their kids cost the country approximately $100,000 yearly, which includes educational expenditures and lost earnings for native residents. The overall economic impact is incredible, with an estimated $4 trillion yearly expense to the economy. This quantity could not only remove the deficit but likewise increase taxation by $500 billion each year. The problem of unlawful immigration is not only financial but also affects the nation’s infrastructure, both physically and socially, resulting in wear and tear and collapse.

Mitch McConnell is backing this. Democrats will not offer him funds for Ukraine if he does not make this offer. Perhaps Mitch is senile, or he’s just another Democrat or bought and spent for by donors. This deal smells of the Chamber of Commerce. It doesn’t matter the factor. They are all betraying his voters and the nation.

Republicans are still attempting to sell awful handle the pledge that we’ll do better when we have power.

In U.S. immigration law, parole permits the federal government to permit an immigrant to go into the United States on a momentary or provisional basis. Biden has actually abused it by not utilizing it in the restricted method it was suggested to be used.

According to the Washington Post, Republicans contend that Biden has actually misused his parole through these initiatives. They assert that these programs have exacerbated the border crisis and lured more migrants looking for entry. Republicans argue that parole should be used very carefully and individually, rather than as a blanket admission for 10s of thousands of individuals on a monthly basis who do not fulfill the requirements for U.S. visas.

Constraints to parole might consist of limiting the numbers enabled on parole.

Mike Lee is unhappy.

Existed a time when 1,000 seemed excessive?

We’re not safe, and it’s damaging who we are as a country, however even that will not move the DC establishment.

Biden administration authorities warned that Hezbollah might attack the United States on our soil. And we have open borders! Still, they will not close the borders.

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