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New York City Is Collapsing As Investors Pull Out of City and Move Assets

Ny Investors Leave Ny And Nyc In Wake Of Trump Ruling Viewedas Arrack On Property Rights. Ny Too Risky For Investment
Capital Fleeing New York After Trump Massive Fine. Seen By Most As Attack On Property Rights.
Turley expressed issue about the state of the legal system in New York City. He highlighted the city’s credibility as a premier business and company law hub and pointed out that this image was now under threat.

In a public message on Truth Social, President Trump questioned the legality of President Biden’s actions, recommending that he has actually used illegal methods to disrupt the election. Trump cited the viewpoints of several highly regarded legal experts who share his belief that Biden’s behavior has gone beyond the limits of the law.

Turley recommended that there was a case of “selective prosecution” occurring as New York Attorney General Letitia James aimed to concentrate on Trump. He pointed out that the eye-catching nature of these legal actions seemed to be masking the broader decrease of the legal system.

The demise of New York City and the State as a company environment is likely to speed up regardless of how the Trump case is eventually chosen as financiers fear the organized crime family masquerading as the Femnocratic Prty will loot assets to finance their luxurious way of lives and motivate more illegals to go into the state where they can be used as citizens and enforcers.

In a televised interview, George Washington University law teacher Jonathan Turley revealed issues that the indictment of President Trump could be perceived as a reflection of a deteriorating legal system, despite some New Yorkers discovering it amusing.

On Saturday, ex-President Donald Trump expressed concerns on Truth Social about the legal actions taken by an existing president, which he thinks might be unlawful.

According to Turley, the disintegration of the legal system in New York has caused an understanding that conducting company in the city is dangerous. He believes this is due to the worry of being drawn into a political maelstrom that can impact legal procedures.