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Millions of Illegals Bringing Disease To Your Community

Dr. Ashwin Vasan, health commissioner of New York City, is waiving the white flag. Biden’s non-existent border policies are producing infectious diseases not seen for decades.

A new disease in every bus of migrants.

The approximated 6,500,000 tape-recorded migrant encounters at the US-Mexico border in 2023 represent a brand-new all-time high. These individuals come from 160 unique nations, many with dreadful healthcare standards.

Now, illegal immigrants are driving a revival of unusual illness once extinct in the United States. A prime example is Polio: in 2022, a New York male was disabled by polio most likely stemming from another country … the last previous validated polio case in New York remained in 1990.

As we approach the elections, there is a widespread public health emergency throughout the nation.

Every area in New York City has now reported cases of tuberculosis (TB), an infectious bacterial infection that spreads out through the air. The majority, 88%, of these cases remain in individuals who were not born in the United States. Since President Biden’s election, Florida has experienced a 21% rise in TB cases. Texas counties along the border have a TB rate three times higher than the nationwide average.

“More Items to Discover”

Migrant shelters in various states have experienced considerable break outs of chickenpox.

Measles, which was previously eliminated in the United States in 2000, has actually reemerged in the nation.

A Maryland resident contracted malaria from someone who obtained it abroad and brought it into the United States.

Leprosy is currently prevalent in the southeastern region of the United States. Formerly, leprosy mostly impacted people who had actually immigrated from areas where leprosy was widespread.

This is only the start, as health problems carried by migrants are contagious and already showing a considerable boost across the country.

Biden’s top import: disease.

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