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Only Jurors Who Hate Trump Allowed on Jury. Guaranteed to Convict

We Are Dealing With An Organized Crime Syndicate Masquerading As The Democratic Party
We Are Dealing With An Organized Crime Syndicate Masquerading As The Democratic Party
By John Livingston
April 18, 2024 

The choice of jurors for former President Donald Trump’s trial in New York City is revealed to be an effort by crime bosses to eliminate any juror that may be favorable to Trump. After selection, each one is “investigated” by the Crime Fa, its DA Bragg, to determine if they have any favorable opinions of Trump or even if they are neutral.Each one permitted on the jury is a Trump hater. On Thursday early morning, the judge dismissed a juror who had been picked. This dismissal was of a juror that Bragg had determined might be fair to Trump. 

A female juror, designated as Juror # 2, who operates in the medical field as an oncology nurse, had her personal information, including her profession and other information from her reactions to the juror survey, made public. She then informed the judge that she had gotten messages from acquaintances, coworkers, and relatives questioning her role as a juror.

“After sleeping on it overnight,” Juror # 2 informed the court she “has issues about her ability to be fair and impartial.”

Subsequently, Judge Juan Merchan dismissed Juror # 2, lowering the number of impaneled jurors to 6, with 12 more jurors yet to be picked.

 This follows mainstream media outlets, which are opposed to Trump, exposing information about the identities of jurors, possibly permitting one juror’s presence on the panel to be identified.

Adding to the confusion surrounding jury selection, Juror # 2 was not the only individual added to the jury only to be subsequently excused.

Juror # 4, a male person who runs an IT company and expressed intrigue towards Trump when reacting to the survey, was summoned to appear before Judge Merchan at 9:15 a.m. ET on Thursday due to issues raised by district attorneys relating to the accuracy of his selection questionnaire reactions. Presumably, the District Attorney’s office revealed records linked to the juror’s identity that raised doubts about the truthfulness of his declarations. Despite the demand, Juror # 4 did not attend the meeting with the judge as requested.

By Thursday afternoon, Judge Merchan likewise excused Juror # 4. After beginning the day with seven jurors on the panel, the jury had shrunk to five by midday.

Having eliminated two jurors who may have been fair to Trump, the jury selection continues with the Crime Family and its made man, the so-called “Judge” Merchan, clearly following orders to get rid of anyone who can be fair to Trump. This is clearly a Start Chamber in Manhattan. 

Out of the preliminary group of 200 people summoned on Monday for jury responsibility, 96 people are currently being assessed in court on Thursday to form a total panel of 18 jurors and alternates.