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NYT Publisher: Biden Admin ‘Extremely Upset’ That Liberal Paper Reports on Age Problem Everyone Can See

By John Livingston
February 24, 2024

The White House is mad that The New York Times needs to report on an apparent reality looking every American citizen smack in the face:

President Joe Biden is elderly and behaves accordingly.

In an interview with the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism published on Monday, Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger stated the Biden administration is “exceptionally upset” with the paper’s coverage of the president’s age– particularly over a special counsel report that considered the president’s memory and cognition to be too unreliable to charge him with a criminal offense for willful retention of categorized files.

A group of jurors, according to special counsel Robert Hur, would hesitate to find Biden guilty, and might instead perceive him as a considerate, well-intentioned, and elderly individual with memory lapses.

Sulzberger dealt with a question about 2024 being a year marked by electoral contests.

“Not simply in the U.S. however likewise in Mexico, India and the European Union,” the Reuters Institute’s Eduardo Suárez asked. “Is there anything journalists should do differently when covering an authoritarian prospect?”

It’s hard to envision who this “authoritarian prospect” might be in the United States. Maybe a political figure who promotes rigorous obedience to authority and standard worths, without much issue for specific freedoms or dissenting voices?

Sulzberger avoided a direct reaction, instead stressing the importance of independent journalism. Nevertheless, he did not define it as the traditional “the-truth-is-in-the-middle” approach, but rather as an option for media outlets to end up being extremely purchased opposing specific candidates and promoting emotional reactions instead of supplying balanced reporting on their policies and character.

This incorporates questioning how they go against conventional norms and how they challenge democratic practices. This essentially specifies ending up being emotionally taken part in opposing particular prospects, which is accurate.

Sulzberger kept that his actions were directed by independence, despite the White House’s discontent with his publication’s protection of glaring realities that would have been easily acknowledged by John Cleese’s character Basil Fawlty.

The New York Times will persist in offering detailed and balanced coverage of both President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, according to Sulzberger. This consists of highlighting the former’s questionable period and the latter’s record as the earliest person to hold the office, a truth that has been extensively reported and has caused the White House considerable discontent.

Not that they’re going to highlight the fact we have a doddering president over the reality that the Times views Donald Trump as a danger to the Republic: “We are not saying that this is the same as Trump’s 5 lawsuits or that they are even,” Sulzberger stated.

“They are various. However they are both real, and the public is required to know both of those things. And if you are hyping up one side or downplaying the other, no side has a factor to trust you in the long run.”

“Getting Started: Tackling Your Tasks with Confidence”

The Times’ report on Hur’s substantial analysis highlighted that a jury would likely view Biden as a kindly, well-intentioned senior citizen with an absent-minded memory, a perception supported by instances of forgetfulness going back to 2017.

During the interview carried out by our office, it was kept in mind that Mr. Biden’s recollection was doing not have. The report suggested that he struggled to remember the timeframe of his period as vice president, as he was not sure of both the start and end dates throughout the course of the interview.

Numerous years had passed, and he might not remember the exact timing of his son Beau’s death. His recollection of the Afghanistan dispute, as soon as significant to him, appeared uncertain. He made an error by specifying that he had a dispute with General Karl Eikenberry when in reality, Eikenberry was a fan whom Mr. Biden pointed out positively in his Thanksgiving message to President Obama.

During a trial where the federal government is needed to show that Mr. Biden understood he had possession of the categorized documents related to Afghanistan after his period as Vice President and deliberately kept them, knowing he was breaking the law, his legal agents are most likely to highlight the constraints on his memory.

The report was released on February 8th. By February 10th, one headline and subheadline from The Times read: “Seniors Share Opinions on Age and the Presidency; President Biden’s age is under analysis in nationwide politics once more. While many older Americans see it as an issue, some see it as disrespectful.”

The unique prosecutor recently said that the head of the nation understood for its flexibilities does not have sufficient memory to incriminate himself, and how did The New York Times report on this? They utilized what is typically described as “both-sidesism” – a portrayal of differing perspectives on whether the president should be held accountable for his actions or if such concerns are rooted in ageism. This demonstrates a dedication to journalistic objectivity.

On February 10th, it was gone over why the age element is impacting Biden more adversely than Trump. The factor is not that Biden is senile while Trump is not.

The article started by highlighting Donald J. Trump’s favorable remarks towards Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, while also keeping in mind that he had actually mistakenly determined Nikki Haley as Nancy Pelosi. Additionally, the short article pointed out that President Biden had made mistakes in his statements about European leaders, naming deceased individuals as if they were still alive, and referring to Egypt as Mexico.

“The episodes may have raised parallel issues about age and mental acuity. Instead, while Mr. Biden, 81, has been increasingly dogged by doubts and issues about his advancing years from voters, Mr. Trump, who is 77, has not felt the very same political blowback.”

Not only does that downplay the truth that gaffes from Trump occur from time to time whereas the gaffes are so constant with Biden that we’re stunned when he gets something right, the “professionals” the Times sought advice from for answers on this dilemma– a hard-left Democrat representative and “a speaker and coach on leadership existence”– didn’t seem to comprehend the ramifications of the unique counsel report.

Initially, Carol Kinsey Goman, who is both a speaker and a coach, highlighted the importance of how one’s communication is perceived. Goman pointed out that while Trump may make mistakes similar to Biden, his confident demeanor allows him to downplay those errors and appear passionate rather than senile.

Oh, that’s it. If only Biden would start forgetting stuff with bravado. That’s the ticket!

Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin provided more cover for the president: “Donald Trump is more of an entertainer than a politician in many ways,” Pocan said. “And I think there’s just a different set of expectations and that’s why he gets away with it.”

Well, he’s actually not getting away with anything, considering special counsel Jack Smith found Trump competent to stand trial, whereas Hur thinks a jury wouldn’t consider Biden competent enough to convict of a crime. So there goes that theory.

The New York Times can not fabricate poll numbers, so what alternative does Karine Jean-Pierre suggest for addressing this issue? Pointing out that Biden’s popularity is at a historically low level is not particularly courageous journalism by the New York Times.

This type of journalism operates independently and angers the White House greatly. It is not surprising that the Biden administration believes it can control how the mainstream media covers the president.

In September, when House Republicans formalized an impeachment inquiry into the president over his business dealings and how they overlapped with those of his son Hunter and brother James, the White House Special Counsel’s Office wrote to news organizations demanding that “the media to ramp up its scrutiny of House Republicans for opening an impeachment inquiry based on lies.”

“Covering impeachment as a process story– Republicans say X, but the White House says Y– is a disservice to the American public who relies on the independent press to hold those in power accountable,” spokesman Ian Sams wrote, according to CNN.

In today’s media landscape, dishonest individuals spread misinformation and lies on various platforms like Facebook and Fox daily. Stories that do not investigate the falsehood of the assertions that House Republicans are using to justify their actions only lead to confusion, promote false ideas, and hide the truth.

When the executive branch assumes it can manipulate the mainstream media to its advantage, this is the result. The head of the New York Times feels compelled to emphasize the newspaper’s credibility, as it has finally aligned itself with the public’s obvious observations.

And that makes the Biden administration “extremely upset.”