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Omega4America Software That Detects Voter Fraud Before It Occurs
Omega4America Software That Detects Voter Fraud Before It Occurs
Give up screwing with cleansing citizen rolls and STOP MAIL-IN BALLOTS to Walmarts and 7-11s
By John Livingston
April 29, 2024

So you discovered 3 dead guys on the voter roll. Now what?

You spent weeks cross-checking death records with voter ,rolls and you found 3 dead voters, 5 voters who moved out of the district,and 4 more who graduated from college five year;s ago however still vote from the dormitory.

Now go to the county registrar and see what happens.

Absolutely nothing.

You are a clue, not a case.

You stated these citizens ought not be on the roll – now at best, the registrar will start a long process of checking. If the registrar does anything – which is uncertain.

In every state, numerous engaged, patriotic residents do this. It is the equivalent of digging a hole in your backyard and filling it up – then digging it out – great deal of effort and zero to reveal for it.

Nobody is being removed from the citizen rolls – the few who are gotten rid of are more than changed by NGOs (non-governmental organizations) signing up brand-new voters – illegal aliens or passers-by in a shopping mall.

It’s math time.

Less than 200 days till November 5, 2024.

Many states have laws that you can not screw with a citizen roll – period – 60 or 90 days before an election. That indicates you now have 140 days – max.

There is no other way the voter removal technique is effective.

Worthless national citizen organizations are now CROWDSOURCING to find phantoms because they have zero incentive to do it.

It does not matter how you find a phantom – they will NOT get removed from the voter roll in sufficient numbers to make a 2024 difference in the 15 swing counties!

the time for the long video game


It’s red zone time.

Why are many individuals trying to clean voter rolls – a long-game project?

You thought it – the Republican “non-partisan” voter integrity organizations (that is not a contradiction) are offering the nonsense that cleansing voter rolls will finish the job.

It’s a fundraising scam – and you succumbed to it.

These grifters have been arranging voter roll MANUAL cleaning for decades, and the outcome was 2020: numerous thousands of phony voters, fake voters at fake addresses, honest citizens at real addresses that are disqualified (like a Chinese dining establishment), or genuine citizens at genuine addresses that are qualified – however not entirely.

The address in the 500-unit apartment without a UNIT or APT number – creating an undeliverable tally – picked up by the Leftist runner paid $15 per loose ballot. The postal worker or mail carrier may be involved in the scam. Who knows? Only the Democratic big wig has this all planned out in advance, far in advance. It’s SOP for the Democrats; it’s in their DNA. They have been doing this for generations. 

The nationwide citizen integrons organs are blind to all of this – since they purchased crappy relational technology that makes every such example invisible to them. They are outdated – and outdated orgorgansttle the other day’s war.

We can show they, and ERIC, the Leftist relational system – are obsolete!

Go to our videos on the site.

Addresses for every one of the thousands of clearly ineligible voters were unnoticeable to these relational systems for decades!

That’s why they desire you to clean up voter rolls by hand – since they can not find them with a computer!

The other day’s battle was the voter showing up in person.

Today’s is the massive mail-in ballot flood – in some states like Nevada, Colorado, and Washington – all votes are mail-in. Motor-voter laws in several states register anyone who gets a driver’s license – in many cases, not checking for citizenship.

Thorough sleuths may knock off a couple of dead citizens in Kansas or Kentucky, but hundreds of thousands more flood Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, and on critical key electoral college battlefields.

There might be a long video game to play – however, it begins on November 6.

Today, we are in the middle of an election storm – and the nationwide organizations are worthless.

Start with the RNC.

The RNC was universally seen as worthless by everybody except Leftists who liked their sleepiness and the RNC National Committee individuals feted at luxurious parties – especially the born-rich guy who called me 3 times to complain I was beating them up.

Then Trump’s Team took over.

We don’t follow political things – we are simple software application guys – however, we can see incompetence as well as the next guy.


Possibly bypassing the best street-fighting citizen stability lawyers in America – in Wisconsin – and employing a junior legal representative at a RINO law firm – as the RNC Top Gun is among the most corrupt states in America – therefore giving in to the great 2024 bend-over and take it coming in Wisconsin – that’s quite dumb.

That’s your RNC – today!

Right now, electorally – the RNC in the essential swing state of Wisconsin is what in the software application business we call bare-ass naked. (It’s a tech term).

Luckily, no one takes the RNC seriously – even with the change of management – who then promptly worked back the useless people they correctly fired. You can not make this stuff up – and if you read it and appreciate winning in 2024, get some Chardonnay.

Scratch the RNC.

These are the guys who publicly showed a PowerPoint discussion noting they are employing armies of lawyers and poll watchers – when over 67% of the ballots in swing states can be found via the mail. Best of luck!

Over 67% of the mail-in ballot problem in each of the 15 swing counties originates from addresses that have no bedrooms – hence are disqualified. When asked why the RNC had no strategy to thwart the majority of the problem – ineligible ADDRESSES, their lead “election integrity” person stated, “We didn’t budget for that!”

Can you think of in a corporation – take Budweiser, for instance – someone doesn’t “spending plan” for the blowback from taking the top-selling beer in America – offered to young guys with belly and baseball caps – and not “budgeting” for the blowback from positioning that beer as “tranny beer?”

That is the level of incompetence at the RNC today!

How about the national voter stability orgs?

Yes, the same ones who missed the greatest election take in history – or a minimum of the most consequential one – 2020! Those guys!

Well, their fundraising is going fantastically.

Sadly they miss about 90%, maybe more, of all the anomalous data in the citizen rolls. Now, it no longer matters – because we are simply out of time.

The Red Zone is the location in football where somebody is about to score – if you have not already picked that up.

So when your group is about to score, you run in a different way than you did 50 lawns earlier. If you are about to be scored upon (Republicans) you also run rather differently in the Red Zone.

It is unassailable that we remain in the Electoral Red Zone.


The RNC is as ineffective as before, albeit with a more attractive leader.

The nationwide citizen integrity orgs now have 33 months of failure under their belts – and as our videos show – please watch about 15 minutes of any among them – not much has actually altered from 2020.

So what’s the Red Zone Defense?

Here’s a simple proposal. Do not hesitate to publish your own – that can be performed in less than 200 days – with little assistance from national orgs.

Recognize every ADDRESS to which a mail-in tally will be mailed in 2024 – and which is ineligible since it’s a Walmart, 7-11, gas station or storage facility. Program those addresses to the county registrar – and stop ballots from being sent by mail to them!

RESULT: You won’t stop all the tallies, but as the Wisconsin team displayed in 2022 – you can stop enough to win a statewide race!

Recognize the essential tax-exempt groups illegally moneying the Leftist election apparatus – “out” them by revealing – graphically – their ties to China or to 501C organs who illegally took federal government grants – and challenge their tax status.

RESULT: You aren’t going to get any of these groups’ status altered – that’s for sure – but you are going to make them reduce their extremes – since, for the first time- we can reveal those correlations via the Dark Money Tracking System.

If you are using relational technology, you aren’t going to have the ability to produce either list. You are highly entirely screwed. Thus, those people in the quantum world have actually currently done all the heavy lifting.

All you need to do is apply quantum technology, and both issues rapidly become understandable.

For the first time, every address in every swing county appears – with images – of these ineligible addresses.

Do we think it works?

Sure did in Wisconsin for the last 3 years!

Sure did recently in Mississippi where the Secretary of State was put on notice by the citizen stability movement there that either he would clean those citizen rolls or they would do it for him – with a quantum computer system. (Watch the video of this voter stability group on our website).

While the national voter integrity orgs raise dough to lose once again with relational innovation, we, the guys who developed the TSA No-Fly List, stopped eBay auction fraud and have 40 years’ experience bringing brand-new technology to market – will continue to suggest ways that work.

Jay led the team that constructed the eBay fraud engine, the underlying innovation for the TSA No-Fly List, and the scam systems for State Farm, GEICO, USAA, and other significant insurance companies.

Jay’s group was awarded 6 patents for innovative Similarity Search innovation – discovering scams in complicated information – unnoticeable to all relational innovation.

Jay can be gotten in touch with at his Substack:

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