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Michelle Obama Likely to Replace Biden on Ballot

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas declares that a ‘Deep State managed by Barack Obama’ has deliberately weakened President Biden’s authority.

By John Livingston, editor
February 10, 2024

Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas stated a Department of Justice report that explained President Joe Biden as an “elderly guy with a poor memory” is evidence enough for him Democrats are choosing a different candidate in November.

According to Patrick, the memo and Biden’s press conference on Thursday suggest that the individuals managing the Democratic Party are pressuring Biden to step down. He particularly implicated former President Barack Obama and the hidden network of government officials.

Patrick made the talk about social networks Friday early morning, where he likewise anticipated Americans might see former First Lady Michelle Obama on their ballots this fall. This would mean that Barack Obama would have his third term as Michelle has no practical experience and has never held elective office. 

For this ploy to be effective Biden has to remain in office through the convention, or Kamala Harris as President would be able to claim the Democratic nomination. No one, including the Democratic bosses what this to occur. 

Patrick composed:

“I’ve said for over a year sometimes that Joe Biden would not be on the ticket and Michelle Obama would be the most likely nominee. The Democrat deep state run by Barack Obama understood they needed to take him down to give them a chance in November.

Currently popular: The Special Counsel has stated that Biden has no recollection of his time as Vice President or when his boy died. In the report, they explain him as an “compassionate, well-intentioned, older individual with a weak memory.” To safeguard him, they could have confined him in the Oval Office to provide a declaration without any press questions.

Patrick even stated that Biden was directed to engage with the press entirely to trigger humiliation for himself.

Additionally, he slammed Vice President Kamala Harris, asserting that she is not only out of favor amongst conservatives and independents, but likewise within the Democratic celebration.

“Instead, they sent out [Biden] out and fed him to a press– where he was a total shame,” Patrick concluded. “He does not have a memory and Kamala doesn’t have a brain. Now they have a real problem.”

For more than a year, I have consistently mentioned that not be selected as a candidate, and rather, Michelle Obama would be the possible nominee. It is evident that the Democratic establishment, led by Barack Obama, was aware that they needed to remove Biden from contention in order to increase their possibilities in the November election. They managed a scheme against him, as revealed in the report.

— Dan Patrick (@DanPatrick) February 9, 2024

On Thursday, unique counsel Robert Hur recommended against charging Biden with a criminal activity after examining him for mishandling categorized documents during his time as vice president from 2017 until 2021.

According to Hur’s findings from the query, Biden’s problems were highlighted, and it is possible that a jury would perceive him as a caring and well-intentioned senior individual with a weak recollection.

According to the report by Hur, our interactions and observations of him indicate that many jurors will find it easy to believe in reasonable doubt. Encouraging a jury to convict him, being a senior former president, of a serious criminal offense that requires a willful mental state would be challenging.

The report also concluded Biden’s memory has decreased dramatically in recent years which the president might not keep in mind the years in which he was vice president “or even within several years when his kid Beau died [of cancer]”

Biden’s lawyer and White House lawyer both challenged the report.

The president likewise challenged the summary of his cognitive health during an unscripted news conference Thursday night.

Biden did not have an effective news conference.

After a special counsel found Biden “willfully maintained and divulged classified materials” and called him an “elderly male with a bad memory,” Biden held a quick– however angry and incoherent– press conference.

It did not work out, so we’re sharing it in its totality:

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) February 9, 2024

As the President concluded his press conference, he chose to return to the room and continued to

1. Claim the Israeli reaction to Hamas has been over the top
2. Call Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, “the president of Mexico”

“Kassy Dillon (@KassyDillon) February 9, 2024”

On Friday, after viewing the conference and reading Hur’s report, Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri published a statement on social networks, calling on Biden to step down or face charges.

Hawley thinks that the Special Counsel’s report and President Biden’s recent press conference demonstrate that he is unfit for the job and must either step down or face criminal charges. It’s not possible to have both methods, according to Hawley.