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Obide Junta Importing Millions of Jihadists Into USA

Thousands Of Potential Jihadists Have Crossed Our Border
Thousands Of Potential Jihadists Have Crossed Our Border
By John Livingston
April 28, 2024

As Pro-Terror Riots Roil America Million More of These Jihadists Are Being Invited and Financed to Enter the USA.

Trump banned jihad migration, and the country was much safer for it. This is diabolical.

President Joe Biden’s pro-migration border chief is opening new processing centers for Muslim migrants, amidst pro-HAMAS riots in U.S. cities and just after Congress approved $3.5 billion more for migration within the $95 billion aid plan

Biden Admin Expands Paths to Muslim Refugees with USCIS Announcement

Biden Administration To Open Two New Overseas Immigration Offices To Process Middle East Refugees
‘Not just did the “foreign aid” costs that passed yesterday not do anything about the mass migration invasion of America, it supplied over $3.5 billion to help bring migrants from the Middle East to America,’ Senator Rubio says in a tweet.

On the very same day the Senate passed a foreign aid bill that exasperated some GOP legislators because it does nothing to secure America’s southern border, the Biden Administration revealed that it will soon open 2 new migration field offices at Doha, Qatar and Ankara, Turkey focused on processing refugees from the Middle East.

“Opening these field workplaces develops a [U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services] existence and expertise in crucial areas in the Middle East and belongs to our commitment to the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to help with safe, legal, and orderly migration and household reunification,” the director of the USCIS, Ur M. Jaddou, stated in a declaration.

The workplaces, set to open in early May, will help process refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. The administration has actually set a ceiling for refugee admissions in 2024 at 125,000 refugees.

The announcement, the day before President Biden signed into law an expense aimed at providing foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, furious Republican lawmakers who voted against the measure because it did not make any arrangements for border security. Among those grumbling about the new workplaces is Senator Rubio.

“Not only did the “foreign aid” bill that passed the other day not do anything about the mass migration intrusion of America, it provided over $3.5 billion to assist bring migrants from the Middle East to America,” Mr. Rubio stated in a tweet.