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This perspective emerges from comprehensive experience and insights gained while browsing the complex landscape of electoral processes, resident engagement, and the typically nontransparent world of political financing.

This is the year all the chips are on the table – if there has ever been a “national winner take all” poker video game, 2024 is it.

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Strategies for Securing Victory in a Tight 2024 Election
Insights from the Fractal group Based on Analysis of Election Records in 26 States
The approaching May 6, 2024, election is expected to involve different forms of electoral manipulation, evident in the ongoing legal battles targeting President Trump

Our group has visibility to the voter rolls of about 16 states – in every case, there suffices anomalous identification information to move a statewide election.

Because we are just high tech guys, and this is not how we make our dough, we can provide a viewpoint from a tech perspective. What do we see ahead for 2024? What is going to work and what is worthless?

In addition to our engagements with election stability organizations in over 16 states, we can with confidence assert that they are pursuing an unattainable goal of purging citizen registration lists, a job that will not be accomplished on a large enough scale to affect the 2024 election.

1. Election integrity efforts must stop mail-in tallies from going to invalid addresses like a Walmart, gas stations and laundromats. 67% of all 2024 mail-in ballot scams is originating from illegitimate addresses that can be challenged – and lots of mail-in ballots stopped from entering into that corrupt system.

2. Cleaning election rolls is a losing proposition. Governments will not get it done. This is a make-work proposal for tradition voter integrity groups with excessive time on their hands. Election stability groups failed to clean voter rolls for 30 years. It is not going to take place now. Concentrate on addresses.

3. National tradition citizen integrity orgs are grifters. They understand cleaning up voter rolls is worthless. They miss every significant brand-new kind of fraud. They remain in the financing company– using obsolete technology– and they are often a risk to the goal.

Kari Lake would likely be a sitting governor today if she just as soon as cut the cards with the Arizona citizen rolls. If Lake compared the county voter rolls throughout the 30 days before the election – she would have seen that someone added 22,000 brand-new citizens – undetectable to her – as she lost by 17,000 votes.

Making sure the integrity of the electoral process requires a comprehensive method. It includes revealing the sources of anonymous funding that support liberal organizations and inspecting donor lists to identify and avoid illegal contributions.

We’ve had enough interaction with these groups to see, first hand, they will sell out their nation for a contribution – knowing extremely well their financed efforts are make-work with little effect in general and zero in 2024.

Election systems in each state should strive to be as current as they can be. It is advised that people in each state must download voter rolls frequently, preferably month-to-month throughout early ballot, or perhaps weekly. Regularly comparing each downloaded roll with previous versions is vital to determine any unapproved changes or adjustments.

Assault the entire issue, not a piece of it. We have actually proven with the last set of videos – the Dark Money funding the Left is now noticeable – and needs to be challenged.

6. Secretaries of State will NOT implement innovative technology no matter just how much clear scams is revealed to them.

Citizen organizations need to construct prototype systems, present visual evidence of considerable irregular information from existing relational systems to fellow citizens through videos, and convince the upcoming Secretary of State to implement changes.

We enjoy to wait – due to the fact that in the end, the best technology constantly wins and quantum – from us – or others – will ultimately be adopted.

Jay holds the special difference of being the sole person to have actually been disallowed from contributing to The American Thinker.

Jay spearheaded the development team responsible for developing eBay’s fraud detection system, as well as the core technology behind the TSA’s No-Fly List. Furthermore, his team designed and carried out scams avoidance systems for a number of popular insurer, consisting of State Farm, GEICO, USAA, and others.

It is essential to compel the current Secretary of State or their successor in the upcoming election to thoroughly take a look at the proof presented through video footage and take definitive action appropriately.

Jay can be contacted at his Substack: Omega4America

On a regular basis, we receive queries from people asking, “Can you tell me which states are presently using your innovative solution to keep the accuracy of their citizen registration lists?”

We can add, there is not a single Secretary of State – even in the reddest state – who will admit to a single bad address!

Obviously, none – not one state is utilizing our technology, or any quantum technology to tidy citizen rolls.

Mississippi, certain groups in Texas, and Wisconsin comprehend it.

We aren’t going away.

Jay’s team got 6 patents for groundbreaking Similarity Search innovation, which identifies scams within intricate information that traditional relational technology can not recognize.