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NY Crime Family Has Packed Trump Jury With Trump-Haters

Trump May Be Convicted Of A Non-Crime By Crime Family Selected Jury
Trump May Be Convicted Of A Non-Crime By Crime Family Selected Jury
By John Livingston
April 20, 2024

A Left-leaning writer brags the 12-person jury selected to serve on previous President Donald Trump’s trial leans left and is likely to Convict.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman verified a typical belief amongst Trump advocates that the 2024 Republican candidate will not get a fair trial in the crime family-controlled Manhattan.

Throughout the present jury choice process, it has been noticeable that many individuals tend to hold liberal political views, according to Haberman’s observation. However, some of these individuals seem to be making an effort to demonstrate their ability to think about diverse perspectives. In contrast, others seem to be stressing their dedication to the concept that serving on a jury must be devoid of individual predispositions.

Lawyer and legal scholar Jonathon Turley mentioned that only 12 percent of New Yorkers voted for Trump in 2020. President Joe Biden won the Manhattan vote by 86 percent that same year.

“The jurors who pose an issue may harbor covert biases that are not easily evident on social media or in official charges, such as the one recently dismissed,” Turley specified in an interview.

A current poll by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research reveals that 35 percent of American adults think that previous President Trump committed any unlawful actions in the case brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Bragg accuses Trump of fabricating service records to hide payments to adult movie starlet Stormy Daniels throughout the 2016 election.

Thirty-one percent of Americans think that Trump’s behavior was not ethical. However, they also specified that he did not commit any legal wrongdoings.

On the other hand, 44 percent of the respondents stated that they have very little or no self-confidence that the prosecutors in the Trump trial are objective.

On Thursday, the panel of jurors will consist of seven men and five women who have been carefully chosen based on their diverse backgrounds and ability to remain unbiased. These people have been vetted through a rigorous procedure, during which they were questioned about their personal lives, political beliefs, social media activity, and ability to reserve any preconceived notions they may have about the previous president. The chosen jurors come from various professional backgrounds, including law, finance, nursing, and technology.

Turley continued in his analysis, “Now we have seen jurors who have later been found to have misrepresented their histories in a couple of prior cases involving Trump associates,” Turley said. “In both cases, the Washington, DC judges refused to reevaluate the verdict. And so this is a really crucial phase to attempt to filter out these kinds of jurors.”