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Patriots Have Uncovered Massive Dark Money Used By the Crime Syndicate…

Massive Dark Money Fraud Revealed By Fractal Technology
Massive Dark Money Fraud Revealed By Fractal Technology
Patriots Have Uncovered Massive Dark Money Used By the Crime Syndicate masquerading as the Democratic Party to Steal Elections
By John Livingston
April 20, 2024

We are launching the Fractal Dark Money Tracking System today.

It tracks NGO, 501c 3s, structures, grants, and other tax-exempt organization money from the source, through specific chains, to receivers.

Combating voter fraud is useless if the root cause – illegal or dishonest financing – remains unaddressed. These funds are typically concealed in intricate databases, rendering them invisible for 20 years.

We created and executed this system with a group in California in mind, and because the information includes the entire country, we display it for every state.

One example reveals cash from China into ONE NGO, with one click linked to 3,500 other NGOs, then with another click to 37,000!

Every dollar is tracked– dated– from the source to the recipient– in some cases through a lot of intermediaries– over 20 years!


Americans will now have the chance to witness the complete scope of the large amounts of Dark Money that have been funding Leftist motions, all of which have been hidden in plain view. Nevertheless, these activities have mainly gone undetected due to out-of-date relational innovation.

Massive Dark Money Fraud Revealed By Fractal Technology
Massive Dark Money Fraud Revealed By Fractal Technology
Fractal quantum innovation exposes the interrelationships within the network of tax-exempt organizations connected with the Left, consisting of staff members, locations, leaders, and financial deals, all collaborating to finance the organized crime family masquerading as the Democratic and Uniparty to seize control of all assets of the United States.

The data is so enormous and interconnected that we must create new graphical ways to reveal it!

Fractal breaks these NGOs out by year, typical employee, standard address, shared phone, and state, with visual connections showing if they are linked by the director by a staff member or another associated attribute.

Fractal shows the movement of funds, which may originate from China in certain circumstances or from dubious European billionaire figures, aligning with seemingly harmless companies to direct cash for election impact in both swing states and throughout the country.

For many years, this info has been concealed since traditional technology might not discover and reveal these relationships. Fractal was able to accomplish this, and the outcomes were impressive.

We built a “recursive system,” which is a term of art you will hear a lot about– it indicates we can programmatically track all connections– cash, individuals, addresses, phones– forward and backward– at 200 million transactions per second– from your phone– across 20 years of data– with hundreds of thousands of orgs’ data.

This kind of system needs to have been constructed by the nationwide citizen integrity organizations– who constantly fundraise– and stop working at scale– however, they do not have the technology to do it!

The reliance on out-of-date relational innovation poses a substantial danger to the effectiveness of America’s electoral system.

Fractal is committed to the investment, and the system is impressive in scale, variety, and versatility.

We are demonstrating it on national Zoom calls beginning in May– and we will post some of them on the site.

Our first users will be the present 18 states with whom we are working on citizen roll analysis– via the Wisconsin citizen integrity organizations.

This is a colossal system– with millions of records, connected in multi-dimensions – something that can only be finished with Fractal quantum innovation, and I think you will be pleased with what you see in the data.

Come and join us along with the state companies that have decided to surpass innovation and challenge the 40-year reign of leftist innovation. Together, we will reveal the origin of how the Left can raise funds constantly.

The previously concealed funds are now transparent.

Jay led the group that developed the eBay fraud engine, the underlying innovation for the TSA No-Fly List and the scams systems for State Farm, GEICO, USAA and other significant insurance companies.

Jay’s team got six patents for their groundbreaking Similarity Search innovation that can find deceitful activity in complex data sets, which had previously gone unnoticed by standard relational technology.

You can reach Jay through his Substack page at