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No Free Speech in Germany= Coming to America Next

Well Know German Model And Afd Leader Maria Theresa Kaiser Was Convicted For Merely Publicizing Public Reports Of Gang Rapes By Afghan Men In Germany
Well Know German Model And Afd Leader Maria Theresa Kaiser Was Convicted For Merely Publicizing Public Reports Of Gang Rapes By Afghan Men In Germany

AfD Politician Convicted For Warning About Gang Rapes

By John Livingston
May 9, 2024
This young lady was found guilty of “inciting hatred”: by merely posting warnings about Afghistan refugees who have committed rape and other serious crimes in Germany. This is the type of “crime” that will be brought to the USA if the Oboden Junta gains another four-year control of the US government. We get this to our members as a warning they must broadcast to their audience. These hate crimes are already quashing dissent in Europe and Canada and will soon be brought to our shores if we do not stand up for Trump and his battle to preserve Free speech.

The charge was based on a post that Kaiser had spread out on her social network accounts in August 2021. In it, she composed: “Afghanistan refugees; Hamburg SPD mayor for ‘unbureaucratic’ approval; Welcoming culture for gang rape?”

The Verden regional court in Lower Saxony has verified a judgment against Rotenburg AfD leader Marie-Thérèse Kaiser for inciting hatred. In the appeal hearing on Monday, the 27-year-old was found guilty of stirring hatred versus Afghan regional workers.

 As a result, the politician has been ordered to pay 100-day fines and a EUR60 fine, totaling EUR6,000. In Germany, having a criminal record is determined if the person is needed to pay more than 90 day.

Among other things, the politician linked to an article revealing that Afghans in Germany are particularly greatly associated with gang rape.

The verdict has now likewise captured the attention of X CEO Elon Musk. He retweeted a post summing up the penalty and composed: “Are you saying the penalty was enforced for repeating accurate federal government statistics? Was there anything incorrect with what she said?”

Alert about gang sexual assault

Before the district court hearing, Kaiser stated: “The mere reference of numbers, information, and truths is to be stated a criminal offense just since the establishment contradicts reality. I will not let myself be silenced.”

AfD political leader reveals concern over decreasing confidence in the legal system.

In 2021, Kaiser made a post in action to remarks by Hamburg’s First Mayor, Peter Tschentscher (SPD), who stated that he would accept 200 Afghan local workers in Hamburg. The AfD politician revealed concern about uncontrolled migration, using data to justify her position and warning of sexual assaults committed by “culturally alien” people.

On Monday, Judge Heiko Halbfas held a special viewpoint: “Individuals who undermine human self-respect can not hide behind the guise of freedom of speech.” It was Kaiser’s intent to impart hatred towards a particular group, as reported by the local newspaper, through a carefully crafted image.

After the decision, Kaiser revealed her intention to appeal and expressed discouragement over the verdict: She told Junge Freiheit:

The whole world is astonished by this choice by the German courts. After even Elon Musk detected my case, I have gotten many messages of support and press inquiries. The need for a way to donate is also becoming louder and louder.

She described this as “frustrating.”

Kaiser added: “My rely on the German guideline of law was once again badly shaken yesterday, however all the letters give me courage and self-confidence.”

My own input from a buddy in Munich, Bavaria, Germany:

I know from a pal who is a law enforcement officer in Munich that all crimes done by illegals are erased right away from the authority’s ticker. There is no other way journalism can report the crimes. Even though I do not believe they really would—the gang rapes with children. The numbers are horrendous. The cops are detaining rapists with approximately 2-3 gang rapes. The real perpetrators are the judges, letting the rapists on the loose. Judges are often Freemasons; there is absolutely a hidden hand allowing the rapes to occur. The girls sometimes die from inner blood loss. Many will never ever have kids. The varieties of gang rapes are much higher than the stats reveal.