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Obiden Junta Set Trump Up On Classified Documents Case

By John Livingston
April 29, 2024

Judge Unseals Documents Proving Biden White House Set Up Trump On False Allegations
Judge Unseals Documents Proving Biden White House Set Up Trump On False Allegations
This week in Florida, Judge Aileen Cannon unsealed new files that Jack Smith fought to keep hidden. And you’ll quickly learn why. Among the documents unsealed were substantial exhibitions, motions, and other filings shedding light on the complex web of communication between the Biden White House and the National Archives and Records Administration in the lead-up to Trump’s indictment.

Investigative reporter Julie Kelly found something intriguing in the documents that could change whatever. The first thing is a statement from an FBI agent who testified that the General Services Association (GSA) had remained in the ownership of Trump’s boxes in Virginia before ordering Trump’s team to come to get them.

“It was a set-up from the beginning,” remarked Tom Fitton, the founder of Judicial Watch.

Meanwhile, Biden had classified details that he was never entitled to have stored in boxes in his garage for many years, but he was not charged. Biden blamed staffers for packing the classified documents.

While this might not show that the Biden administration established Trump in the categorized documents case, thinking about the method by which the Biden administration has abused the legal system versus Trump, nobody can confidently say they wouldn’t.

However, it still raises other genuine concerns. For instance, if the GSA had had packages, why wasn’t a review of the products carried out before they advised Trump’s group to get them? Regarding classified information, they would not have expected Trump and his personnel to be responsible for ensuring categorized files weren’t among the records. Maybe they did review the contents of the boxes and knew categorized documents were contained in them before they told Trump’s people to get them.

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