Freedom of Speech is Non-Negotiable!

Freedom of Speech is Non-Negotiable!

In the tapestry of human rights, freedom of speech stands as a cornerstone, weaving the threads of politics, individual autonomy, and societal progress. As we navigate the intricate landscape of the 21st century, the empowerment of the individual through the unbridled expression of thoughts and ideas becomes not just a fundamental right but a catalyst for positive change. This journey toward empowerment is rooted in the recognition that every voice, regardless of its origin or perspective, adds a unique hue to the vibrant canvas of human discourse.

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FBI Suspends, Harasses whistle blowers.

The Organized Crime Syndicate Masquerading as the Democratic Party Has Turned the FBI into a gang of things employed to Crush Opposition to the Crime Syndicate’s Rule The IG report goes so far as to conclude that “the FBI’s partisan… Free Speech - Featured Image

Crime Way, Homeless Crisis Grip the USA…

Extensive Hardship and Homelessness in Major U.S. Cities Are Adding to Massive Increase in Theft and Violence. By John Buchard May 19, 2024 Extensive chaos is enveloping many once-safe neighborhoods nationwide, and its roots run deep. For several years, hardship… Free Speech - Featured Image

Inflation: Living Comfortably in Biden’s America Requires an Income of $177, 800

Increasing Inflation: A Family of Four Needs a Minimum of $177,798 for Comfortable Living in the United StatesBy John Buchard May 18, 2024 It’s amazing to believe that a four-person home in the United States now needs a shocking $177,798…


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Tucker Carlson Interviews Putin, Massive Backlash from Legacy Media

Totalitarian Left and Their Media Whores Meltdown, Threaten Sanctions, Travel Ban, Hillary Clinton Unhinged Tucker Carlson revealed his upcoming discussion with Russian President Vladimir Putin, causing a strong unfavorable reaction from those on the left, perhaps due to the weakening…

Mainstream Media Ridicules Putin’s History Lesson, Neglecting the Significance of this Interview.

Go to the end for Tucker’s observations of the interview TIMESTAMP HEADLINE 00:00:00 Introduction “NATO’s Growing Reach: A Shift in Global Dynamics” Christian Gold Company Defies Industry’s Retirement Fearmongering Through Prayer and Biblical Hope 00:30:40 NATO & Bill Clinton 00:41:10…

Mollie Hemingway Testimony: How Democrats Steal Elections.

John Livingston, Special Editor, presents an analysis by Mollie Hemingway that dissects the tactics used by Democrats, who are compared to a the mob distribute, in their efforts to manipulate and rig elections. During her testament to the House Administration…

What is “Wokeness” and How Did It Destroy Our Culture and Society

The USA and most of Western nations have actually been adversely affected by the concept of “wokeness,” as argued by Dr. John Livingston. I mainly concentrate on economics and the functioning of capital markets. Ideally, politics need to not substantially…

Communist Are Gagging, Silencing, Intimidating Our Attorneys

In court, Communists (likewise referred to as Democrats) silence and deny all challengers of their right to representation. This is an article by John Livingston, who shares his insights as a fan of Trump. Lawyers are finding themselves bound to…

Republicans in Congress Introduce Legislation Reaffirming President Trump Did Not Lead an Insurrection on January 6th

by John Livingston February 6, 2024 The mainstream media has actually been highly deceitful about January 6th and their allegations against President Trump and the MAGA motion. Fortunately, there are conservative media companies and courageous individuals in Congress who are…