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Putin Says NATO Invasion Will Be Met With Nuclear Weapons”I’m Not Bluffing”

BY John Livingston
February 29, 2024

In his yearly address to the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he would not be reluctant to use nuclear weapons as a means of defense if Ukraine gets military support from its Western allies. Sending Western troops to engage Russian troops would be a red line. If crossed there could well be all-out war between Russia and NATO, including the use of Russia’s nuclear deterrent. 

In the address to Russia’s Federal Assembly, Putin boasted of his country’s nuclear toolbox, consisting of the release of new hypersonic rockets. He then referenced a controversial idea stimulated by French President Emmanuel Macron to send troops to Ukraine, which was rejected by the U.S. and other members of the Western alliance NATO.

Nevertheless, Putin reiterated his cautions about any possible NATO involvement, specifying that those who attempt aggression against Russia will suffer the most serious of consequences if they invade Russian land. He further emphasized that Russian territory incorporates Crimea and the three Ukrainian regions that entered into the Russian Federation following a vote in 2023. These regions comprise roughly a quarter of Ukraine’s previous land area and much of its mining and industrial base. It’s estimated this 25% of the territory is responsible for 50% of Ukraine’s GNP and with the possible fall of Odsea and Kharkiv would be 70% of its former GNP. 

“They should understand that we likewise have weapons capable of striking targets in their area,” Putin stated. “Everything they are developing now, spooking the world with the danger of a dispute including nuclear weapons, which potentially implies the end of civilization– don’t they realize this?”

The Russian leader has threatened to utilize nuclear weapons throughout the war in Ukraine, part of a project to keep them in the minds of Western leaders. He has suspended involvement in a nuclear arms limitation treaty with the U.S. and moved tactical nuclear weapons to ally Belarus.

Putin, in his Thursday message, stated “Strategic nuclear forces are on full battle alert and the ability to use them is assured.”

He likewise again denied that Russia was preparing to deploy a nuclear weapon in space, which the U.S. said Moscow might possibly release in a significant new risk to international interactions and networks.

“Putin specified that these produced stories and incorrect narratives are intended to draw us into conversations under their terms, eventually benefiting just the United States.”

In his speech, the Russian leader likewise implicated the West of fomenting hysteria and a brand-new arms race.

As the conflict in between Russia and Ukraine approaches its 3rd year, Russia’s position has enhanced while the United States is still deliberating on providing additional military assistance to Ukraine. The Ukrainian armed force has been forced to pull away, give up and give up area to Russian forces, leading lots of to think that Ukraine has actually been defeated and will require to negotiate a peace contract with Russia.

Russian soldiers captured the fortress city of Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine, supplying them with a significant position in the Donetsk area. Moscow is applying pressure on Ukrainian forces along the 600-mile front line, as U.S. help remains suspended. In current developments, Russian forces are making progress towards Kharkiv in the north and Odesa in the south, dealing with minimal resistance. The key concern now is whether the Russian advance will stop at the Dnieper River or extend further towards the borders of Poland and Romania.

Putin also provided an upbeat tone on the status of the war, saying Russian soldiers have “acquired a great deal of experience” and were “mastering the current techniques and techniques of war.”

“Our units have seized the initiative and will not surrender it,” he stated. “They are confidently advancing in numerous vital theatres and liberating more areas.”

Ukraine has suffered around 1,000,000 or more casualties in the war, according to U.S. intelligence, and has struggled to acquire any considerable ground or carry out tactical maneuvers, rather than throwing waves of soldiers at Russian defenses for high losses. Just recently, Ukraine has been drafting women into their military and sending them to the front lines. There are hardly any males left, and those still serving have an estimated typical age of 46.

“We understand the difficulties we deal with. They do exist,” Putin confessed. “That being said, we also understand what needs to be done to resolve them.”

“There is a continuous and unrelenting effort unfolding both along the frontlines and in the rear in this regard to enhance the striking power of the army and the fleet, to make them more tech-savvy and efficient,” he included.