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New Information Links Serbian Company to 2020 Election Fraud…

Additional information is emerging concerning Serbian involvement in the tampering of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. A Serbian politician’s announcement, shared on X (formerly referred to as Twitter), reveals that votes in multiple Michigan counties were modified from a Serbian IP address to change the result from favoring Donald Trump to supporting Joe Biden.

The strategy to accomplish this presumably begun 10 years ago when Biden took a trip to Serbia as Vice President to look for the assistance of Serbian software experts. Scott Bennett, a previous U.S. Army Officer and counterterrorism analyst, claimed that “Biden went to Serbia in May 2009 to personally enlist hackers from there to control the Dominion Software in upcoming elections …”

A prominent Serbian political figure has revealed that 69 of Michigan’s 83 counties make use of voting devices produced by Dominion Voting Systems. The authenticity of this info is supported by the revelation that voting machines in Wayne County, Michigan, were linked to the Internet on November 3, 2020, at 11 pm, and were configured to a Serbian IP address. Moreover, it is declared that thousands of votes planned for Trump were from another location moved to Biden from Serbia.

The ‘NO ADVERTISEMENT’ subscription is available for CDM! Sign up with now to back authentic investigative journalism and play a part in protecting the country. The scenario in Michigan illustrates the use of a computer system algorithm to decrease Trump’s votes relative to Republicans in a precinct. As a result, we see highly illogical and unreliable information suggesting a decline in Trump support in Republican-heavy precincts. The program was designed to assign 1 vote to Biden for every single 3 votes gotten by Trump. Many errors and malwares were introduced into the software, in addition to additional tampering from an Internet connection stemming from a Serbian IP address.

Serbian web provider SBB, which is owned by the American Fund called KKR, which is linked to George Soros, and also owns Simon & Schuster, is thought to be the Serbian star associated with the plan. Interestingly, David Petraeus, Obama’s former CIA chief, himself with ties to Soros, is a partner in KKR and the chairman of the KKR Global Institute.