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Prosecutor In Trump NYC Trail “on loan” From Biden’s DOJ

Michael Colangelo Was Loaned Bu Biden'S Doj To Prosecute Trump
Michael Colangelo Was Loaned Bu Biden’S Doj To Prosecute Trump
By John Livingston
April 28, 2024

Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) wants answers from the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s workplace concerning the circumstances of Michael Colangelo’s departure from the previous and subsequent employment with the latter.

He continued, zeroing in on Bragg’s hiring of Colangelo: “The fact that Colangelo stepped down from a senior DOJ function to join a prosecution team in a city DA workplace raises some pressing concerns.””To guarantee openness and responsibility are upheld in this case, I request instant access to all records and communication in relation to the Department of Justice and the Manhattan District Attorney General’s Office procedure of employing Matthew Colangelo,” the Texas Republican included.

Colangelo previously held the well-regarded position of Acting Associate Attorney General during the Biden administration. This function is frequently seen as a springboard to prominent economic sector chances, such as a basic counsel position at a Fortune 500 business. However, as Gooden explains in his correspondence with Garland and Bragg, Colangelo’s transfer to Bragg’s team as senior counsel could be deemed a step down from his previous role. Gooden asks whether Colangelo was asked to leave the DOJ or if he selected to accept a lower position, and likewise inquires about any ongoing communication between Colangelo and his former associates at the DOJ.

Gooden failed to raise the question that while Colangelo has an excellent track record, he is also a relative of numerous popular mafioso. He is the offspring of the old mafia that has actually joined up with the organized crime family masquerading as the Democratic Party to loot the nation with the assistance and security of the DOJ and the FBI. It is a partnership that is working marvels for the criminal offense managers who control the Democratic Party. The old mafia is just hired when serious “enforcement” actions are required.