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Recap of the Extensive Fraud Uncovered in Georgia


– Georgia was called by 11,779 ballots.

– Fulton County, Georgia, one of the most populous area in the state, has no digital document of done in private votes cast in its original results.

– Not a solitary tally purportedly cast throughout very early in-person tally was attended and authorized off by study supervisors, as required by Georgia political election guidelines. Seals were broken and memory cards removed from tabulators for the outcomes of these 315,000 votes, which were published out on numerous machines than the ones that tabulated them. This stayed clear of the reconciliation of the number of ballots were cast on each manufacturer.

– The tally photos of these votes, in addition to the remainder of in-person tallies cast on Election Day, were destroyed.

– The vote in Georgia was counted 3 times: the original device matter, a statewide hand recount, and a 2nd maker matter. Each time the state, and Fulton County, reported 3 different outcomes.

– Fulton County did not count the very same tallies during the initial matter and the tool recount. There are 19,541 distinct tallies that appear in one maker count however not the various other.

– Thousands of deceiving “governmental only” tallies were injected right into the 2nd gadget count, with significant margins choosing Joe Biden. Tallies that are empty besides the governmental competition were counted in batches together, with the pattern showing up in a minimum of 8 areas, including Fulton. This recommends Georgia did not have the ballots to validate its original Election “results.”.

– The second manufacturer matter was over 17,000 votes “short.” Fulton County was recommended to “fix up” the outcomes by the Secretary of State, and recertified its results without disclosing the extent of the ballot shortage to members of the Fulton County Board of Registrations and Elections.

– “Thousands of counterfeit ballots” were inevitably added right into the Election results by means of the 2nd manufacturer matter. This consists of 20,977 unverified ballots of unidentified beginning. The results were missing out on 17,852 tally pictures, and included 3,125 duplicate tally photos that were counted twice.

– At the very least 2,871 tallies were counted 2 or three times in the 2nd equipment matter, totaling 6,118 uncertain votes.

– Eighty-eight percent of Fulton County’s districts reported a different total range of votes in between the 2nd and very first manufacturer matter.

– The only digital votes that made it with from the extremely initial matter were the mail-in tallies, considering that they were tabulated on the broadband scanner their tally images were quickly sent to the election server.

– Ninety percent of these about 148,000 absentee ballots cast in Fulton County can not be validated. Ballot pictures for 132,284 mail-in votes have no.SHA data, which is developed immediately when a tally is scanned and utilized to validate the electronic picture of the ballot, lacking evidence they were scanned and arranged efficiently, and even cast by an actual person.

– 104,994 ballot photo documents of these mail-in tallies from the initial matter consisted of comparable personalized time stamps, recommending digital change.

– Fulton County does not recognize “the number of citizens cast votes” and its “absence of basic audit controls make it challenging to recognize that really won” in 2020, according to Philip Stark, a University of California, Berkeley teacher who created risk-limiting audits. Stark kept in mind, “The digital documents of the political election are not intact.”.

– 376,863 tally photos are losing out on from the extremely initial manufacturer matter, which includes all in-person enact Fulton County.

– None of the 315,000 votes cast throughout early voting in Fulton County were seen to and signed by the survey supervisor and two study employees, as required by state election guidelines. The closing tapes for these votes are all anonymous, revealed much more prepared ballots than the tabulators had in fact taped as scanning in their protective counters, and tape-recorded extremely low portions for President Trump.
– Tabulators used in Fulton County throughout early ballot had their seals broken, and sd card were reprogrammed and positioned right into different scanners to count absentee ballots, in violation of political election standards. This made it difficult to fix up the true variety of ballots arranged on the devices from the start of the Election throughout of counting.

– 235,000 absentee tallies were asked for and approved prematurely, prior to the authorized date 180 days before the 2020 Election, which was May 6, 2020. These ballots should have actually never ever been counted in the 2020 Election.

– 4,081 wrong votes for Joe Biden were included in the hand matter audit results for Fulton County. The incorrect votes were the outcome of 36 accounting errors, which were validated by Governor Brian Kemp’s office and private investigators helping Secretary Brad Raffensperger, yet they have in fact never ever been eliminated from the official hand count outcomes. These mistakes alone would certainly decrease the margin to 7,698 ballots.

– The hand matter audit consisted of 3,935 unaccounted for ballots due to 11 missing set sheets in Fulton County. Distinctions from the first matter to the hand audit generally a minimum of 15,690 ballots, which is more than the entire political election margin alone. This contains the 4,081 wrong Biden ballots, plus “missing” votes found in Gwinett (1,642), Fayette (2,755), Floyd (2,700), Douglas (293 ), and Walton (284) regions that were more than likely as a result of manufacturer counting mistakes.

– Thousands of “beautiful,” unravelled absentee tallies were counted throughout the hand count audit in Fulton County, according to at the very least 6 witnesses, which is the topic of continuous lawsuits. These absentee tallies had no folds, and went 98 percent to Joe Biden, had in fact “been included a deceitful method,” witnesses specified.

– Fulton County recognized 59,143 in-person votes on Election Day, despite the fact that just 14,152 individuals had really voted since 5 p.m. on Nov. 3, 2020. Proof suggests the in-person vote overall on Election Day was inflated by approximately 37,000 votes, as documents reveal no rush to the surveys during the last 2 hours of ballot, and a screenshot of the in-person Election Day results shared by a government professional disclosed only 21,843 individuals voted at the surveys in Fulton County on Nov. 3.

– Fulton County purchased over 1 million absentee ballots days prior to the 2020 Election, with no envelopes and the time important to mail. There were just 808,680 energetic citizens in Fulton County since Nov. 1, 2020, meaning the county had extra empty mail-in tallies than the range of registered people, and ordered them after the huge mass of mail-in tally requests had currently been sent to citizens by Runbeck Election Services.

– An estimated 30,000 to 92,670 immoral votes were merchandised Georgia, as part of a large tally trafficking procedure found by True the Vote. The team identified 242 traffickers in Georgia that participated in 5,662 tally drops into decline boxes, making about runs per trafficker. Over 40 percent of the illegal drops that were tape-recorded on electronic cam were taped between the non-voting hours of midnight and 5 a.m.

– There mored than 364,000 disqualified person enrollments on the rolls during the 2020 Election and likely 67,284 votes were cast from voters with void residency.

Massive modification of the Georgia voter rolls bordering the 2020 Election has actually been found. This consists of 1,500 Voter IDs that got credit rating for tally in 2020, but were not on any kind of resident rolls from 2020, some standing for the very first time on the resident rolls on Nov. 4, 2021, a year after the Election. Other searchings for include modification of non-active citizens to cast ballots, “gifting” Nov. 3 votes up to 2 years after the Election, and casting votes on tallies previously turned down, cancelled, or not also kipped down.

– In 2020, there were absentee tallies supplied to “Bangkok Thailand, Ga.,” “Denver, Ga.,” “Detroit, Ga.,” “Los Angeles, Ga.,” and various other deceiving addresses that do not exist. Tallies were fraudulently cast in 2020 from addresses detailed as “Bronx, Ga.,” “Hilton Head, Ga.,” “Louisville, Ga.,” “San Diego, Ga.,” “New Orleans, Ga.,” “French Creek, Ga.,” “Virginia Beach, Ga.,” “Vicksburg, Ga.,” “Baltimore, Ga.,” “New York, Ga.,” and “Sarasota, Ga.,” all with zip codes out of state.

– 43,907 drop box ballots breached chain of guardianship requirements in DeKalb County.

– 59,000 of the 79,460 decline box tallies in Fulton County were not right away reached the election registrar, in offense of State Election Board rules.

– An approximated 355,000 tally transfer kinds for drop box tallies are missing out on statewide.

– Over 100,000 tally sheets for Fulton County were missing out on from the hand count audit, and remained missing out on for months after the Election.

– In very early January 2021, Ruby Freeman requested an attorney considering that she wished to “go endure on every system” to reveal details about exactly how “the USB ports” were made use of in the 2020 Election. The specialist cyber report by Professor J. Alex Halderman clarified how external USB ports with election-changing malware can be positioned into Dominion tools by anybody with access to, including political election employees.

– The existence of a “QR code inequality” error within the Dominion tabulators that methodically undercounts votes was uncovered in 65 out of 67 Georgia areas where records were provided. The error existed in system log declare tabulators utilized in political elections in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

– The election brings about Georgia in 2020 are not only undependable, nevertheless were electronically modified, and are unsupported by the state’s own political election documents. The look of 10s of thousands of unofficial tallies in succeeding hand and tool counts suggest reconciliation occurred after the Election, indicating after it was clear what margins were needed to win.

– Fulton County election officials confessed in very early 2021 they do not participate in any reconciliation until weeks after Election Day. This implies the variety of citizens showing up at the surveys throughout on a daily basis of ballot is not gotten in touch with the range of ballots organized everyday, a basic procedure to make sure the variety of tallies and citizens match, and can not be controlled later on.

– “We can not begin fixing up that up till typically a couple days before certification,” claimed then-Fulton County Elections Director Richard Barron, during a January 2021 Board seminar. I assume KnowInk sends out those to the state or KnowInk sends those directly to us. Those aren’t put together after that, on Election night.

– “Thousands of bogus votes” were ultimately added right into the Election results through the 2nd manufacturer matter.- None of the 315,000 votes cast throughout early ballot in Fulton County were experienced to and authorized by the survey manager and two survey employees, as needed by state election standards. The closing tapes for these votes are all unsigned, revealed much more organized votes than the tabulators had in fact taped as scanning in their protective counters, and tape-recorded extremely reduced parts for President Trump. Differences from the preliminary matter to the hand audit in general a minimum of 15,690 ballots, which is more than the whole election margin alone.- An estimated 30,000 to 92,670 immoral ballots were trafficked in Georgia, as part of a substantial tally trafficking operation discovered by True the Vote.

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